The ever-popular question of “who makes the best mobile operating system” has gained more attention as the big players of the industry battle it out on Twitter and the likes, and has slipped back into the spotlight for discussion. With the renewed popularity of the subject, it has gained the title, "question of the day" on the Wall Street Journal, and they’ve posed the question, “Who makes the best mobile operating system?” for the masses to answer.

Although the definition of “best” changes from person to person it can be assumed that in this case it’s used to ask for the all-around best and not just based on ones individual needs. Be sure to stop by the WSJ and let your voice be heard in their poll. Also, we’re curious as to know what your definition of “best” is so let us know! [via WSJ]

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SadieR1220 says:

After having a BlackBerry and being frustrated by the lack of progress, I made the change to Android. This what the best technological move I think I've made since joining the smart phone revolution. The only thing that I preferred about my BlackBerry was the integrated notifications with Facebook. However, I've got faith that this will come to Android, and very soon.

mattchew86 says:

I hear ya. I just got off of a BB run myself, and other than the FB notifications, I'm really happy that I switched.

Which kind of Facebook notifications are you talking about?

There are various Facebook apps and widgets for Android that will notify you in various ways. Or you can go into your Facebook settings and tell it to text you so no matter what kind of phone you have...

arundc says:

Right but I think he means instant notifications on the BB Facebook App vs. refresh intervals on the Android version (battery drain). Also, texting is fine but may hurt those on limited plans.

dakidd says:

I prefer webos because this Android system lacks a ton of simple things that webos has....IMO

storm14k says: troll...could you list some? I do hear alot of people praise WebOS but still don't quite understand it. I don't think its fanboyism like with Apple. I'd just like to know the good things about it that Android doesn't have.

ryder9 says:

WebOS for one is unbrickable...... 2 desktop style multitasking and the biggest is the gesture area.... If you haven't tried it you don't know what you're missing. I would still be with WebOS if not that the pre's hardware was crap. stock vs stock., with no apps, WebOS is better... don't get me wrong.. I like android on my EVO. but I had an upgrade comming up and my pre started to oreo.... I couldn't take the hardware anymore

scribe4food says:

Couldn't have said it better. The Palm Pre (for us 6/7/2009 folks) hardware was crap. What's even more amazing, the Palm Pre 2 is almost the exact same build, with the exception of a glass plated front. But the WebOS UI is still the best I've encountered. The multi-tasking felt smoother on WebOS than the latest Froyo update. I'm not here to say anything negative about Android, because I like my EVO as well... a lot. But if the Pre had similar hardware to the Epic, or an EVO like device with a hard keyboard, I would still have a Pre.

blckz28 says:

All that and the thousands of apps Android has.

ryder9 says:


petaf says:

Yes, agreed Sadie! Loved the way everything (including FB) goes into Messages on BB. Also, loved that the battery on my 9700 lasted all day, and then some. Also, kind of wish the notification (trackball lighting up on my Nexus One) lit up for incoming emails other than gmail. Other than these things, absolutely LOVE Android!!

WebOS is a sorry piece of failure. Next to it is WinMo/WP7. They are both are too late to the game.

ryder9 says:

Nothing is wrong with WebOS.... nothing.....
the poll was on the OS and not the app market...

now the phone on the other hand.......

kinster02 says:

quote from Taharka

"Don't worry, webOS is the OS of the future. Just wait until it hits Verizon. Just wait until it hits AT&T. Just wait until paid apps are available. Just wait until international paid apps are available. Just wait until the PDK hits. Just wait until the merger is complete. Just wait until 2.0 hits. Just wait until the new Pre hits. Just wait until the new super phone hits (with 4G). Just wait until the PalmPad".

Just wait for the future because when it comes to webOS, "thats where it's at".

