64-bit Chrome desktop browser now available on OS X for early adopters

Google has quietly released a version of its Chrome web browser for OS X that finally supports the 64-bit version of the OS, just a few days after it released a version for Windows 7 and 8 PCs.

Google has yet to officially announce the launch of its OS X 64-bit beta test, but the company has apparently put in the updated build in its Canary and Dev Channels. In theory, the browser should offer users with 64-bit Mac systems better performance along with more multi-tasking support. However, since it's still being tested, it may be a while before users will be able to get the full benefits of the improvements as Google updates the browser.

What do you think of Google allowing Mac 64-bit PC owners a chance to try out an early version of its Chrome 64-bit browser?

Source: Google via OMGChrome

John Callaham