Too much

We were pretty sure that kicking off a weekly photo contest would be well received, but we had no idea it would be this well received.  Combine our level of awesome with your level of awesome, and I'm buried under a mountain of hundreds of beautiful pictures to sort through.  So many that I'm going to need an extra day to give them all the attention they deserve.

The new cutoff time is Midnight PST tonight.  That gives you guys about six more hours to get those pictures of sunrises and or sunsets into our inbox.  I'll still be announcing the winner Sunday, and we'll have a gallery of the 10 best for everyone to enjoy (and you will, I promise).  Monday, we'll do it all over again.  You guys rock!

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At least comment on some, if not mine. LOL!

Denenatse says:

thanks for the update!

dacp283 says:

Glad I got mine in for ya soon. If nothing else so you could appreciate it.

xeroslash says:

Wow. I was waiting for the light rain tomorrow hoping for a kick ass sunset. This is no bueno, AC. ;_;

NickAVV says:

I'm excited to see the results! (And see if I'm included in them, of course)

h-cubed says:

Got mine in! :-)

bsinc1962 says:

I'm waiting for the dog riding an elephant while juggling theme. Then I have a shot at top ten.

paparaji says:

cant wait to see other people's work. love it...

jean15paul says:

The original post said Monday through Friday. Isn't shutting it down on Wednesday night 2 days early? I'm just saying...

cnrhernandez says:

Sorry to see that you guys didn't partake in the protest of the internet like our buddies who we have to thank for Android ( GOOGLE )