ZEN & TECH is our mobile lifestyle podcast, focusing not just on our phones, tablets, and gadgets, but how we can use technology to help us live better, richer, happier lives. It's how we center our inner geeks! Since it's security week on Talk Mobile 2013, Georgia and Rene talk about everything from camera phones in the locker room to wiretaps on the internet and how we, as private people, can cope in an age of where everyone from friends to family to strangers to governments may be spying on us.



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ZEN & TECH 57: From NSA to cameras everywhere: Coping with privacy violations


here's one way to fight back against unconstitutional practices of the NSA.

There are 150 million(or more?) cell phone customers in the US.

If all 150 million customers make 10 calls to Al-Qaeda's terrorist tech support hotline
over and over again, it have two benefits:

(1) the NSA has no way to filter out those billion+ calls... that ought to teach them not to invade our privacy

(2) this will become a denial-of-service attack against Al-Qaeda... cutting off contact between the terrorists....

Seems like a win-win situation to me.