Tegra madness

What better way to end the year than with one of two awesome Tegra 4 devices?

Nvidia knows how to make mobile processors. The benchmarks tell part of the story, but using a device like the Tegra Note or the Shield tells the rest. Vanilla Android, fast as heck, and games that rival full consoles for eye-candy and effects. The Shield takes the gaming bit a step further with a fully integrated, top-notch gamepad built into the unit, and the Tegra Note comes in with some killer camera features and excellent software and hardware integration for natural stylus input. These two are innovative, and the kind of device we love to see.

Now you have a chance to have one for your very own!

We've partnered with Nvidia and are giving away three Shields and three Tegra Notes to some lucky AC members. Winning one is easy — leave a comment in the forum thread saying how much you would like to have one. We'll pick six winners on December 24 and Nvidia will ship out some goodies.

Head into the forums for the complete list of rules and a chance to win!

Enter to win a Shield or Tegra Note from AC and Nvidia


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Win an Nvidia Shield or Tegra Note from AC and Nvidia



To have an entry in this AC/NVIDEA promotional giveaway, one must comment in the forum thread, not in this thread.

I would love to have one of these for my nephew, would mean the world to him and to me, to be able to get him something he wants.

Win or lose this particular contest, I'm keeping an eye on this concept from NVDIA. It sounds like the tradeoffs are acceptable and pen input is stellar: if they ever come out with a slightly larger form factor in the future, I would be sold.

If I could get one of these, I would share it with my 11 year old. He loves to play games on my wifes Kindle. I would use it at work, and at night he would show his dad how to play all the great games!

You know it would be pretty cool, I guess, hmmm not it would be very cool. Thinking about it again it would be super mega freaking awesome!

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I would love to win this since I enter and never win any of these contest :( this would be great since I do t want a gameboy for a good gaming pad

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I've had some hands on time with these, they are a testament to what Android gaming can be. Simply stunning, and I would love to own one to be able to spend as much time as I wanted on them instead of having to play with them in stores.

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My fiancee and I would like to upgrade our tablet. I'd love to have this as a present to her.

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I would live one of these! I used to game non-stop but due to life getting busy I'm unable to sit down and play that often. This would allow me to do it anywhere! This would make my year.

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These are exactly the two devices that are on the top of my wishlist :) Would go totally crazy if I would win one

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I would really like one to probably give it to my nephew or keep it and give my old nexus 7 to him. I'm really interested to put the tegra 4 through its paces

Posted via the original nexus 7

I would be so thankful to be able to give one of these to my little brother for Christmas, his year would be made!

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I recently bought a new Acer Laptop actually capable of running current generation games. One of my favorites has to be Borderlands 2. An Nvidia Shield would be incredible, I could break the tether of having to keep my laptop right by my side. Instead be able to roam the house & still keep teaching those Psycho's a lesson.

Either The Shield or The Note would be a great gift. I think that it is time I add a tablet to my toolkit.

Can't think of a better Birthday present... For myself, of course.

It would be awesome owning my first Nvidia device for the holiday season. Thank you Santa!

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I really want one of these for at works downtime after the holidays. I would be a happu camper!

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Any device geared towards gaming would be cool. The fact that it is also close to stock android should be nice for updates and cleanliness!

YES!! This would be great in response to the Xmas gifts my kids are receiving!! PLEASE????? Pick ME!!!!

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This would be an awesome win. That way my son wouldn't steel my phone to play games. Thanks for the chance, CA. Just let me know if you need my address.

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It has been awhile since I've actually owned a gaming console, unless of course you include the original Nintendo I have in my garage. All my gaming is on my phone or tablet, so I would love to have either one of these great prizes!!!!!!!

I'd love to win one of these devices, if I had enough money I'd surely buy the nvidia shield for gaming and the tegra note for school and editing my photos, or even taking photos !
It's just a pity that all the phone and tablet manufactures don't use the tegra 4 SOC, especially for its great gaming performance, camera features and great GPU...
I hope I'll win :)

What better way to celebrate Christmas than to rub this in the face of my fruit-gadgeted loving in-laws.

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It would be awesome, I've played some casual games, and I'd really like to get into proper android gaming.

