LG G Flex

Concave handset with curvy OLED screen reportedly coming soon

Samsung has long been rumored to have a curved handset in the pipeline, with recent hints from the Korean electronics giant pointing to a release sometime in October. But it seems that device won't be alone, as The Wall Street Journal reports rival LG will debut its own curvy smartphone not long afterwards.

The newspaper says the phone, dubbed the "LG G Flex," will have a 6-inch concave display with a "plastic OLED screen," giving it the flexibility to curve in this way. Sketches obtained by the WSJ show something very similar in appearance to the LG G2, only much less flat. It's unclear from the images whether the G Flex will have back buttons like the G2, or more traditional side-mounted keys, however.

The LG "G Flex" is due for launch sometime next month, the Journal reports.

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WSJ: LG 'G Flex' with curved 6-inch display coming next month


Are you all daft. The phone is flexible to the point shown. It does not remain bent. That way when placed in your back pocket for example it can curve or flex if you will without breaking or causing discomfort.
You are now free to turn this into apple v samsung v lg.

Did I say anything about the entire phone flexing? I realize the frame won't bend. The OLED panel may be flexible, but the display is only one of dozens of components, the rest of which DO NOT flex.

At least the rest of your comment is sensible and underscores what I was getting at: People that wear skinny pants will have a phone that conforms to the shape or their body, if the curve is concave.

"plastic OLED screen," giving it the flexibility to curve in this way.  I believe that means the entire phone flexes. Why cant the frame flex?

I doubt anything actually flexes in the phone besides the screen that is curved to shape and then fixed in position.

He means that the "Flex" in the name implies that the screen can be mounted in a concaved design. Not that the entire phone itself will be flexible.

The screen is bent initially during assembly. Then, it is fixed in position following the curvature of the glass...or something along those lines. An entire phone that is flexible (and functional) just isn't realistic given the electronic components and materials currently available.

Boards do not bend, screens do. Ram does not flex, nor to cpus

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While interesting, I dont think that I would like/get used to a phone like that. I am thinking why? OK ergonomics are one thing but it is going to a bulge in your pocket (HEY is that your phone or are you happy to see me?), when you put it down it will teeter totter (Weebles wobble but they won't fall down!) and it just seems odd.

I can see trying to improve the wheel a bit, but this isnt what I would call improvement.

Gotta wait for the final product though, I am sure there is more to the story

If you lay it face down, it wouldn't wobble, and it would lay without actually having the screen touch the table... Not that I would get one. ;)

Yeah I figured that out but it would then be a weak point and easier to break than a flat phone

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If you lay it face down, you can't see the screen. If you lay it down face up, it wobbles while you're trying to read. I think this curved screen idea falls into the "neat idea, but in practice kind of dumb" bin.

I would consider a phone with a slight wedge that angled it a little towards you when reading in portrait, but even then, 1) now messes up landscape mode and 2) costs you some thinness.

Most phones are flat slabs for a reason.

If you can somehow fit the phone horizontally in your pockets it should somewhat fit the curve of a person's leg.

Didn't we see something like this with the Galaxy Nexus? Or with this be entirely different technology?

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GNex had a flat pixel panel beneath curved glass.
This is a truly curved pixel panel, a totally different animal.

Looks like a good time to have an upgrade available. Too bad the HTC that may launch in January might be the one I want most.

Well, it's a phone, see. You pick it up when it's ringing and you converse with the person who interrupted your dinner. Also, you can dial other people and converse with them (also interrupting their dinner).

Also, it's a 'smart' phone. So it does other stuff, such as play videos. Videos on a curved 6" screen would look really good.

Now, you may be the type that would rather watch videos on your 69" TV. And that's fine. Obviously, this would not be the phone for you.

The curve would make it seem a little shorter than it really is. That being said, I think this is the dumbest concept on a phone I've ever seen, and I love LG smartphones.

