Chromecast and Moto G

What do you get when you take one of the best affordable smartphones around and pair it with an innovative operator? You get the Motorola Moto G on Republic Wireless' $10 plan, which includes unlimited Wifi calling, texting and data. (And all that Wifi goodness means you're calling and texting and the like for free when you're abroad.) That's what.

And Republic Wireless is serving up a couple Moto Gs for us to serve up to you fine folks. What's more is that they're throwing in a Chromecast for each as well.

To enter to win one of the sets (you can't win both), all you need to do is leave a comment in this post and tell us what you'd do with all that money you'd be saving if you were on a $10 a month plan. Just one comment — multiples won't help you any. Also, since the contest is sponsored by a US carrier, this one is only open in the US. We'll take entries through 5 p.m. PDT Tuesday, July 29. Good luck!

And you can check out more on Republic Wireless' affordable plans here.


Reader comments

Win a Moto G and Chromecast (two, in fact) from Android Central and Republic Wireless!



I would save the extra money and put it into my savings account.. Just because your saving money doesn't mean it needs to be spent elsewhere.

Maybe throw a few bucks at some of the apps in my wishlist :)

Yes please! Would love to try out the Moto G. I would use the money to buy more tech because that is what we are supposed to do with any disposable income right?

U should get a Surface. Look it up. Kickstand, USB ports, flash, Office, click on keyboard, etc

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use it for my netflix subscription on the new chromecast, of course! awesome give away- love my brother's moto g!

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A huge party with all of my cats. There will be tea and top hats. Everyone is invited!

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With the money I would save I would buy a better laptop so I can finish school before my GI Bill runs out! Running a Dell with Vista on it ugh!

With all the money I would be saving I could be enhancing my Android presence. Thinking device in every room. Why.....why not.

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I will take that money and put it toward my student loans and my kid's college fund. Hopefully I can get my wife to give up the Apple devices for the Moto G. If not I will keep it as an emergency phone for the home.

I'd like it to be something altruistic like helping the poor, but knowing me it would likely be used to get netflix or brew beer.

This would be cool. I'm engaged so any money saved would definitely go towards the marriage. I love chromecast as well, I would use those for extra TVs in the house.

Stop paying more for my current plan and provider. More money for college tuition, less bills, sell some of my current electronics and buy a new laptop (macbook pro retina, razerblade 2014, etc). By a case for the Moto G, and other accessories.

I don't know if I'd save money. I'd have to keep my Verizon plan for a bit to make sure that wifi calling works well for me. I'd certainly like to give it a shot though.

Grandma surely needs a sleek, new, feature-laden minivan to chauffeur the kids around. The savings from one Republic Wireless phone would help us get a second. Then we could drastically cut our cell bill which would allow us to make car payments!

I would use the money on my little girl and made sure she could have all the fun in the world

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I would first put the savings toward a smartwatch. After that save for the next tech related item that beckons!

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Get rid of AT&T since coverage even looks better with this one :) Use the extra money to begin old projects/ fixes around the house and even a few date nights.

Hmmm, If I was only paying $10 a month with Republic Wireless, I'd almost definitely spend the extra cash on a pet turtle. Because adorable.

Thats enough savings that I could reserve a spot on on Virgin Galactic suborbital spaceflights, or go to McDonalds for breakfast, let me win please.

My father's disabled and stuck with a terrible throwaway Cricket phone. If I won the G I'd set him up with it, and the 40 extra dollars a month would go a long way towards food and other necessities.

I could really use this win my girlfriends moto G is bricked after factory reset. We have tried everything.

AC every day

First, I'd have to do a happy dance getting rid of my LG Motion. With the savings, my gaming/entertainment budget would get a nice boost :)

I'd probably end up using it for more Android goodness! In fact, I'd probably use it to get an Android Wear watch.

Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get one of these!

If I could save that much money on my monthly cell phone bill, I would apply it to my monthly home internet bill so that I would have good wifi at home!

$10/month/line would be saving me $80+/month off my current cell plan. If coverage was rock solid, I'd be able to afford taking my kids on regular trips to amusement parks/water parks/etc.

Going from $210 to $10 a month? I'd pay off bills, put some in savings, and start a college fund for my kids.

Yeah right...Hello 200 bucks a month for new gadgets!

I could finally save up some cash for a new laptop. Maybe a Chromebook. I am still deciding.

My AC App signature lacks a witty comment.

That's 90 bucks a month in savings...I'll save for that moto 360 smartwatch and donate my samsung galaxy note 3 with the Samsung gear 2 to someone I that convincing?

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Well I've already been saving with RW for a year or so now, but I'm trying desperately to get the rest of my family to switch too. So, hopefully, whoever in the family gets the Moto G will set some of those savings aside for me come Christmas Time.

I'd use the money to sign my wife up with Republic Wireless. Then I'd take that extra money we saved and buy pirate hats and cotton candy.

I have been wanting to change my daughter to Republic so this would be the perfect opportunity! As for what I would use the money saved for, well, my teenage daughter of course!

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I would use the money saved to pay for a honeymoon. Getting married in exactly a year and need to start saving now! ;-)

If I won a Moto G and a Chromecast then I could finally give my old flip phone to charity. I would also have a smartphone (finally!). I've wanted one for over 3 years, and I've used my friends Moto E and LOVED it! It's so fast and has a gigantic display. And the Moto G is the next one up, right? Anyway, I would pay off my college loan with the money that I would save. With the Chromecast I would finally have an excuse to get a HDTV and I would use it all the time to watch YouTube and Netflix from my new Moto G!

Whit all the money i be saving up on the 10$ month plan i would be spoiling my girlfriend all the time but than il be broke again but il still have the 10$ plan

I can spend on education and kids clothing...Well, with the savings you could spend on many items. Its basically choice on what you spend on.

One of the kids phones just came up for renewal this month. I would love to kick him off of my plan and throw him onto hi own prepaid plan (he has a job, and pays a lot of his own bill now). I would love to stop subsidizing his plan and have him take full responsibility for himself.

The chromecast is mine though. I deserve it for the last 6 years of paying all or part of his plans...

O man, little loyd,be merciful my shiny metal friend. Ten bucks a month would just be the sprinkles on the icing. I try everything to make my bill to down. It just won't,. Thx guys

I would replace the wedding ring that I lost swimming in Rhode Island this past weekend... My wife is not happy right now... LOL

HELL YEA! CHROMECAST WITH 3 MONTHS FREE ALL ACCESS PASS AND A MOTO G.... I can hear Bruno Mars' "Heaven" playing now...

My dad lost everything in a fire i would give the phone to him too help out as he has nothing anymore..hope i Win...he needs it badly

I'd put the saved money towards an nVidia Shield Portable! Those sound like an awesome way to play emulated games on my HDTV w/ the HDMI mirroring!

I'd be more interested in the WiFi calling than the savings... although nicer food on the road is always a good thing!

With all the money saved if i was on a $10 month plan, I'd be able to save up for a nice google watch! :D

Thanks for the contest and good luck to everyone!