Android Christmas

The gift-giving season is winding down to a close, and we're all enjoying the time with our loved ones, warm holiday comfort foods, and maybe some cool Android goodies.  Did you get a new Android phone?  Or a tablet?  Maybe you got a Google TV unit of some sort or another, or your stocking was full of accessories.  Sound off and share with us (we're like your extended Android family) to let everyone know what great stuff you got this year. 


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What Android gifts did you receive this year?


I'm receiving an EVO 3D tomorrow. :)

Really excited to get something powerful after two years with my Hero. I'll miss this trooper of a phone, but I'm sure I'll be too distracted with all of the apps and games I will finally be able to run to notice. :D

I love my Evo 3D. The gameloft stereoscopic games are amazing.And at they have some stereoscopic games Sims3 Monopoly and NFS Shift. Pretty much the only phone i want to own in till a bigger screen 3d phone comes out

Xoom 4G and let me say this the, 4G service from Verizon compared to what I get from Sprint is absolutely awesome. On the other hand the unlimited data on my phone I get from Sprint is much better than any plan Verizon offers. Really want the Galaxy Nexus but I don't want to pay to break my contract and I don't want to worry about data. On the Tablet it is perfectly fine for me, but I use my phone all the time.

I've got all the Android goodies I need for now. But I gave my girlfriend a Logitech Revue so now we each have one. Oh and I got her a Kindle Fire as well. So now she's got the full Android ensemble of phone, tablet (kinda), and Google TV.

Got a Kindle Fire but will be returning for a samsung 10.1 tomorrow! Or an Asus slide, cant figure which one I want yet.

My Android-esque gifts were rather mundane. I received an OEM car mount for my EVO 4G and a bluetooth OBDII reader. Doesn't sound amazing at first until you get Torque from the android market place.

Spent most of the morning checking out my 0-60, 1/4 mile and peak torque/hp. All in all it was very very nice.

There is a standard battery that comes with an external dock/charger with a split-Y micro USB plug. It is available from verzon and is made by samsung. Itallows you to dock the phone and charge it and the scond battery at the same time. $39.99 plus my old Merit discount of 25%. Battery has NFC in it too.

I received nothing. As if I deserved anything. But if I were to wish for a gift. Is to have someone to spend it with next year. Merry Christmas ya all.

I received my galaxy tab 10.1 in the mail last week. I am so happy! If you are debating getting a tablet, don't wait any longer! This thing is awesome sauce!

Ugh, nothing but this time of year is somewhat boring since we are in the middle of the year when it comes to a lot of big announcements and releases of tablets and phones. I want to see the next gen of Samsung and HTC tablets and phones.

Got the Transformer Prime for Christmas. Almost didn't get it. My wife and I were waiting Christmas Eve for 3 hours at UPS for them to look for it, otherwise it would have been delivered Tuesday. Those guys just leave the tickets and barely ever ring.

Turned out excellent, though. And I'm loving my Transformer Prime!


Prime on 12/27 and dock on 01/07/12, 4 Epic 4G Touches (thank you Amazon and Sprint upgrade) 1 iPhone 4S (doesn't qualify as android) and an Angry Bird keychain/backpack clip!

I bought a Galaxy Nexus for myself, Transformer Prime for my girlfriend, a Thrive for my son, and several Bugdroid mini-figures.

Galaxy Nexus, Clothes and Gift Cards. :U Brother gave me his line upgrade parents got me the Nexus.

I bought my 8 year old twins each a samsung galaxy player 4.0. I figured this would be the easiest for me since both kids are familiar with the android operating system. Plus, i was able to link up my google music account to each device. They love them so far!

The newest Android in our family is the Kyocera Milano (from Sprint) that our son bought his mom (my wife). She has resisted a smartphone forever, and finally wants to make a step up. This slider phone will be perfect for someone just learning to text and use the web on a phone.

Wife got me the galaxy player 5"! Thrilled! Some people may ask why need it if you have an android phone but where i work cell phones are not allowed so its perfect! Santa :-P got my daughter the kindle fire so i have some rooting to do! Merry Christmas all!

I received a Kindle Fire. I then bought myself a Galaxy Player 5 which is much less cumbersome when reading in bed. Although, it lags quite a bit when attempting to play even simple games like Random Mahjong (which works well on the Fire and looks even better) or Chuzzle, but I bought it primarily as a reader and for quick browing. Quite happy with both.
Have a very Happy New Year, everybody!

Wife got me a Galaxy Nexus on launch day as well as the charger/battery combo and a Seidio case/holster combo

I got my Galaxy Nexus as an early gift when it came out and my wife got me a t-shirt that has an android eating an apple!

I didn't get any new android toys, still rollin' with the launch day G1, waiting for the GNex to hit t-mobile(fingers crossed). I did however buy the gf a galaxy tab 7, because I needed to get her initiated into the android family.

