T-Mobile G1

Some of us hold on to them, some of us go through them like candy

No, I'm not still using a T-Mobile G1. Even I couldn't go back that far on the Android timeline — I need at least Gingerbread.

This week we're curious about the Android phone you're using. Not what brand and model, or which carrier you're using, but how long you have had it. We almost have to switch our phones every six months around these parts, because we have no business writing about phones that we've not used. One of us will always have the latest handset from the top OEMs in our pocket.

That doesn't mean we feel we need to switch. Phil and I really like the Moto X, which is already six months old. Andrew would be happy with his Nexus 4, I think. Alex told me the HTC One is a phone he could still use as a daily driver. These phones still work well, and do what we ask of them with few issues. Don't think we don't love using the new gear from HTC or Samsung or LG or the rest, because we do. But we could be fine with any of the phones I just talked about.

We know we're not alone, and that some of you are hanging on to a phone you love, while some have fallen in love with the one you just bought. You know the drill. There's a poll in the sidebar to the right, and you can also find it after the break. Answer the question, then jump in the comments to discuss.

Me? I'm partial to my Moto X, but for now I'm using the Sony Z Ultra GPe for a bit, so my answer is less than six months. Tell us yours.


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This week's sidebar poll: How long have you had your Android?


You could say so, Sprint had a trouble sending out a update and every so often an update comes up, an error comes in the bootloader when relaunching so it reverts back to its previous firmware. Apparently a problem with different radiobands on the phones.

I tried going to a sprint store to have them look at it, but they just insisted on upselling me a phone than fixing a problem THEY caused.

God, what a consumerist economy we live in. Doesn't windows still provide support for XP 15 years later? Not even 2 years later, my phone is functionally useless, dare I say sabotage?

it's a nexus you're doing yourself a great disservice by not modding the hell out of it. my nexus is running beautifully on paranoid androids 4.4 beta at the moment. if you don't want to get into the nitty gritty just look up Wugfresh one click root.

Thanks for posting this. After the whole Samsung 4.3 update killed my battery life to under 10 hours, I decided to root with ClockWorkMod and installed Cyanogenmod 11. My Note 2 is now averaging 24 hour battery life with medium usage. Modding is the way to go, I just bought this phone 1 year ago.

Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7105

Sprint has trouble with just about everything though. I cant say Im surprised. Ever think about just rooting your phone and running Cyanogenmod? If you run a release build you shouldn't run into any problems.

I suggest diving into rooting and roms...as long as your device is relatively popular, you should be good for a while

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I've got the same phone and have been running CM since I got it less than a month after its release. Had pretty much every iteration of Android long before Sprint pushed an update, and am on Kit Kat currently. It'll more than likely get the next Android version too.

I still use my Droid 1 on wifi and keep it as a music player and alarm clock because it is the loudest phone I have ever owned with its stock speaker. Now I use a sg3 because Asurion gave it to me as a replacement for my GNex insurance when the antenna stopped working and is now eol.

I think I'm the reason why you see a 2.8% Froyo user in the Android OS charts. Because my D1 is still active in the play store.

Current Note 3 less than 6 months but I have a collection going back to a droid pro and OG fascinate.

You and I are in the same boat. I still have my fascinate, got a collection in between, and ended up with my Note 3. That is on a personal level.

On a professional level, I have at least one new phone a month. Except for Sony, and that kinda disappoints me.

Wow still rocking the original Evo? Is it on gingerbread? Still have Wimax?

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Longer than two years 35.9% (163 votes)
time to get a new phone Folks!
love my MOTOX
caugh caugh lenovo??

If lenovo let Motorola do their thing, we can see great things in the future. Moto x forever.

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Technically i've been using a Moto X for the past few months, but i recently sold my black verizon model and picked up a Developer edition. So this one in my hand? 13 days.

But i've had my Droid 1 since launch and use it as an mp3 player. so that one i've had for years.

i <3 android.

I also have Nexus 4 since end of February 2013, so technically less than a year. And I could not be happier! It is a wonderful phone, work fast and reliable, has the newest OS, and I have no intention of changing it for N5. Even if official support ends soon I can still sideload newer version of Android, and the phone will be fully capable of smoothly running at least the next couple of releases.