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I would like to try the Android version of gaming devices and get trip of my apple tv which I have to use to get the games from my ipad.. Hope I get one

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I would like to try the Android version of gaming devices and get trip of my apple tv which I have to use to get the games from my ipad.. Hope I get one

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OMG! The note is exactly what I need!! I need a tablet that can be used for gaming and for drawing since I'm an avid artist but hadn't had the money to buy one!!! This would be absolutely perfect!!! I haven't won anything yet but this would be amazing to win this!!!!!!!!!! Please please please please please please pleaseeeee! (: (: (: and thank you NVIDIA and Android Central for these amazing contests!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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6 Nvidia items to give away...I really, really, really,... REALLY, REALLY, REALLY would like to have ONE. Please,... really 6 times. :-)

I would like to acquire one of these because I like to play my games, but often am out of the house, and none of my devices are ideal for mobile gaming. I also have never had an android device, and would be very interested in trying it out or having it on a shield. I also am a big fan of NVIDIA; my new PC outperforms my old one, when the old one had amd graphics and the new one has NVIDIA. I would really like to get either of these, they both are awesome.

I would love to win either of these as my primary gaming console finally broke and I need to get back into the gaming world!

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It is hard to put into words how much i want one of these guys. To start, I'm a CPA candidate who spends 40+ hours a week working a full time job. In my "free" time, I spend 3-4 hours a weeknight and 6-8 hours per day each weekend studying. I watch videos, work problems, and take PAPER notes like a peasant. If I misplace one page, or become disorganized for a day, I can lose a ton of work. Getting one of the Tegra Notes would make this process much easier since I could keep everything electronically. Winning one of the notes would make my life infinitely easier. Thank you AC for giving these away! Hopefully it can really help some of us who need it.

Would love this. Tried a moga controller, not caring for it much. This would excellent.

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Love what nVidia has done with the Sheild. Great crossover potential from portable to big screen play. Would love, love to have one!

I would give up my x-mas to have either of these! Starting school in spring means the note would be a perfect addition since I don't have a laptop or tablet. Oh please oh please oh please!

I'd love to win an Nvidia shield or tablet, I usually don't get anything on Christmas due to financial problems so this would be freaking amazing to get !

I would love to win either one of these 2 great devices to give to a family member in tornado stricken Washington Illinois. Thank you NVIDIA an A.C.

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Omg!!! I would love to win one of these!!! Either of them would be great... But I REALLY like that Tegra Note!

Thank you nvidia!

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I would love one of of these. I don't game much at all on an Android even though I own a few games; I find the touch interface clunky. This would be a nice alternative. And if course,who couldn't use a tablet. I've heard off on getting on because the cost , but this would definitely solve that problem.

This would mean so much to me, I could not find a better way to start the new year!

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I want a Nvidia Shield because I want to really have the ability to play some PSP or Nintendo 64 games on the go, and not get bored. :D these devices are really awesome. I've seen them at GameStop.

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I have 4 children and all 5 of us would love to have a little time with a Tegra device. Mom not so much, but she might find a bit more quite time. Please pick us...

How much would I love one? I would love it more than the chance to see an old person arguing with Applecare about installing a widget on their iPhone homepage while holding up a huge like of people at an Apple store on Christmas Eve!

Seriously, either of those would make my holiday season!

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It would be great to win either one! If I had to pick, I would go with the Tegra Note. I'm very interested in seeing how well the stylus works.

For this, I would take all my android devices (yes including my Nexus 7) and throw them off of my roof, pay to have them repaired, and then battle a bear and a mewtwo at the same time with them. That's how much I want one of these!

Would love to have either of these. My Daughter would go nuts when she saw these

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I have been looking to the Tegra Note since it was announced... I totally approve the choice to mix an high end SOC with an appropriate resolution for a 7" tab. Ditching a nonsense amount of DPI for pure power/performance is the way to go. The passive stylus is just brilliant, and the front speakers makes this tablet a complete entertainment machine.
I couldn't expect less from the same company that made my PC's GPU :)
Too bad that the contest isn't international... I live in Italy and here there is no way to buy this tablet :(

GL to everyone! And congratulations in advance for the winners!

