With more ruggedized smartphones coming to market comes the opportunity to test them in a variety of visceral and cringeworthy ways. Last year we saw the Sony Xperia Active to head-to-head with a stanley knife and the wheels of a Jeep and live to tell the take, and this year its successor has been put through its paces in a similarly grueling ordeal.

German site A1​ decided to test the Xperia Go's rugged chassis and IP67 water and dust resistance to its limits by pitting it against an increasingly tough series of challenges -- first strapping the phone to a soccer ball football and kicking it around a field, next dunking it in ice cream, before burying it in sand and then running over it in a car. Finally, Sony's latest, toughest smartphone was cleaned off with a high-pressure fire hose. Sure enough, just like the Xperia Active before it, the Go looked none the worse at the end of its ordeal.

Check out the video in its entirety above.

Source: A1; via: Clove


Reader comments

Xperia Go survives ice cream, football and the wheels of a car


i used to love Sony products. i grew up with Sony products. but they've really lost their way.

Looks pretty cool, finally this phone is actually ok, its not a slow POS.

for an active user, or if you are often out on the job it is a nice phone.

the funny thing about this test is, that a1 is not a blog, a1 is the biggest carrier in austria. can't imagine at&t or verizon promoting phones in this way