I've had my current Android phone since October, but I still have my old HTC Hero from way back in '09 sitting in a drawer. It runs some old version of CM and my son used to play games on it.

I am on my fifth since January 2011.

EVO Shift, Nexus S, EVO LTE, Galaxy S3, Nexus 5.

I plan on keeping the Nexus 5 for two years but we'll see. It kind of depends on what happens with the Nexus program and what is available :)

The Nexus 5 is the first Android phone that hasn't stuttered while flipping through menus and homescreens nor does it feel bloated at all. As long as it remains fluid I will probably keep using it.

I may update my 2013 Nexus 7 to a Nexus 8 if that rumor pans out.

Currently, a HTC One, but I still have my HTC Hero lying around the house.

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I've had my HTC Sensation since ~2011... I plan on getting the new HTC M8 when its released. My Sensation's still in good shape. Ive only had to replace the battery. Its running a CM11 ROM and its pretty damn smooth.

ha, I'm in the same situation, these ROMs really extend the Sentation's life. But I'm planning to go Nexus.

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I've had my HTC Vivid a little longer than 18 months. Nexus 5 scheduled to arrive on Monday though. My satisfaction with the performance has taken a big hit since I got my N7 2013 a few months ago. I use my phone too much for it to annoy me by sitting there thinking about doing something.

Bought a Red Nexus 5 a couple days ago.

Because red.

Honestly I'll probably get an iPhone 6, so were talking about an 8 month lifespan.

I started with a LG Optimus V from virgin mobile. Then went to Galaxy S with tmobile, then went to a htc Mytouch, Then went with a HTC Rezound, then went to a Galaxy 3, then went to a Galaxy 4 and then a droid Maxx and now currently on a galaxy note 3

Every couple of weeks I pick up my OG Droid and tell it I love it. Does that count?

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

I've had my HTC EVO 4G LTE for about 19.5 months now, and I'm looking to upgrade both my phone and my network (I really need to leave CDMA behind). That Moto X looks delicious, but I really should wait till HTC releases their flagship before I make my final decision.

I'm in the same boat with you. I've had the EVO since June '12 and I'm currently up for an upgrade. I'm definitely waiting for the M8.

Since January 2013 I have had the Galaxy S3 and then it was the S4, I was then curious about the Mega so purchased that and then I chased the Note 3 and purchased, then the Nexus 5 came along and got that aswel. So my life span on a phone is very short indeed, that said I'm now broke and will have to settle for my current two the Note 3 & Nexus 5 but that is no bad thing.

I will await 2015 and see what that brings.

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I probably won't upgrade for few year years. My HTC One is perfect for me so I see little reason to move on. Unless it just dies on me..

Posted via HTC One on Sprint

I had the original T-Mobile G1 despite my Canadian residency, then I had the HTC Magic 32A on Rogers. I believe these were the two first Android Phones. I still have the Magic but unloaded the G1. I also have an HTC One X, Galaxy Note 2, and Moto G for traveling. I don't get rid of my devices, typically. Android for life!

I just got my galaxy s4 but will be switching to s5 when it comes out can't wait it's hard keeping a phone for a long time these days

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Kept changing them, because I could. But right now, my LG G2's battery lasts almost 2 days with moderate use, and I'm pretty sure I won't be replacing it any time soon, except if a giant batteried Nexus comes up :) (giant batteried phablets are just too big for one hand use, before you say anything about GNote 3' battery life)

I've had my Nexus 5 since launch - but I also still have an HTC Magic, Nexus One, HTC Sensation and Nexus 4. Only sim cards in 3 of them though - still love my Nexus One.

I miss having swappable batteries and SD card slots.

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I've had my Galaxy S4 for 4 months. It is heavily modified running the hyperdrive ROM rls14. Seeing as how my phone is an mj7 base it had tree be safestrap. Now the rom is on the stock slot to take advantage of the whole phones storage. If I were able id run aosp ROM or CM. But hyperdrive is the only reason I have not sold the phone and bought the moto x. I hate touchwhiz so much. Just because it looks like s***.

