YouTube app updateVoice sreach app updated

 The YouTube for Android and Google Voice Search applications have been updated (no it's not Gingerbread! :p ) with some welcome improvements and the obligatory bug-fixes.  With the YouTube app update comes what everyone has been wanting, commenting from within the app itself.  You also can now see videos you subscribe to on the main screen, and an "All" category has been added to the browse screen.  Add in some bug-fixes and the app really gets better, even if all we care about is commenting.

The Voice Search app also brings some very nice improvements, namely "improved connectivity" to squash some of those connection errors many now see, and better name recognition when using Voice-Actions.  We all welcome those kind of changes.  Of course, the bug-fixes are there, too. You can update right from the market, or hit the download links after the break. [Android Central Forums]

Update: Google has posted the full changelog, which you can find here.  Also worth mentioning -- "Please note that the new YouTube app only works on devices running Android 2.2. To install it, search for 'YouTube' in Android Market. It also comes pre-installed on many upcoming Android 2.3 devices, such as the Nexus S."

Download the YouTube application

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Download the Voice Search application

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YouTube, Voice Search apps updated


You can only update to 2.1.6 if your firmware version is 2.2 or higher. Anything below (example: 2.1-update1) can't have it.

I don't understand why the apps that come pre-loaded on the phone (i.e. YouTube and Voice Search) don't indicate updates are available. How is an average user supposed to find these updates?

I've discovered it does indicate they have an update available, but not in your download section on the market, it shows up as update available when I scroll through the apps. I agree though, I think something needs to be fixed so they show up in your Downloads section so you don't have to go hunting for them.

um, how do i update these if they are preloaded? i checked manage applications, no, not part of downloads in the market...... sorry just dont know - would i really have to delete and reinstall?

They will be available as an update in the market but they do not flag as needing an update until you download from the market. So after you do a market update/install the next time there is an update it will let you know.

so if i never read this story, i wouldnt look for an update, or automatically get the update? do you know what i'm saying? seems kind of ridiculous

I agree. Which is why I rooted my phone, deleted all the "preloaded" apps that were available on the market just so I could install them from the market and know under my Downloads section updates were available, but this seems like an unnecessary process. I think this does need to be addressed.

Just got the new version of youtube and it does not allow talk and text to search for vidoes. Is there a way to fix this or revert back to the old version?