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Well, that didn't take very long: our crafty friends over at RootzWiki have already brought the I/O Android 4.1 preview build to both the GSM and Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Forum member B16's original GSM dump, followed by jdkoreclipse's VZW versison, have been tinkered with throughout the night and appear to be working quite well. It's flashable through Recovery after a wipe and a cleared cache, though as always we suggest you backup before playing around. After spending the morning snacking on Jelly Bean I can report that the Verizon build is near perfection, with even LTE working beautifully. As always, bugs are possible, especially since this is merely a preview build. If you've got the guts and the sweettooth, download links can be found at the source.

Source: RootzWiki (GSM, CDMA)

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zgarrow says:

FIRST! Always wanted to do that:)

Got the build on my V GNEX and it's amazing :)

rdm1776 says:

This gives the Verizon GNex wifi issues...but very cool.

craigrn16 says:

Go back to RootzWiki there is an updated one that fixes the Wifi issues which was the one I downloaded. No problems here. Smooth as pie


do you have a link for the new one.. I need it now.. lol.. and do i need to wipe everything all over again if i did the first version of this rom ?

svinyard says:

Hey for you guys that have tried it REALLY smooth yet? Is it close to be smooth like an iDevice? Of Everything I saw yesterday I think Project Butter is what I'm most excited about.

msnight04 says:

It performs better than any other Android OS I've seen. Definitely close to iOS performance. With it and the other features (especially notifications), I am more excited for JB than I ever was for ICS! If you have a GNex, try the builds linked in the article. You won't regret it!

chubb says:

I don't know if its as smooth as the fruit phone but its smoother than ICS. I like the new notifications. I've only been using it for an hour now but so far its awesome. Only problem is WiFi borked and I can't redownload paid apps from play, but that's what titanium backup is for! But if your curious just flash it and try.

hoosiercub says:

My WiFi definitely isn't borked, I think the signal strength is being shown improperly but it works alright here at work.

I'm also not having any issues downloading paid apps from the Play Store, only quirk I've noticed is my pull down drawer says T-CDMA 64. Which doesn't bother me at all.

chubb says:

My pull down says the same. I flashed Francos kernel and its working now. Just dosent seem as strong as before.

joedon3 says:

I want to see the Easter Egg in JB!

Pengwn says:

Kellex and Sir Tato did a vid of it over at DL.
It brings up a giant jellybean and if long pressed, a bunch of small jellybeans start floating on the screen which can be flicked off. The even smaller versions of jellybeans also have faces on them!

kpluiten says:

I installed it this morning. I have found no issues with it. It really is iDevice smooth. It is such a leap above ICS, I'm very impressed.

svinyard says:

What what WHAT? (SouthPark bus driver voice).

Wow, as smooth as iDevice. VERY excited to get me some of this in the future. Is the web browsing as smooth as well? I think that is where I notice the most scroll lag/jitteryness (chrome, stock, dolphin HD etc).

Grahaman27 says:

bingo- thats what I want to know. Honestly, I am skeptical. does anyone know if it lags at all (really- AT ALL) in chrome?

rickskakuma says:

It runs beautiful on Verizon no chrome lag like other builds

Grahaman27 says:

I wonder how it will run on my nexus s...

svinyard says:

Seriously?? I'm skeptical too :). Like smooth like Crapple smooth? When you browse a desktop page with pictures on it you are able to SMOOTHLY (Crapple Smooth) do the following?:

1- scroll the page up and down and at an angle with no stickiness, jerkyness?
2- No scroll jittering as pictures try to display and refresh?
3- scroll in a circular motion smooth
4- The scrolling follows your finger with no lag (its fast?)

None of my Android devices have ever been able to do this in a web browser that isn't a light weight mobile page, anywhere near Crapple smooth.

Yeah I know I'm using Apple as the standard but unfortunately they are...or hopefully they "were".

deadpenguins says:

"What what what!?" is not a phrase spoken by the bus driver on south park. Kyle's mom is the one who says that :).

svinyard says:

Ha...damn, how could I screw this up!!! "What did you say???" - Bus Driver

XavierMatt says:

Won't believe that until I try.

JobiWan144 says:

Any idea how soon it will come to non-Nexus devices (I'm thinking HTC EVO LTE)?

jollyball says:

This is working great for me so far. It does run very smooth and all of my apps are working. I can even hear audio out of my speaker with it being 2 inches from my ear for the first time. Flash this now.

ameadows252 says:

Really hoping for a build to be released for the Sprint variant as well. GEE WHIZ I HOPE SO, I DO! I'm assuming it wouldn't have to be that different of a build from the Verizon version considering they've got identical specs and are both CDMA/LTE. Can't wait to try out JB.

only1josiah says:

AHHHHH! I'm so sick of this Apple patent nonsense. I'm sick of patent trolls in general. The US patent system needs a major overhaul. The current system destroys innovation! That being said, I'd love to own this phone!

mobilemail says:

screw apple, I would be happy to use one. And seeing as I don't have an android phone, this would be a perfect chance!