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I change very often, recently moved from Note 3/Gear to Z1/Smartwatch2... Already waiting for GS5/Xperia Z2

HTC one X, Fonepad and kobo arc. Previous was symbian and windows mobile and wp. Now a Z10.first touch keyboard I like.

Nexus 5 for about 2 months, love it. I would also like to try the Moto X, customization looks really cool

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Started with the LG Optimus M from MetroPCS. Switched to TMobile and went HTC Wildfire, Sensation 4g, and finally the One. Still running my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 though!

N4 is my in - pocket phone for another 8 months or so. The pace of change of this particular field of tech has slowed enough that I'm fine hanging on to my phone for awhile longer and not feel like I'm missing all that hugely much.

(And keep an old Optimus V around on WiFi only as a bedtime audio book player and as a standby anytime my N4 needs a little extra quality time with the charger.)

People could've live a little bit more sustainable... environmentally conscious...and have all their gadgets at least 2 years or even more.

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I could not possibly care less. In fact, this post makes me want to go out and replace my only 2-month old perfectly working Moto X with another Moto X just for the hell of it.

April 2009 I got the G1 and haven't stopped. May 2010 I signed up for this site. Currently using a black nexus 5 and couldn't be happier. Android FTW.

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I've had a new Android phone every year starting from the s2 as my 1st Android device. Even before I've always had a new phone each year This year will probably (99% sure) be the 1st time I skip as the s4 for me has been very good and with kk there's no real need for a new device.

Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4

I wish I didn't have the phone I do (LG Optimus V for about 3 years). It's the only smartphone I've ever had... Saving up for a Moto G. College makes it hard to upgrade very often. :-/

Going on 15 months now with my Note 2 (still on 4.1.1, rooted and froze OTA updater to stay that way!) and still a very happy camper. Works like a champ! Content to wait for the Note 4. :)

I'm still rocking my Galaxy Nexus with CyanogenMOD 11 Nightly and my 2012 Nexus 7 Wifi+Cellular which was sent twice back to ASUS for warranty repair and has essentially been rebuilt with a new battery/motherboard. And I'm still rocking my 32GB HP TouchPad with CyanogenMOD 10.1 which was technically my first "Android" device.

Ive has my motomaker since Verizon got it... Still have my gnex and my r2d2 droid 2 in my house... Someone stole my old HTC hero and I sold my DNA... Oh and my xperia play is lying around somewhere... So I've had 7 android phones since 09... I guess I love as Google lol... But I work for Verizon so I get to change my phone every year... And keep my unlimited data, sorry to gloat about it :)

just upgraded to a nexus 5 from my S3 and with this phone im planning on holding on it it for 2- 3 years. will keep it on sprint until my contract is up and then will probably take it over to t-mobile. i have to say that since i got this phone its actually make the sprint network usable not lte usable but usable.

I've had this Xperia Z1s for about 6 days now...
It replaced my xperia Z that i had for 6 months (upgraded)

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Should do a survey to see how long people have been using android.

And another one to see what people are using.

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I find it interesting that (as of the time of this comment) over 1/4 of the responses claim to have had their phone for over two years. Yet the rest of the groupings show a gradual decline with the age of a phone. It appears that their may be two groupings here: 1. Those who renew every two years via contract or those who happen to like the latest gear regardless of cost and 2. Those who aren't in a rush to upgrade and are potentially more budget conscious about buying a new phone.

Currently on a DROID MAXX since day 1 upgraded from my aged Droid Bionic after having it for 2 years. It was a great phone for its time. Now lets see how long this Droid Maxx can hold up for.

Got my Moto X at the end of August, so it's JUST under 6 months.
Phones don't last more than 2 years for me, I tend to break them accidentally. Broken keyboard on my old Nokia, then cracked screen on Sony Xperia Mini Pro. I don't like cases. But 2 years is a good lifespan.

I have been using my current phone, the Verizon Galaxy S III, for the last year and 7 months. It's still the best phone I have ever owned. As long as this phone gets KitKat, I will continue to use this phone until I am forced to get a new phone. My 1st love, the OG Droid Incredible, I owned for well over 2 years. So I don't jump into phones prematurely.

