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The Nexus 4 is coming, and it supports HSPA+ 42mbps (aka DC-HSPA+). T-Mobile has upgraded a whole bunch of its towers across the nation to support HSPA+ 42, covering most of the major markets. We know a whole lot of people will be considering T-Mobile service with the Nexus 4 launch, so we've compiled a current list of all markets in the U.S. that have the higher speed connection available.

There are 163 markets in total, so hit up the source link to our forums and see if your market is listed.

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This is where you can find T-Mobile HSPA+ 42 Mbps service


I will be the first to say since I have been on both sides of the fence with Verizon and it's CDMA LTE Galaxy Nexus from December 15th 2011 to June 28th 2012. And now being on Tmobile and it's GSM HSPA PLUS 42MPS network and my Galaxy S3 my Galaxy S3 out performed my Verizon Galaxy Nexus hands down. Better signal strength/reception, better battery life hands down and simply just an entirely better consistent network. People sleep on Tmobile and i was one of them who bashed Tmobile very often but you never know how things turn out until you are forced to change. The Verizon Galaxy Nexus was a dreadful device the worst Nexus experience ever it has pitiful battery life when launched. Abysmal Dbm/asu, it couldn't hold on Lte without switching to 3g and 1x,and the software was shameful and buggy. Verizon never addressed the overall problems and let it's Nexus customers suffer. And to add insult to injury it launched with 4.0.3 ice cream sandwich and never saw 4.0.4 until 6months later 2 weeks before I told Verizon to kiss where the sun don't shine. Hspa plus is better than cdma Lte in many cases and when you put your faith into thinking bigger is better well you find out it's not. The Lg Nexus 4 will be the best Nexus ever made and on the best network period. Many people will flock to Tmobile for the opportunity to purchase this device and they will be extremely happy walking around with the Lg Nexus 4 while Verizon has their last Nexus ever at least I hope so. Me been there done that my extensive research has brought me to the Galaxy Note 2 that is the best device on the market and will be for the next 180 days no Nexus will ever touch that.

+1 Thanks for sharing.. I too have been on Verizon for years and when I got my Bionic last Sep, I was so excited to get my first "smartphone". Boy was I wrong. The phone itself has been good, but the whole 3G/4G handoff was a f-ing joke and made the phone basically unusable for me until their "patch" came out in Dec of last year. Yea, 4 months later than launch date. Mofos! Even with that patch, the signal handoff problem has still been there, but granted not as bad. I will be one of those getting the Nexus 4 and trying them out on the $30 prepaid plan next week. I have several coworkers that have had TMobile for years and love it. I'm just sick and tired of paying x2-x2.5 more than I should be their plans. Yes, I have the grandfathered unlimited, but who cares? I don't come close to 3GB/month.
I am counting the days now and can't wait till I can jump ship and get rid of "big red" once and for all. Cya maricons!

"I have the grandfathered unlimited, but who cares? I don't come close to 3GB/month."

I am in the same boat and tired of my Razr Maxx. The hardware is great. The phone build quality is top notch and the battery life is second to none, but the software performance driving me to look elsewhere. The ICS update made my Maxx sluggish and had a negative impact on my battery life. With Gingerbread I could go 1.5 - 2 days without a charge. With ICS, I have to charge every night. There is no telling when or if the OG MAxx will be getting a Jellybean update.

I live in a good T-Mo area and am going to make the swtich to the Nexus 4 and leave big red in behind (for now).

Thing is I thought this kind of positive difference for at least TMos HSPA+ vs LTE was reported in the media from the get go. But somehow people kept bashing and swearing up and down that LTE was faster. I guess people have been comparing theoretical speeds. But I've has a similar experience between T-Mo and Verizon. I've been on both twice for years at a time. The shakiness of Verizon's 4G is about the equivalent to T-Mo's 3G service early on. It drops even in the city and its just about worthless on the road. I tell my wife constantly now that Verizon seriously isn't worth the price. This Nexus 4 really has me considering paying the ETF to leave Verizon and start going contract free with T-Mo or one of the prepaids. Kinda pissed I bought a Galaxy Nexus now.

storm14k, I understand how you feel. In the past couple of years I've switched from verizon to at&t and then T-mobile. Tired and annoyed by all the hidden fees (FCC surcharges, disguised taxes/surcharges, other hidden charges on my monthly phone bill that kept skyrocketing my cell phone bill) from signing under 2 year contracts, After three months of researching prepaid (mobile virtual network operators), I made the switch to this. www.lyfewin.com $49/month unlimited 4g reliable voice, text, data (t-mobile mvno). contact if you any have questions. www.lyfewin.com

I left T-Mo in jan 2010 for Verizon. Their network here was a joke in MO/IL, with no reception if you wondered more that few miles away from major highways, and data speeds that were non existent. I paid a hefty fee to break my contract to switch to a month to month plan for better texting rates, and then they tried to stick me with an ETF when I left because they wouldn't replace my sony Erickson that broke with battery issues at the beginning of the 11th month of my 1 year warranty. And I was with T-mo for 6 years and was constantly told I was one of their "valued" customers, until all the problems arised that they wouldn't fix, so I ported my number to Vzw and never looked back.

