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p4trickh#IM says:

Woo hoo!

jerryinCT says:

If your your current subscriber contract with Verizon is over 2 years old, you get an additional $50 credit, netting down to $150.

bryanjfaber says:

Wow the beginning of AC!...now that the evo is being released n froyo i wonder if they ever could,ve predicted the green droids evolution

newboyx says:

Stop one of my journey to get a history lesson on android. It is amazing how far we have come.

Here is a great iPhone 4S review. lol you will enjoy it.

keith2k1 says:

I just wanted to post here.

joshua.worth says:


Wow it has been that long? The years really go by.

return_0 says:

This post is part of history.

The features are simply marvellous.

jean15paul says:

Couldn't resist posting here.

mlctulsa says:

I want one.

Wicell says:

Look how far things have gone!

Jonneh says:

Wait, wait, I want to leave my mark on this historical post as well!