My wife got me the Galaxy Nexus. I got her Galaxy Tab 10.1. Im also going to get the Transformer Prime when I can get my hands on one.

Snagged a Sony Google TV Blu-Ray and entire Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray. Forced the kids to sit through Episode IV "A New Hope", the true first episode. All I heard was "is this the one with Yoda? I want to watch the one with Yoda...". Sigh....

I didn't get anything, but I used my upgrade and got my wife the Razr plus lapdock 100. I would've used the upgrade on myself, but I have the Thunderbolt and she still had the Droid X plus her line can be upgraded in April. We also gave her X to our 3 year old so he can play zoodles (over wifi of course) and angry birds.

I gave my Epic 4G to my wife and got me a nused Nexus S 4G from E-Bay! I'm all kindsa full on Ice Cream Sammich!

Nothing too tech related, some clothes, a giant lego figure dynamo flashlight, a tool chest and some tools, for my soon to be myself mechanic

Possibly a GN in the upcomming days. Was also hoping for a Tablet (assumed the G Tab 10.1 but no joy. Can not complain though. The family got what they wanted this year and are very happy with everything. Hope you all had a very good and safe holiday.

Gave my girlfriend the gift of Android this year for Christmas with a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. She loves it and I love I no longer have to share my Tab 10.1 ;-)

Very merry Christmas indeed!

I got a sweet screen protector for my skyrocket from my girlfriend. Its removable and washable. Never knew such a thing existed. I was pleasantly surprised. Its much easier to slide my finger across the screen.

Logitech Revue, although Logitech's servers are being hammered so heavily that I can't get it activated. D'oh. But I expected that and am okay with it. Looking forward to hopefully getting it activated tomorrow!!


I don't know if this can be considered an "android gift," but I received a pair of V-Moda Crossfades and am currently rocking out to Pandora on my Bionic, pure bliss :)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0+ Love it!
Galaxy Nexus--Jury still out. Love the phone and ICS but people are telling me when they call my phone it goes straight to voicemail. Only much later do I even get a missed call notification. Taking it back in tomorrow to see what they can do.

I got an Acer Iconia Tab A500 and my daughter got a Nook Color, talk about a bucket full of awesome! After using my iconia tab all day, my HD2 with CM7 feels tiny, Lol.

i got myself the prime, then we snagged two transformers for the little sisters, then both my parents got in on the last touchpad fire sale and got both of them running cm7 betas, it's been a very Android Christmas over here lol

Since I'm away from my family, I got myself the unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus. This is a first for me as I unlocked the bootloader and rooted it on the first day. Let me just say "WOW!", what a difference! I don't need custom ROMs yet, but Titanium backup, Cache mate, set cpu, need I say more?
I'm new at this so if you guys have suggestions on what else I can do or apps that require root ,please let me know. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

I just got an Asus see pad transformer for Christmas. It's pretty sweet and I had no idea I was getting it.

I received an Itunes gift card from my grandmother she knows I'm a techy person and thought I would just love it. I didn't have the heart to tell her I would rather light myself on fire before I ever used Itunes. Instead I gave it to my to my clueless cousin, she's an artist a beresta if you will.

Bought my wife a SONOS Play:5 wireless audio player and she downloaded the android app to her 3D and Acer tab. Sounds awesome! As good as any Bose speaker system! Well worth the $400 spent, she loves it!

As good?? Hell, I'd go as far as saying the depth and clarity of the Sonos system far surpasses any Bose product I've used. The Android compatibility is just icing on the cake. Good choice!

I got a Droid RAZR and a Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet. Handwritten notes on a tablet! Exactly what I've been waiting for!

I treated myself to a Galaxy Note and 64 GB sd card. Lads at the ghost wrap booth were googly eyed looking at it.

I got nothing. I got my old folks an Epic Touch. They are set up for voice search now and are completely amazed. Now they can look up all the pills they take! *win* no more lame calls while I'm drinking asking me what the fuck they are on!

The only Android present i had was my GF saying she HATES her IPHONE 4, that she can't do anything special with it and that she wants an Android as she loves my evo 3d.. so i gave her a HTC Rhyme, an android keychain and a gingerbread cookie :) now she says she has done more with her rhyme in a day than with her iphone4 in a whole year.. so, yeah.. WIIIN!

None, but my mum's probably getting me a Galaxy Nexus several weeks later (as a belated Christmas present). It's great to be a teenager ;)

My girlfriend and I added a logitech revue bundle with the cam and a Motorola lapdock 500 pro for my Sprint MoPho to our extensive Android collection. Unfortunately the lapdock doesn't arrive until Tuesday :*(***

I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 lte. Now I'm impatiently waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note to come out, so I can upgrade from my Atrix.