This is so true when I owned a Pre

mattchew86 says:

I think it's funny that (slightly) more people think that webOS is better than winmo. ROFL.

phillysdon04 says:

I agree dakidd. Web OS just needs a better device and more support. When android came out with the g1, I wasn't impressed, but the evo caught my attention. Another thing that got my attention was Verizon's droid commercials. Sprint commercials suck because they don't show what the phone can do like apple or droid commercials, a great example would be the 1st evo commercial.

deaofly says:

I agree, the 1St one was, What will you do with 4g first. Lol that didn't say anything about the phone, and thanks sprint you let apple show you up with the 1st video calling phone on a top carrier. Well maybe it was for the best, i mean you can't switch from a phone call to video chat from the main dialer.. I want to see a commercial where they put any Android device next to a Iphone4 and just show how much customization can be done besides changing a wallpaper. Now that hands down will show people who have never seen or used a android device the diff in the 2 upon features

dougeetx says:

I love my evo with the android OS but bb OS is superior in a lot of ways. IMHO bb OS is for grown folk who need to do business while android is more for having fun & really enjoying your phone. I've had several curves & a tour & thoroughly enjoyed them for business but for pleasure the android OS is much better. Right now I have a bb tour & my evo.

storm14k says:

Having had an Android and BB in my house at the same time for the most part Android turned out to be better for both business and pleasure. I said for the most part though. I could possibly see where people may prefer mail on BB or the shortcuts that they talk about all the time.

diverbelow says:

My first smartphone was palm 650 treo. I quite a few BB's then a palm centro. The longest I had a smartphone back then was 6 to 8 months. Each phone I had, it did not fit me, until I got a myTouch 3G and I was able to fit the phone to my needs are, not the other way around.

My History of smartphones:
Palm 650 Treo ->BB 7100t ->BB 8700c ->BB 9100 ->Palm Centro ->BB 9120 ->BB S1 ->myTouch 3G ->Motorola Droid

Clow says:

Android is hands down the best. Buisness or pleasure apple is kinda gay looking, rim and windows are slow and ugly, go for android!

storm14k says:

This is quite funny and interesting. Let iFools and WinFans tell it and the release of WP7 is the death of Android. And Android is so "cluttered" (seriously...I've heard this repeated so much it makes me wonder if the iFools get some daily talkin points). But its only iFools and bloggers paid to pump Apple that think this. This poll shows it. The general public like Android. Its not iPhone being stuck on AT&T and not on Verizon thats letting Android get ahead like the iFools want to believe. So I welcome the Verizon iPhone so I can laugh at its average sales.

darkmax says:

Hey... what happened to Nokia and Sony Ericsson? Or is this just talking about smartphones?

I also believe this is not a worldwide survey, so it is entirely and purely USA only.

fatboy97 says:

It's up to 54% last time I checked!!!

showson1 says:


Seriously though, I used to be an Apple fanboy.. had an iPhone, Mac, AppleTV, Airport, Macbook, iPod, etc.. over the years.

I got so sick of how stagnant Apple was, a few new bells an whistles here and there, but really nothing new.
I slowly started moving away from Apple and was down to nothing but an iPhone and iPod and I just couldn't get rid of them.

Then I got my first Android phone - a myTouch. It was a little slow but I fell in love with Android! I went from the myTouch to a Hero, then to the Nexus One and now the DroidX (which I think I'll be on a long time) and I also have a Haipad M701 Android tablet (China mass produced tablet) that I'll keep until the Archos 70 is released. ;)

Anyway, I now own no Apple devices, not even an iPod, and iTunes is not installed on any of my machines!
I by no means HATE Apple, I'm just over them. ;)

pseudoelf says:

There is room for all of us.

It always bothers me that we need a "champ". Android is the best for ME. But for some people iOS is best for THEM. The great thing is that we should all be able to get the one that works best for each one of us. I wish we could stop ask the chest thumping and embrace the diversity.

That is why it bothered me so much when Apple blocked cross-platform app development even though I have no interest in ever owning an Apple product personally. It hinders our choice and the freedom of the market to respond to consumer needs and desires.