I would REALLY like to give one to my sister for Christmas. So you guys should give it to your favorite AC reader (me)! :D

~Merry Christmas!

Count me in, would love either.... The shield would be awesome paired with my desktop, and the note would be great for school :)

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I would really like to try either of these devices with a tetra 4! I have tried both tegra 2 devices (Acer 500, Atrix) and a tegra 3 in a Nexus 7. I'd really like to try a Tegra 4 device! Here's to hoping!

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First off, I read you guys everyday. Anyway, I love gaming on my tablet. So does my 5 year old son. He always wants my tablet. I'm at work like 60 hours a week, so I also use my tablet to hangout with my wife and kids. If I win the tegra note I could let my son have my tablet and I could do my thing with the note or if I win the shield I could give it to my son to encourage his educational gaming lol.

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The Shield would make a wonderful Christmas for my grandson, he's the gammer in the family. The Tetra Note would get the wife off my back and off my tablet. She has resisted technology but now is getting into it and is taking over my toys so a tablet for her would be great.

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I would love so much to win the tegra note. That tab sounds like such a beast of a tab. Quad cores and all, plus the stylus, this is what I've been wanting in a tablet for home and work. I hope it can recognize my hand writing.

Truth be told, I would love to have a quality Android tablet with good stylus support. I simply cannot afford a Samsung Note (of any size right now), so this is an excellent opportunity for me to get one. Thank you AC and Nvidia for this opportunity. :-)

I really want a Tegra Note. Tegra 4 processor along with front facing speakers put this above any of the other tablets I've been looking at. I don't understand why most companies put the speaker on the back.

Please I need one my phone is on its last leg and my back up is a lg optimus s and I really don't want that

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Yea so I need one so I can stop drooling on my phone looking at the precious. Is this tech porn?

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I Buy nvidia products whenever I can. build quality is top notch and packed with features their competitors can't match

My 13 yr old gamer, son would love either one of these! It would make one incredible Christmas! Thx!

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I really need this. OK not really but I want this. I just want to have one of these to play games on. My wife and kids keep the PS3 tied up with Netflix. :-/

I've been thinking of buying a Tegra Note, but I think I'll hold off on that for now! :) I could really make good use of another device with a digitizer pen and the Tegra Note looks really nice!

I would love to win a tegra sheild to rub it in my coworkers face who bought a tegra note... But I would also love to win a tegra note because I'm jealous that he has one. ;-)

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I already have the Shield but I'd love to get the tegra note as well! The dream team!

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This would be my first tegra device. Would love to see what all the hype is about.

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It gets cold and lonely in a big truck at night. What better way to pass the time than with a new toy to play awesome games on. Thanks guys

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First off fantastic contest as usual, thank you and and your partner this time NVIDIA great prizes, great timing! Now as an aspiring game designer (tabletop now) and an avid Techie on a budget I try and work any and every piece of technology into my designing work as much as possible. Having said that the current state of my ability to work on the go is severely limited based on the available tech to me. Either of these would be a literal God send, in productivity or recreation and would be a welcome addition to the cause. Needless to say I will continue my work, but I would have a hard time finding the proper words of gratitude should I be one of the fortunate chosen winners! Thanks again and good luck to everyone.

This would be awesome to win! Good luck to everyone. Six people are going to be really happy!

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The shield....wow...can't wait to lay my hands on one...this would be the perfect way to end this year with a broad smile and lots and lots of joy...

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I'm going to build an NVIDIA gaming rig very soon and would LOVE to pair that with the Nvidia Shield OR the Note.. I think I'd rather trade in my Nexus 7 for the Nvidia Note 7 though and buy the Shield.

Great contest!

I've been lusting after a Tergra Note ever since I heard of them. I love tablets and phones with stylus integration, so much that I even bought the HTC Flyer. The idea of a reasonably priced tablet with well done stylus integration is something I've been waiting years for. I would love one!

That being said, my daughter and I both would be totally happy with one of the Shields...

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I have shunned console gaming and not chased the PS4 or XBOX ONE so that I can persue mobile gaming.
I love the emulators and console-quality graphics that have become the norm. My only wish is that I could find a controller that would work harmoniously with my S4, the NVidia Sheild would solve this issue perfectly.

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