When your LTE-capable phone is poking along at 1xRTT and your 3G-only phone is cruising right along ... yeah, Verizon's having network issues, folks. The good news is that if you're not on an HTC ThunderBolt, you're probably OK.

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Yep, Verizon's having LTE problems today


My Droid 2 has been doing that for several days..... Hopefully they will fix it soon! It's been making it restart for no apparent reason too. Talk about irritating!

Thanks for the info Phil, I thought I had a problem with my phone.....I pulled the battery and reseated my sim card. Hey......shit happens....I'm just glad its not my phone...

I did the same thing. I thought I had done something to my phone since I just switched from the extended battery to the regular battery. The backing on this phone really makes me think I am gonna break it every time. I thought I had damaged it. I was damn near tears since I have claimed my two new asurions already. Well all is good I will just surf the web at 56K speed. Ha ha

We don't have LTE in Tulsa, OK, but my Thunderbolt is only getting 1x connection too. Weird. Seems to be something related to the Thunderbolt.

It's funny you say that. I have Sprints Evo here in Tulsa, and ever since Sunday, I too have been on 1x. Can't get 3g at all. In fact a lot of the time I lose all cell signal completely. And I live at 71 and Yale right in the middle of the city.

Working on WiFi mostly today - but hope it's fixed soon anyway.

They are building a new cell tower about a mile down the road form me, I'm hoping it will give me better phone reception inside my house!!

Verizon needs to stop SHOWCASING their LTE network as if it's the end all to be all. One thing I will say for sprint their 4g network is very much consistent especially with all the working device operating on one network.. SPRINT RULES

1x connection right now, had lte yesterday in the same location. bay area in the am, using a new lte mobile hotspot. I rely heavily on this for field work, so this sux

Started out in 3G on my ThunderBolt this morning (not in an LTE city yet) and about 8am switched over to 1X and has been there ever since. Sucks that, even though I'm not in a 4G city, I still get switched to 1X when my Mifi for work is cruising along in 3G no problem. Most have something to do with the simultaneous voice and data network. Oh well, at least I can work over WiFi. Lynchburg, VA

1x is sooooooo ssslllllooooowwwwww. I'm better off using 0 data today. I am glad that I am just driving up north to see my sister so I won't have much opportunity to use the data anyways. Hopefully by then things will be sorted out.

My TB was doing the same thing-1X. Reconfigured the modem settings back to Rev A. using the ##778# method. 3G has now returned.

For now, I'm just going to wait until Verizon corrects the issue and leave my TB on WIFI/1X. Then, I will seek a credit of some sort for the outage. I think we should all do the same since we're paying to have a "reliable network" which has failed us for close to 12 hours so far...

a data team rep is suggesting folks not manually turn off 4G as that will create authentication issues. He said it's best to leave the phone the way it is and allow it to receive the fix once up and running.

"America's largest and most reliable 3G network"
"The fastest, most advanced 4G network in America"

Wait, what?

I'm a diehard Verizon fan but this shit is getting tired i expected a little more from big red.And btw what the frig with Tmo getting all the hot new phones?!!WTF i guess verizon has no pull anymore.

I'm in Houston and have had no data connection on my Thunderbolt since last night. At first, I was afraid they cut me off since my data usage is extremely high. I'm a bit relieved to find I'm far from the only one. But the thing is, I work at VZW Tech Support and am going back to work tommorrow. Please fix it soon VZW, I don't want to have to put up with your angry customers! : (

I would have to agree I don't have the lte since its not available in my area. My 3G has not been working but minimally for days. It hasn't worked well at all since october when I got my droid 2. Try calling the company, they do nothing for you. One of the selling points of the droids for me was the mobile 3G hotspot. Can't even use it because I don't even have enough 3G to power my phone, let alone another device. I've spent hours on the phone with tech support, placed numerous trouble tickets, and they acknowledge not having enough power to give everyone coverage yet they do nothing about it. I've been waiting months. When is enough enough? Then I find out about the lte and 4G and I'm pissed that they still can't get the 3G working right, why bother with something better? I can only imagine how much worse its going to work than 3G. I've given up on calling them. But if I get another "national access coverage not available in your area" I'm going postal. Its been MONTHS! Be glad your lte has only been out for hours.

I haven't had any trouble with 3G. In Myrtle Beach SC its working fine. No 4G LTE in the area yet. I don't have a 4G phone anyway & I'm not getting a Thunderbolt or the Droid Charge.....still waiting for the Droid Bionic to be "Enhanced" as Motorola says. Still wondering if they're just gonna replace it with the Targa. Either way I hope they give it "Kal El" (Nvidias quad core chipset) We have to stay one step ahead of Apple from now on.

My 3g/4g has been down since about 4 a.m. today. I'm in Charleston WV. Just glad its something larger scale than just a couple of towers going down.