Was a day 1 user of the T-Mobile G1 and that's what hooked me on Android from the get go. Tried switching to Windows Phone but that luckily didn't last too long.

Well, considering my Android device is a Nexus 5, my plan is to keep it for a couple of years, and will likely keep it even if I replace it with a newer Nexus. Please let's hope those rumors aren't true!

My N4 wish I had was the longest I kept a device in 6years. Hope I don't keep my N5 as long though.

My first Android phone was a LG Viper. It was rooted and ran circles around other phones. It didn't have fancy bells and whistles. But it was awesome.

Barely over a month, but that's because I now have the Note 3 as opposed to the GS II that was in my possession before. I had that one for over a year.

January 09. I abandoned my blackberry curve 8320 for the G1. I don't regret making the switch at all. I went from the G1 to the T-Mobile G2, from there to the Galaxy Nexus, and currently the Nexus 5.

Posted from my Nexus 5

Starting from 2010: Evo 4G (1yr +), Nexus S (2 weeks), Photon (4 mos), GNex (10 mos), GS3 (1 yr +) and Moto X for 3 months. This is the only time that I have no problems with phone's performance or battery (w/o extra work on it) so no intentions to upgrade until it dies or I switch the carrier.
Only with kitkat or 2013 flagship devices, I can finally be comfortable recommending Android to iPhone users :) it was a long way indeed

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VZW Moto X

Yeah. Android has gotten so Good I don't even have my Note 3 rooted. Just Action Launcher Pro and a couple shutters/Covers.

I kept my Gnex for 2 years. But now I'm rocking the G2 which I got less than a month ago.

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Still use my fascinate as a smart alarm clock and remote Control. Best dock ever.

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File me under the "like candy" crowd. I drive my wife nuts but in the last 1.5 years I've had an iPhone 4S, Nokia Lumia 920, Nexus 4, HTC 8X, and Moto X. Right now I'm using the 8X like an iPod Touch and the Moto X is my daily driver.

Thank God for eBay. ;)

If I could get away with it I'd probably have a Nokia Lumia 925 or 1020 since I sold the 920 sometime ago. I might spend some time on the couch if I where to pickup one of those...

Let's see 5 months, 9 months, 3 months, 3 months, current phone 3 months... Gonna wait for the next Nexus seeing as the Nexus 5 suits my needs... For now.

I just got a moto x for Christmas from my lovely wife, but only was only looking because my HTC Rezound started acting up. It gave up the ghost a few days after the X showed up, go figure

Posted via Android Central best phone available: moto x

Been using the Nexus 4 since January of 2013. No real complaints yet, sure battery and camera could be better but I'll probably go for a new phone in the spring.

Got my Galaxy S3 last year July. Definitely updating to the Samsung Galaxy S7 in 2016. God spear.

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Three days... After having every iPhone but one I switched to a Moto X because I'm just tired of the iPhone and I want to customize my phone and I can't hold my breath for any longer.

I've had too many phones to remember but in the last year I've had a Note 2, then a Sony Xperia Z, then an HTC One, and now a Droid Maxx.

The Note 2 was great but it was a little larger than I was comfortable with. The Sony Xperia Z was a fingerprint magnet and since I am OCD we didn't go well together. My blue HTC One was a magnificent phone in every way possible but I dropped it and shattered the screen. :(

Got my Note 3 on Thanksgiving! It was Android #3. Had Droid X then Vzw Galaxy Nexus. The X was pretty sweet. Nexus was OK, but Battery was ATROCIOUS! Note 3 is probably the best phone on the market right now, total package. I CANNOT drain the battery in a day of Heavy use, no matter how hard I try (Minus LOTS of games)

But I like a large screen, so I could see it as a downside to some.

I've had mine for about three months now. I tend to keep mine for about a year, on average, and then I sell the old one on Craigslist to offset the cost of the new one. I don't really care to keep old devices around just for the sake of keeping a collection going... although it would be kind of cool to still have my old Nexus One around.

Nexus One is the longest I used a phone since getting rid of the trakfone. It was approaching 2 years and just sadly sold my N1 a couple months ago because I had to many phones around and help fund new purchases.

