You guys have spoken--well, technically. Since there are still some of you who haven't received the Android 1.6 'Donut' OTA Update, this poll wasn't entirely representative of all of our readers. But even so, one 'feature' was clearly the answer and as it turns out, your favorite feature isn't a feature at all, it's the overall improved performance of Android in Donut!

To the votes:

  • Improved Performance - 50%
  • Updated Android Market - 21%
  • Quick Search Box - 16%
  • Battery Usage Indicator - 8%

We're glad to hear that Android 1.6 is running smoother for you guys but our own personal vote finished dead last. We thought the Battery Usage Indicator was a nifty tool that showed the uniqueness of Android. Other votes ranged from the new camera interface to 'have yet to receive the update'.

Hopefully those without Android 1.6 will receive 'Donut' soon enough!


Reader comments

Your Favorite 'Donut' Feature Is The Improved Performance of Android


the update messed up my phone but im getting a new one sent to me but I like the youtube update

donut, these nutz. Theres nothing specail about this update. when i have my 3G on and i got the browser open, i hit da home button to do something else, shits freezes, and closes out the browser window. like i said donut these nutz

What is all this "improved performance" people are talking about?

My phones performance feels about the same prior to and after the update? Where are u guys noticing these differences?

If you loaded up your phone with a lot of apps and widgets the os hung often. The scrolling was a choppy too for the same reason. The update made scrolling smoother and the OS is a bit cleaner and snappier as far as transitioning screens.It hangs much less. Some widgets still cause problems.

I agreen i just got my MT3g and it is way more snappier than it was with 1.5 the menu open faster the side to side scrolling is faster and the browser and market are better as well over all very impressed. BUT!! it does have some issues i have had it turn off on me for no reason and the batter life seems the same to me