Clow says:

None of these os's will beat android

mullrat#WN says:

Meaningless poll. I mean best at what? Is android the best at 3d gaming? Is blackberry the best at web browsing? You can replace best with favorite in the poll by line. They should categorize this kind of thing. Most people have a phone and consider it the best. If anything it is a reflection of mindshare and android seems to be winning.

splitsick says:

WebOS is the most fluid and elegant operating system. I have owned and used them all extensively. I am currently using an Evo because of hardware, features and apps. Josh from engadget calls himself a Palm fanboy and has said that if HP can fill a few voids it would be his phone of choice. Palm hasn't proved anything besides its operating system, apps are going to be their biggest hurdle at this point. I am getting very attached to my Android apps and they would be hard to do without at this point. The hardware on the EVO is amazing. But if the question being asked of what is the best OS I would have to say webOS. If the question is what is the best overall phone would not be a Pre.

bobaka says:

exactly... what good is an elegant OS if you can only get on gimpy hardware? useless.. and probably always will be

Eazy123 says:

Can't wait to see Steve Jobs claim this survey as "skewed" or "off".

bobaka says:

yea because they're "reading it wrong"

Clow says:

Web browsing, blackberry? Must be joking. Android beats them all in every catergory

dchawk81 says:

My BlackBerry was superior in battery life and notifications but the former was due to a smaller screen and Android has workarounds for the latter.

Productivity is a's a matter of getting used to it.

phonefusion says:

Did Walt Mossberg vote 1792 times?

Johandroid says:

Haha, yeah he probably did.

If anyone here is not familiar with Mossberg -

Can anyone with an iOS device confirm that you can vote in this poll from an iOS device? That would be ironic, now wouldn't it?

j7469 says:

Regardless of your opinion on this matter, the poll is total CRAP! Posting a poll on a website is the farthest thing from accurate as you can get. Simply post the same poll on CNN and FoxNews asking if Obama is a good President and neither will get the same result. CNN will be much higher than the actual number as FoxNews will be lower (which I believe is around 45% of the public agreeing that he is doing a good job).

Point being that unless you take a statistical approach to a poll and select your group prejudicial, your not going to get an accurate result.

Clow says:

Dear god stop with the politics. Face the facts android kills!

sookster54 says:

What's Steve Jobs going to say now? That man seems very disturbed lately after all those press conferences he has held, I think he's going to question this poll soon.

Someone's rigging the Microsoft poll...

antpal200 says:

Here's the opinion from an AT&T sales rep and someone who's used just about everything (emphasis on OPINION, take it how you will...)

I used a BlackBerry for a couple of years, and its extremely functional. I wasn't satisfied with the fact that it was all I could do: email, text, phone calls. I wasn't having fun with my phone (if I'm paying money for equipment and services I'm gonna enjoy it, damn it). I know the App World is still taking off, so we'll see what happens next year.

Apple: I hate it. I can't stand not being able to do whatever I want with it (software wise, tinkering and all that). Too many times have I had to deal with resetting my iPod and losing everything. There's always the idea of "Apple's way or no way" looming over all of their devices. Yeah, their apps and stuff are great, but I want to make it MY phone, not just another iPhone.

And then there's Android: I've loved it since I got an HTC Aria, and I know its not even the best device on the market now. I'm just getting used to Android and I'm having a blast. Still doing my email, texts, all that jazz. But the kicker is the app experience: I'm having fun with it and actually enjoying my phone. And its only on an Aria (no offense HTC)!

Sorry for the long post, but I hope this helps.

- AP

Clow says:

Hell of a post antpal200!

Mamacita42 says:

So um now that wp7 is ahead .... what say you now?

sookster54 says:

Yeah and WP7 isn't even out yet, is it? The poll is now BOGUS because of that, it went from 208 (look at screenshot in article) to 11K in less than 2 days, I'm betting on a bot(s) spamming the vote.