Ever since the rumor mill first began surrounding Motorola's much anticipated Honeycomb tablet, we've been patiently impatiently waiting for it's release. Alas, this will be making a lot of you Xoom fans who don't want to be tied to a Verizon data plan happy. Motorola's Latin America GM told Argentinian-based Infobae that a WiFi only version of Motorola's Xoom Honeycomb-based tablet exists, and that we should expect it sometime in April. Now, keep in mind that this was confirmed by the Latin American division of Motorola, so we're hoping that this doesn't mean it'll only be available in Argentina in April, but it's good to hear that a WiFi only version is out there and Motorola intends on releasing it. [Infobae via Engaget]


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WiFi only Xoom coming in April?


If the price is right i will be getting this. For me personnaly i will never need a on contract tablet because most places i would take it will have wi-fi or i could just tether from phone. Glad to see this is possibly in the works...

I was just in a live chat at Motorola.com and they said there was a WiFi only xoom coming to the US but they could not say when it was coming out!!!

I wouldn't be totally surprised to see it hit a bit earlier than April. According to the original article the 3G Xoom will not even come out till May with the WiFi version hitting in April. For obvious reasons Moto/VZW probably won't release the WiFi/3G versions at the same time in the US, but I don't really see them pulling the WiFi version all the way back to April. Too many other WiFi honeycomb tablets will likely be dropping around that time to get much market penetration.

I will be selling mine too for this. The iPad freaking sucks! It's to annoying to be sitting with a friend or family member and say, "Wait, let me go get my laptop, I can't use it for this". Worst $600 I ever spent!! Apple's mobile device division sucks. The only thing I will buy from them now are macs. And the day they start screwing with OSX, back to Windows!

>"And the day they start screwing with OSX, back to Windows!"

You have a better choice than that- Linux.

True. I was going to say Linux, but the thing I worry about is, lack of "developer" support/compatibility. I do love UNIX based OSes though.

Me too, I just won't get it if its only tied to carrier. I don't know why the tied to the carrier tablets are becoming a trend, its a horrible idea and it will sell less tablets.....just look at the iPad, more WiFi only ipads sell than the 3g, way more.

Don't be stupid Motorola, you should release a WiFi only version the same day as the carrier version.

im pretty sure its gonna be better than the ipad

good tablets wont be sub $600 for a long time. i hope some of you remember that is how much high end android handsets cost off contract

After the Iphone starts eating up Motorolas sales on VZW, you can bet this will be released asap. It's good to be a Droid fan on VZW right now.

Who says Motorola can't just sell the wifi only version at BB? I'm sure they are in some sort of contract with VZW but, maybe it only pertains to a cell based unit.

Having messed with Ipads and Galaxy Tabs in the store, I gotta say 10 inches in terms of a tablet is a little larger than I would prefer. If Motorola were to make this as a 7 inch, I would seriously consider it.

I could handle maybe 8.5" or 9". But 7" is not ENOUGH impact difference from the Evo (to me) to justify another (expensive) device.

I like my Galaxy Tab, and I'm sure someone will be releasing a 7inch Honeycomb tablet, but I want more than 10inches for a tablet that I'm going to be using around the house. Where's the 12" and 15" tablets?

If past examples are indication of future pricing:

An off-contract 3G device is going to cost a lot more than a WiFi-only device.

you could, but you'd also have some unneeded/unwanted carrier specific apps, bloatware etc, that you probably couldn't remove

That's just assumption. The first Droid didn't have any of that on it. This appears to be the equivalent release to the Droid...the first 'golden child' for Google so to speak.

You SOBs. I was ready to go and buy a G Tab and root. But now I'm waiting for the WiFi Xoom. I think I'm gonna be waiting forever.

I pay enough for data on my Android phone. With a rooted EVO 4G, all I need is a NICE Tablet to tether to.

Make it less than an iPad and I'm getting 1, maybe 2.

Why less? Why should something with better technology be less? People always want the best for less...retarded. How about the same price? That's fair.

It'll be less than the 64gb iPad with 3g. But there's no way it's going to be cheaper than the 16gb wifi only iPad. You're an idiot if you really think there's a remote chance of that. The iPad is sold cheap because Apple knew they would make up for it with app sales. (And if you don't think they're making all kinds of money on app sales, then why did they launch a Mac app store?)

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Id like this. I dont plan on getting a 3g tablet. This would be nice for the house. Or I could even wifi tether it to my phone if I need to. No need to get a whole new capped plan for this.

Wanna bet a WiFi-only XOOM won't be coming to NAFTA countries any time soon?

Verizon won't let it happen until they've milked all the data plans they can first, and Motorola needs Verizon too much in 2011 to rock the boat.

I'm also going to call the price of the Verizon version at around $750 off-contract, and about half that on a 2 year contract.

Oh and I ddon't remember seeing it anywhere but does this thing support BT HID or SPP profile? Need to be able to use an external keyboard.

I say they will launch the 3g version first. if they sell wifi only first they will lose contract sells. a majority of people getting the xoom already has smart phones most of them android. may people will want a wifi version due to already paying into a contract. the wifi version will come a few months later so verizon can sign as many people up as possible on 3g contracts.

I've had $500 sitting on a shelf for the last months waiting...the wait is almost over. I'm just hoping PDAnet comes out with a method of tethering via USB. WIFI if a beast on the battery.

I have a Galaxy tab and I love it. I think the size is perfect. Any bigger and I would need a bag to take it with me outside of the house. If that's the case then I wouldn't want data, just wifi. Wish they would make a xoom mini @ 7"

I'll be stunned if this is under $800. It has a bigger screen and a lot more bells and whistles than the iPad. That stuff adds up. I think part of the reason the Galaxy Tab is so small was to try to remain competitive with the iPad.