Smartphone March Madness

Our pals at LatopMag (hi, pals!) are getting way into March Madness this year, and they've got a 16-team smartphone tournament (not to be confused with the Smartphone Round Robin) to go with it.

Today features the Motorola Droid up against the BlackBerry Curve 8530. Other Android phones fighting for the Final Four are the HTC Hero vs. the LG Expo and the Google Nexus One vs. the Palm Pre Plue. And as an added bonus, there's Android-on-Android action when the Motorola Cliq goes up against the Samsung Moment. Check it out. [LaptopMag]


Reader comments

Will Android win March Madness?


I posted this in the forum over two hours ago. i can't get any credit??? It's all good. Maybe people will pay more attention to this now.

The iCrap and the N1 can't meet in the finals. They're in the same half of the will be up to the Droid to defend Android's honor in the finals.

K, so DROID v. HD2, could go either way, winner of that v. Google Nexus One on the other bracket, Nexus One wins! THe final can't be iphone v/ Nexus even though we knwo who'd win!!! ;D