The 3GPP announces a new logo for 5G specified products and services

The 3GPP — a group of worldwide organizations that specify network standards for data transmission — has settled on the new 5G logo.

Designed for use on Release stage 15 and onwards, they have applied for a trademark and will use the logo to recognize products that meet the new specs, or publications about the spec or those products. They also explain some reasoning behind the design itself.

The logo has a new wave pattern, but is a development of the existing LTE waves, using the green of the LTE-Advanced Pro version. The idea is to keep a familiar design aspect with the use of plain black text and textured waves, but to make the logo stronger and sharper – ready for use on the new radio and next generation core specifications for 5G.

They also have set some guidelines and rules about the use of the logo, and how to get permission to use it. Use of the logo is voluntary, and approval for its use comes from, and will be monitored by, the 3GPP organization partners. They also explain just what seeing the new logo on a product means.

The permission to use the 3GPP 5G logo does not involve or imply any certification by the partners in 3GPP or the 3GPP community that the products or services of manufacturers or service providers actually comply with the 3GPP specifications. It is intended simply and only to provide a basis of reference for users, network operators and other manufacturers and service providers.

We've already heard about Qualcomm's new 5G products and an Australian network that can use them, as well as AT&T 's take on 5G and their roll out plans. Expect to see more companies using the logo and telling us about their 5G plans.

The best thing about having a standard is that there are so many to choose from.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • So 5G will be completely arbitrary, much like HSPA and HSPA+ were "4G", despite really being 3G. I guess that means we'll have 5G, and 5G LTE designations.
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  • Because america was built on delivering products that weren't the same as those advertised.
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  • Faster speeds do not equal more data usage. If you download an app it's not using more data to download that app. If you listen to a song it's not going to use more data than normal. If you watch or download a film it's not going to use more data. It just means it will be faster and hopefully more reliable. It does not mean you use more data unless you are just use more data. So your comment is stupid.
  • I think he means since you can do things faster, you can get more things done in that same time that you were before. in 10 minutes you saw 10 webpages load, now you can see 20 in 10 minutes, so ya more data usage in less time and still stuck with minicule data caps
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