T-mobile G1 the day it came out, Google Ion (htc magic/mytouch 3g), htc hero, Nexus One, Htc Evo 4g, Epic 4g, Galaxy s2, galaxy s3, droid dna, htc one

I've been with Android since either Eclair or Froyo? My first Android phone was the original HTC EVO 4g ( kind of miss TBH). My second phone was naturally the EVO LTE. I recently upgraded to the LG G2 a few weeks ago, but held on to my EVO LTE and also just installed the latest official update, which still hasn't officially rolled out yet (HTC will send you the update if you email them for).

Galaxy S for 21 months
Galaxy S3 for 20 months now

... Waiting for S5 unless another OEM can sway me

Posted by my Nexus 7 (2013) or my i9300 (custom rom)

optimus v from vm........ phone was trerrible......... then had a keyocera slider android. i forgot the name...... then i woke up and got a note 2....... i have had it for a year....... waiting on the s5 to come out.

I've been with Android since the G1. Moved up to the Nexus One, then the HTC Amaze, to the Galaxy Nexus. I then gave up on the poor picture quality of Android devices and went with the iPhone 5 but found my way back and now have a Nexus 5. I miss my great picture quality of the iPhone and I'm hoping the successor the Sony Z1 will be something worth purchasing.

I had Android since day one release of the G1.. And haven't left. I remember installing my first custom rom by JesusFreke. It was a donut rom of course.

My current daily driver is my HTC One Max.. I also have a Note 3, HTC One and S3 also have a few android tablets like the Nexus 10 and Galaxy Tab 3 which I got for free with my Max

All my devices I had since their release day but I just got my HTC One Max and Tab 3 a week ago

Had my current phone for 5 months but still have my Infuse from 2 and 1/2 years ago. I keep it as a back up and still like the camera on it. Takes nice pictures. I bluetooth them to my Note 3 for editing. Do use Note's camera too. Love the animated photo option

Posted via Android Central App

2 months on my Moto X, I got the Cyber Monday special. Its been a great phone overall. Battery life is what really wins me over.

Posted via Android Central App

Currently using a Galaxy Nexus on Sprint, and may keep it for awhile longer. Waiting to see if there'll be a Moto X2 or some similar product. Came from a Samsung Moment (my first Android phone), which I still have somewhere, along with a few ROMs sitting on my hard drive. Might load it up one day just to "relive the past" (read: see how slow and clunky it was).

My unlocked Gnote1 international is 2+ years, and just now starting to show its age. Still on 4.1.2 because it is
ROCK stable. Saw specs on LG G Pro 2...looks promising...No hurry for me, I still use my device mostly as a phone, email, camera.

I purchased my Galaxy Note 3 back in October, but I still have my original Motorola Droid, which was my first Android phone. While it's not an Android phone, I found my LG Chocolate (VX8550) last week.

I have had my Sony z1s for a day. It's a replacement. The z1s just came out and already it has problems. There is a really bad problem with the touch screen as sometimes it just stops registering touch input and you also sometimes can't drag an app to another home screen or can't use swype functions on the keyboard. I've put a heavy days use into it so far and that problem has yet to surface. Only time will tell. They're are a lot of people both on the Sony forums and the tmobile forums complaining about this problem. It affects both the Sony Xperia z1 and the Sony Xperia z1s so stay away from both at least for now. it's a great phone otherwise.

Pretty much a guaranteed that I'll buy the new Nexus every year. Then...I'll stray from the path with other shiny objects like the One last year and the Note 3 this year.

Posted via Android Central App

Note 3 since it came out. Converted from original Droid on Verizon to iPhone 4s and back to my Note. I love the power and functionality of this phone, but am finding the overall size is becoming more bothersome. Considering taking up T-Mobile' offer and getting away from Big Red for a Nexus 5 or S5. Suggestions?