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A 6" screen would normally be too big for people with average hands. Adding curvature to it means you can reach the top of the screen without exerting as much effort, and depending on how much it curves, it could possibly open up the handset to one handed use, which can't be done with a flat 6" screen.

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Now I haven't taken a geometry class in years, but at the relatively minor curvature I'm seeing in the pictures above, the top of the screen would be 1, maybe 2 mm closer than on a flat phone.

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Yes that's probably true, but if you hold your phone in your hand, and then swipe your thumb up as far as it goes, you'll see it follows an arc which corresponds with the curvature of the screen. So where with flat screens you have to add the stretch to reach the top of the screen, with this, you might get away without stretching.

Obviously we wont really know till we get a hands on but here's to hoping

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Can't really think of anything good about having this curved screen...I'm working with lg and even their curved tv looks awkward.well that is for me

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They minds well change there name to samsung cause they copy everything from them

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He meant to say "They might as well change their name". Normally I'm not one to point out grammar mistakes, but I agree this was really bad, and hard to understand. Perhaps English isn't his first language.

The galaxy nexus was curved a little bit. That was a very comfortable phone to talk on

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It's not new as has been said in numerous comments, the gnex was curved. I liked the ergonomics oh that phone. Not to mention I like I can lay it face down without the screen touching.

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As repeated in this comment thread, this is not like the GNex. I have one and have had one for the last 2 years. It sounds like this is made with different material. My GNex also does not curve nearly as much as that picture. It honestly doesn't curve much at all. If I hadn't heard it mentioned so often, I would say it's not curved at all.

I realize it's made different. But a curve is a curve. The idea of a curved phone is nothing new. Yes it appears to have more of a curve however, that still doesn't make it "new".

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I realize it's made different. But a curve is a curve. The idea of a curved phone is nothing new. Yes it appears to have more of a curve however, that still doesn't make it "new".

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A curve is _not_ a curve. Only the _glass_ on the Galaxy Nexus was curved. The actual display panel was _not_.
On this phone, allegedly the actual _display_ is curved. That _should_ give a noticeable difference.

Now, all this is only rumor at this point. We'll see if they actually release it and how well the technology performs when they do.

Nothing is new. This is just not like the GNex. The article also says it has a plastic OLED screen. Once again, not like the GNEX. Read the article people.

The curve seems like a gimmick with more downsides than up.

But the possibility for improvements in durability from a plastic screen? That's something to get excited about. I'd love to see something like the Casio G'zOne with a plastic screen and modern internals.

My Nexus S had a curved screen. It was awesome, I wish Nexus continued that with the whole line.

Not a single downside to it either, it fit well in your hand, very comfortable to talk on and slid into your back pocket perfectly. A flat phone doesn't fit in any pocket well.. And no I don't wear skinny jeans..

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Plastic screen? That would change everything...weight and durability!

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Stupid name, just drop the G, LG Flex. Sounds so much better!

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Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen and has been recovered! Yey!

Alex I got to hand it to you, you always find the coolest stories. For years I've heard of flex screen prototypes but for once I'd like to see an actual product hace one.

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Looking at the picture closely, it appears that the buttons will be on the back. You can see the right side of the screen where the power button normally is (if not on top) and it's not there. You can see something underneath the camera on the side angel drawing. you can see the top too and power button isn't there either, but the past few LG devices before G2, the power was on the side, not on top (G, G Pro, F7 all on right side)

Unless the whole phone is flexible, which would be a huge feat considering all the internals would have to flex including battery, I don't see where this would be a good thing. Now on the other hand, there are plenty of applications where a flexible screen would be useful, such as the smartphone that has a curve around the side, where notifications would show. There was a phone demo'd at CES that demonstrated this technology, and it was very cool.

Looks good to me, but I still think I would have gotten the 5.2in G2. By the way in the drawing sure looks like back buttons to me.

I'm surprised no one mentioned gaming issues. Unless the screen is able to be flexed back to a flat position how in the hell are games going to look and be playable. For example many games such as Asphalt 8 require landscape. I can't imagine trying to play that on a curved screen.

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