I live in a market that has WiMax, Verizon LTE, and the HSPA+42 and the HSPA is far and away the fastest and most consistent. I am sure it is much different in other markets so YMMV, but I hate it when people dismiss HSPA as "slow." As far as the Nexus, I think it will be a great phone but I still prefer the storage and battery options I have with the GS3.

Another thing about T Mobile vs ATT is they actually slow down to 3G until you you start to use the internet tubes. This helps save battery and the switch over does cause a split second delay sometimes needing to push the refresh button. But for the most part the switch over is instant.

I went from a stock Galaxy nexus on Sprint to a stock Galaxy nexus on Tmobile pre paid and all I can say is the battery lasts much longer. My wife has my Sprint Gnex and she needs two batteries to get through the day.

Another advantage to using gsm is if that the signal is weak you may still be able to get edge. Now running cm10 I turn it down to edge in my home cause neither sprint nor T-Mobile can get in there very well on the gnex. Edge works really well though. Now if Samsung built better radios like Motorola this would not be an issue.

Edge is not very good for data, but I want my phone to make calls and it works well for that on edge. Besides in my home I am on WiFi

Used to be a big fan of T-Mobile's connection idling on UMTS until you started data transfer (then switching to HSPA+) because I knew it saved battery. Since going to AT&T and seeing it just idle on HSDPA instead, I've not seen any difference in battery life. It'd be interesting to run some side-by-side battery tests to confirm.

EDGE is definitely usable and indeed it penetrates buildings more consistently. EDGE isn't the end of the world (like 1x on VZW/Sprint) if you still need to get push email etc., just don't try to do a bunch of browsing or downloading on it. 

Long time T-Mobile customer and Verizon. My signal does not idle on UMTS, it is HSPA all the time. Maybe your market was different but in the Boston area I'm getting today 23mb down and 5 up. During the week it is around 16 to 18, T-Mobile has just bumped the speeds in my area again and it is just sick fast, faster than my Verizon LTE. I also have unlimited data, real unlimited data for 30 bucks a month. If you are in a good T-Mobile area you are crazy not to try them. In my area they are currently switching their towers to work on the 1900 radio. Next year they are talking LTE, time will tell but currently I am very happy, no thrilled is the word with T-Mobile.

WoW!!! You guys have given me a lot to think about!

So us T-Mo truly unlimited? Or at a certain point do they slaughter your data speeds to damn near useless.

I am under contract with my line til May, I am seriously considering getting the Galaxy S4 with T-Mo.

I live in New Haven County, specifically Meriden Connecticut, anybody have any idea how T-Mo's network is in the New Haven County area of Connecticut?

Yes it is. Theirs a 2gb plan which is a little cheaper or a 5 gig plan with hotspot for about $5 more than unlimited where they throttle down your speed after 2 or 5 gigs. i just left verizon and got a note 2 with tmobile and have no regrets. With verizon lte i use to get about 12-24mb and with tmobile hspa i get about 8-10mb which is fine for me. Unless you use hotspot alot which will really cost you on verizon you don't need all that speed.

You choose whether to be throttled to 2G at 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, or never (truly unlimited). Different price for each level, and 5GB/10GB plans include tethering.

Ive personally never had a issue with 4g coverage or handoffs on my verizon S3 in Phoenix, to each their own I guess

As a long time T mobile user. I'm just glad the Nexus 4 is getting the "good" HSPA+ 42 radio. It's about time this spec caught up with the rest of the Android world.

Uhhh... Didn't the T-Mobile chick say in her latest commercial "3-4 Jersey Shore"? I don't even see cape May where she passed on her motorcycle. Should've known... Leave it to a hot brunette to lie about visual appearances.

I went and bought a used tmo nexus s and am using it along side my sprint galaxy nexus. Tmo 3g bitch slaps sprints 3g in every way. I wouldn't know how sprint LTE is since we don't have it here in Cleveland and who knows when we will get it. I can't wait to say goodbye to CDMA networks for good.

If T-Mo had better coverage where I live now, I'd still be with them and probably be getting the N4. At best, I barely got 2g and crappy voice service.

I'm excited, got my prepaid sim card a week ago in anticipation for an unlocked Nexus 4 in Vegas. It is really weird how Sprint LTE is not planned for Las Vegas when CES is around the corner. Doesn't matter though, contract ends in December and I will not upgrade unless they got this "network busy" and 400 kbps peak wimax peak time figured out.

Pretty much only 4 cities in Indiana, and Bloomington gets it... Sounds like a sweet victory for me.

I'm picking up a Galaxy Note II on eBay and will go with a T-Mobile Straight Talk Sim, although the price of the Nexus 4 is appealing.