Posted via Android Central App

Moto G for one month, had to change from nexus 4 after i got it stolen, snif snif

Posted via Android Central App

I started with a T-Mobile G1 on Cupcake (yay original pickup!) And I've progressed until my now awesome Note 3 with a collection in between and different carriers. I love updating, but I also like keeping my older phones

Posted via Android Central App

My first smartphone was a worse than mediocre LG, no support or the promised update from Cupcake to Froyo and no stable ROM. Was stuck with it for 2 and a half years because of lack of funds.
At the time I was completely clueless about technology in general but although I hated that phone which broke down on me 3 times it has made me obsessively research technology before I buy.
Finally got the Motorola RAZR i at an amazing price unlocked about May or June last year and am so pleased with it. Intel processor is so nippy and love the battery life. Will keep this one till the end of this year maybe but will see what happens.

Posted via Android Central App on my Motorola XT890 RAZR i

I'm on the HTC One X - about 2 months shy of 2 years. I'll try to keep it going until next winter and go for the next Nexus (5.1 anyone?). Before that I had the Galaxy S for about 18 months and before that the G1 for the same amount of time.

I just got my Moto X in December. But before that I had my HTC Droid Incredible 2 for over two years, and before that the OG Droid for over two years, too. Rootin' and ROMin' kept both of those phones going long after official updates stopped. And I expect the same from my MotoX.

Still rocking a Gnex on Verizon unlimited data, kindly rejuvenated by the good folks at CyanogenMod, contract no more.

Posted via Android Central App

I moved to the Nexus 5 and T-Mobile after having the original Evo 4G on Sprint for a little over 2 1/2 years, and I love this thing and the improved service/data speeds that T-Mobile brings along with it. The only thing I regret was not trying to convince the wife that there was only a 32GB model (we went for the 16GBs as a concession to cost), but I just manage my backups more conservatively than I used to.

I've had my HTC One since July or so. I'm on T-Mobile, so far, I LOVE the phone.
I can see using this phone for 2 years. (I used my old HTC Evo 4G for over 2 years, then upgraded to the EVO 4GLTE which I used for about a year until I realized that Sprint had made a "boo boo" on my contract and I was not under obligation to remain on them. So I bailed on them for T-Mobile. )

Im still using daily a Samsung Galaxy Mini running Froyo.. memory is so limited that I dont dare turn on wifi because google auto updates some android components like play services and I run out of memory and cant receive SMS messages anymore. Battery life still surprisingly good and I recharge about every two to three days.

I tend to change phones every 12 months or so. Picked up the Sony Z1 in October and it has been working just perfectly for my needs. Used to be a hoarder (I still got Galaxy Tab 1 on gingerbread lying around somewhere) but now I tend to sell my old device once I've picked up a new one.

Posted via Android Central App from my Sony Xperia Z1

I remember posted a poll in the forums about this not too long ago. I just thought back to my old handsets, and coincidentally, I had my OG Droid, Thunderbolt and Galaxy Nexus for 17 months each. Now I'm on my second month with my Moto X.

Ive been running Android as my daily driver since the HTC Evo 4G. Ive had the Nexus S 4G, Samsung Galaxy S3 and now Im on the Nexus 5. Also have had the Moto XOOM 10.1, ASUS TF201, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10(which is my current tablet). Electronics are my addiction lol.

I'd probably be still be on a Razr Maxx right now had I not drunkenly lost it last July... Galaxy S4 since then, plan on using this bad boy till he burns out. I've been also known to activate the dusty Droid Pro between phones, sometimes that physical QWERTY gets me nostalgic

I like new devices but after about 2 or 3 month it seems that I have the device setup exactly the way I like it. I keep them for about a year.

I've had my first android less than 4 months, but with the way I'm locked out of the possibility of rooting and modding I don't know if I'll get another

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Been on Android for 4 years. Lately I switch phones every couple months just to try something different. I've had a Nexus 5 for a couple weeks now and I love it.

Posted via Android Central App

I'd be over a year if my N4 hadn't been stolen. But love the N5. Been on Android since the beginning. A G1 on release date

Posted via Android Central App

I'm still rocking my verizon galaxy s3. I had a custom rom on it for awhile but as soon as I got the official 4.3 it was like a completely different phone. I still get roughly 14 or 15+ hours from pretty decent use. I'm just waiting for my stupid contract to end but I still love this phone.
I've been using android since the original mytouch 3G.