webOS on the Transformer Prime

You're going to start seeing a lot more of this, we think, now that Open webOS has been released. Some fun hackery is ahead.

Source: @stroughtonsmith; via webOS Nation


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Yes, that's Open webOS on the Transformer Prime


I'm super excited for the people working on Open webOS. So many possibilities, and it's got to be liberating in a way for them (especially after the year webOS fans have had)! Looking forward to seeing all the places webOS pops up in the next year~

I'd try it in a VirtualBox session. Ran BeOS tests 10-years ago and really didn't care for it, compared to the Linux distros at that time. Might be fun to compare Open WebOS to Jelly Bean though.

It's great that this is happening but with out app support it's still a hurting OS... I do love my 16 and 32 gb TP's

That's where Open Mobile's Android Compatibility layer for WebOS comes in. The Play Store on WebOS. Just hope they actually release it in the near future.

My Touchpad doesn't hold a charge anymore so I bought a TFT101 last week so this has me more excited than it should! I can't wait - even though this isn't the 101, it's still hope!

How about some WebOS Android Mashup, with multitasking cards on Android. Or better, with HTML 5 getting better, most mobile websites are faster than their app counterpart. Just make the browser more compatible.

How awesome would it be if HTML 5 development lead to the ability to run any OS (Android, iOS, BB10, WebOS, Windows 8) inside of a card? And while the card is running, you can use programs/apps that are compatible with that OS. It would be awesome to have a phone or tablet that could run all of these OS on demand. How I love technology =)

Yes, but will it blend?

Sorry, I had to. In all seriousness though, this is very cool to see. I've never really had a chance to play with webOS, so if a version hits the d2vzw I may have to check it out.

I'd have to say the majority of people out there would HIGHLY disagree with you. I'm a big fan of WebOS, I greatly enjoyed using it more than Android OS or iOS. WebOS' fantastic multitasking alone still blows away anything else out there today. YMMV

Absolutely the truth! Lets hope Android fan will learn a lot about how good multitasking can be. WebOS does it right!

Yep, I didn't leave WebOS by choice. At the end of two years the phone was starting to get kind of flaky (OK, being immersed in my son's bathwater on two different occasions didn't help) and I had to go somewhere.

I would love to seethe best of webOS paired with the best of Android. I miss the cards of webOS and the notifications. I especially loved being able to delete an email from the notification. I know it was a hack but it was able to be done.
With Matias I know he is working towards a beautiful UI.

Deleting an email directly from the notification is really the only feature I truely miss from webOS. I'm amazed that it still isn't common on Android.

As for porting over webOS, meh. I just don't see it going very far without real apps. I mean, yeah its good for general nerdery's sake, but I can't imagine using it daily.


I think the multitasking on my Pre blew away the way Android (even Jellybean) does it.. Couldn't be more simple to pick up where you left off.

The downside of WebOS- even more sluggish at times than Android, though my Pre only came with 256MB of RAM, so that might have a thing or two to do with it.

I love my Nexus, but it was a sad day when my Pre- went to pasture. Still have my HP Touchpad and fully enjoy flicking cards and using gestures like no other OS has been able to duplicate.

I never had a chance to check out webOS. Hopefully we get a port for nexus s 4g so I can see what all the hype is about ;)

First I had to wait to get Android on a WebOS device(Touchpad). Now I have to wait to get WebOS on an Android device. :/

Still don't get what people see in webOS. I bought a 32GB TouchPad during the fire sale and could not wait to get Android on it. The cards multitasking sucks when you want to run more than a few apps at once.

No thanks. I prefer Android 4.0+'s task switcher.