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No free trial period will be 'required' on this one folks. That old, old PC application, Winzip, has finally made its debut on Android. It's been around on iOS for a while now, but in its absence on Android there have been other, and some would say better, file zip solutions released on Android. In any case, Winzip is one of those long standing names, and for many people it is​ zip files, so it's nice that it finally showed up. 

That is, if it was a particularly polished application. Which, sorry to say, it isn't. The back key for example, instead of going up a layer, seems to solely want to exit the application. Frustrating to say the least. 

The top features of Winzip for Android reads as: 

  • View supported file formats directly within the WinZip app. Easily open other popular formats with 3rd-party app integration.
  • Open encrypted Zip files (including AES128 and AES256) to review sensitive material safely while on the go.
  • Copy unzipped content to the clipboard to paste into an email or another application. Save the last extracted zip file to access at later time.

In theory it sounds great, but the niggles such as the back button are sure to infuriate potential heavy users. But, it is only the first version, so hopefully it will get fixed. In any case, it's out now, it's free -- no trial period required -- and is available for Android 2.1 and above. If you're into zipping and unzipping, head on over to the Google Play Store and try it out for yourselves. 

Download: Winzip for Android

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Soapinmouth says:

I think you are thinking of "winrar" not "winzip" with the trial thing.

Pretty sure he's talking about Winzip...

briankurtz79 says:

You're both right.

Not on my PC, think we had the free trial version for about 4 years when I lived at home ;-)

Most file explorers do zips.... Like ES File Explorer..

"'You are on day 629 of your 30-day trial'" lmao . . .

galfert says:

I totally agree. I already have ES File Explorer installed (the best file explorer IMO). ES File Explorer can do zip files and other compressed file types and just about anything else including root file access if you are rooted.

CeluGeek says:

But most file managers do not work with password-protected zips. You can't open then, let alone create them.

Hand_O_Death says:

That is the best title ever.

robbiekhan says:

ES is brilliant but doesn't handle 7zip files so I also use ZArchiver alongside it. The beauty of Android is that unknown filetype or filetypes with multiple handlers pops up a dialogue asking you what to open it with.

Go forth and install, friends!

luvsmobile says:

I've been using Solid Explorer!! Lots of features!

movielover76 says:

All I have to say is I love the title of this article :) Winzip is a little late to put it mildly, theirs a number of tools that already do this quite sufficiently.

CeluGeek says:

All I want is a zip utility that can open and create password-protected zips, and that makes it easy to add files to existing zips without me having to unpack the whole zip into a folder, add the new/modified files to it and then re-create the zip.

DrDoppio says:

I've used 7zip on PCs since it existed. Before that I used command line tools integrated with the shell.

Strommer says:

Best Headline ever

Better late then never I guess. Most of you guys are focusing on decompressing a file. If you want to compress a file\s, WinRAR and WinZIP's compression algorithms are extremely good.

toddjy says:

I always used PowerDesk to do zipping in Windows. Unfortunately, over the years, it's gotten seriously overweight. And moved around from company to company. It's nearly useless.

scaots says:

I use AndroZip, for file manager and apk backup also

wraith404 says:

What good is it on iOS where you can't even access the file system? Unzip a file from email into a useless private app storage space?