Got the HTC Rezound. Love it. Best camera I've ever used on a phone. Lots of nice features that eliminate the need for 3rd party apps. Great speed and reliability too. Coming off HTC Incredible.

I didn't get anything for xmas. However, I did just buy the epic touch in September and transformer in August. I am still happy with them. Just wish I would hv gotten some love on xmas.

I know it's kind of old, but I just got the ASUS eee pad transformer. It's my first tablet. I'm new to that game. Been an android fan for almost 3 yrs. If anyone could give me some advice on some great apps for this tablet I would truly appreciate the help.
Thank you my fellow Android fanatics.
And Happy Holidays

I bought the family a 46in Sony Google Tv, and my best friend bought me a Kindle Fire, I'm pretty stoked about both.

my brother got the fire and he loves it. He has already sideloaded all of his textbooks onto it. So its safe to say hes ready for school to start again lol

A Galaxy Note arrived on Christmas Eve!!! Have not had enough time with it yet due to Children's Christmas and family visits but today I plan to spend some time with my new favorite toy!

Galaxy 10.1 WiFi, a Samsung 46" LED TV (which coupled with the Tab remote control app and Allshare is AWESOME) and a Galaxy S desktop dock for my Captivate in which I flashed ICS on it on Thursday.

All in was a great Android Christmas!

I got myself Galaxy Nexus on launch day (Dec.15th) My sister the Rezound,shes not into the techy stuff just aslong as its 4G all that matters to her

i got google tv for christmas. Its so awesome, im using it to type this comment. It was a bit hard to set up at first, but i just let it sit for a while unplugged and it worked when i set it up the second time. But still, its really awesome and i really think everyone in the world should have this thing, it is awesome. Merry X-MAS

I was surprised with a 16GB WiFi Galaxy Tab 8.9! I am still floored and this little thing is AWESOME! I like the feel of it much better than my wife's iPad2, and it has a beautiful display! Its very responsive and snappy so far. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of the folks that head up and participate here at Android Central.

I actually got a pandigital 9" ereader/tablet. It has been rooted and flashed to work as a full ereader and tablet already. Pretty satisfied with it :-D

Needed another gadget like the proverbial hole in the head. My credit card could not resist the beautiful screen, and LTE speeds, so out of the wallet it sprinted to purchase a Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Fantastic device so far, screen is super sharp, and regularly obtaining 16 to 20 Mbs in most sections of Boston.

As proof I am definitely a gadget addict who needs a serious New Year's resolution, also purchased an unlocked Galaxy Note. AT&T SIM from iPhone (with adapter) works great in Note. Like the Nexus, it has an excellent screen, an even faster processor, and of course, the digital pen. I am a fan of the larger screen devices, and both the Nexus, and Note are fantastic. Even though the Note has Gingerbread, it is still a joy to use. Samsung has announced they will upgrade the Note to ICS, of course Samsung is not known for the timeliness of their updates. Since one of my New Year's resolutions is to have some semblance of financial restraint next year in my gadget purchases, I figured I would go out with a bang this year purchasing two of the latest, largest screen devices. Of course, I made a similar resolution last New Year's. At least only one of my toys was a new contract. As I have indicated before, I am proof that the statement "The only difference between a man, and a boy is the price of his toys" is definitely true.

My kids each got an Archos 80 G9 Turbo from Santa. I'm very impressed with this value-oriented tablet. My Galaxy Tab 10.1" has a higher build quality (e.g. a metal body), but for less than half the price I am very pleased with what Archos has accomplished.

The Archos 80 G9 Turbo has a dual core 1.5 GHz OMAP processor, 1 Gigabyte of RAM and 16 Gigabytes of storage. It is running Honeycomb version 3.2 right now, and Archos has committed to upgrading it to Ice Cream Sandwich sometime in 1Q 2012.

I just made the whole family android lovers this Christmas. My wife and I already have Asus Transformers . I got the Lenovo K1 (11 Years Old) for my middle son and an Acer A100 for my little one (8 Years Old). We also picked up a second Logitech Revue for the bedroom. And the Verizon Galaxy Nexus was the gift to myself for Christmas. My kids haven't even opened the PS3 & Wii games we purchased for them. The are stuck on the tablets.

I got a galaxy player 5.0...i Love it! Perfect gift since I already have two Honeycomb tablets :) Moto Xoom and Iconia tab 7 inch.

I got a galaxy nexus so now i'm giving my bionic to my mom. i loved my bionic but after a couple of hours i learned to love the nexus too.

I got a kindle fire, and so far it's been great! I'm sure I will end up tweaking it after a while, but so far I'm loving it!

Someone managed to get me a TF Prime (who am I kidding, I was the one who found it in stock at Newegg on Dec 22nd and had it shipped overnight)! Its friggin' sweet.