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If the new Google Play services app is any indication, Google wants to make it easier for developers to let you buy goods and services inside their app. Imagine this — an app for ShopAndroid that recognized your device, then let you click and buy accessories using Google Wallet. If things can get there (not quite yet, I imagine) it brings a new level of convenience for customers, and a great way for retailers to get you to click without leaving and checking out the competition. But this future-speak is just me thinking out loud. In the meantime, services like Amazon and eBay already allow you to buy almost anything under the sun right from their app.

The question is, do you? I do. I loves me some late-night-I-can't sleep Amazon binges right from my phone or tablet. More than one bird cage (it's a long story, and all Andrew Martonik's fault) has ended up here that way. Tell us all if you like to spend your money right from your phone in the poll below or in the right sidebar on the home page.


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This week's sidebar poll: Do you shop online from your Android?


Like how else can we possibly do otherwise?
By time laptop turns on and does all that starting stuff. I can do one click on Amazon.

Hah, I can't, get windows 8 and an ssd, my laptop starts faster than my nexus 7 w/ cyanogenmod....

Posted via my Nexus 7 (2013) running CM11

Sure do. Plus amazon updates pretty regularly and it's a pleasure to use.

Posted from my caseless GS5. Because I believe in myself.

Always, who has time to sit down at a computer and order things. Let's face it most people order online while they are at "the white house" or "throne"....

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All the time. Mostly Amazon, but from other sites as well. And don't forget, it doesn't have to be a damn app. Online web purchases, too.

Yes, it's convenient. Especially when using eBay as an auction is counting down.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

No, don't shop. But I will occasionally order pizza using the web browser on my tablet (and pay with a credit card not tied to my bank account). :)

Jerry is asking if you're a person that has logged in to Android Central at least once and that lives in this time era.

Yes mainly Amazon, apps are like illustrator Joe mentioned getting vastly better for ease of use and that is a plus for me lol

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I browse and do comparison shopping from my phone, but I save actual purchasing for the computer - I find it easier to review purchase details on the big screen.

Amazon needs to update their app to today's guidelines. It look like Gingerbread UI.

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What makes you say that? It's pretty modern and intuitive, and uses the left-side swipe-in menu. The only vestigial feature I see is the redundant three-dot menu button in the navigation bar.

Surprisingly, I pretty much don't - I prefer to do it on a PC, mainly because it is easier to do a bunch of pre-purchase browsing on a computer. The one exception - concert tickets, lately I have had much greater success nabbing tix via Ticketmaster's app and mobile site rather than the full website. Those are really the only purchases I've made via my phone/tablet though.

I bought coffee from the Amazon app like ten minutes ago.

I probably do banking and bill-paying via my bank (PNC) app more frequently than I do actual shopping, though.

Seems like a weird question to ask, and yet we're at over 22% for No, so... apparently people don't? I'm not sure why not. It's a computer that's on you at all times. While I buy many things on my computer instead, my phone's frequently more convenient just due to its availability.

Maybe they're the peeps still using really old versions of Android.

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NO. I am used to using the 27 inch LCD monitor on my PC so I don't feel good looking around to shop on my small screened phone or tablet. I might use the phone to get apps from the Play store, but not for much else in the way of shopping.

The same reason I never shop on my phone. It may be convenient, but It's a lot easier to see exactly what you're buying on a big display. And the functional multitasking one gets from a keyboard and a mouse makes cross-site comparisons a lot easier.

I shop from my note or my computer, whichever is more convenient at the moment.

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Me too! Late at night, on eBay, buying things from China for pennies with free shipping!

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I use the Amazon, and ASOS apps for shopping all the time, and sometimes Ebay too.

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I do! Had to shut of the One-Click Purchase in Amazon App after pocket buying a few things.

I do everything with my Note 3. Now that my bank has POP money, I never have to write a check again. I like going to stores, seeing something I like, scanning it with the Amazon app, and getting it cheaper 99% of the time. Unless I want instant gratification.

Mostly use amazon to buy stuff from my phone. Although when steam had the summer sale last year I bought so many steam games using the steam app at work and they were already downloaded and ready when I got home.

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I ordered the Galaxy Note 3 using my Galaxy Note 2. I was ordering its own replacement...
It felt like cheating... :(

(or calling a hooker/stripper using girlfriend's or wife's phone)

Amazon, ebay, Pizza Hut and Dominos I believe are the sites I have used. Maybe a few others as well. Very often I will switch to using desktop user agent though because a lot of options and content is missing from mobile sites.

I never install dedicated apps for individual companies though. I hate having all the those apps on my phone.

I like shopping from my mobile.
Thank to Amazon, this week I saved €80 for a pair of Timberland.
Shopping online is col and convenient, and from my phone the experience is still better.

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I answered No, but then I remembered I have purchased some things using my eBay app, so... Yes!

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I can't help it! I get so many deal alerts on my phone, some of the deals are too good to pass up and you know you have to snag them before they sell out. I really have to uninstall the deal apps

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yes, but only when a larger screen is not around. i definitely prefer desktop sites over mobile when i am shopping.

I do use the amazon app but I only wishlist things so I can later use my desktop so I can take advantage of the Amazon Associates click-through and add them to my cart so I give my podcast a few bucks for free.

I browse from my android devices all the time. But for actually completing transactions I usually go to a computer. I don't like keeping that one-click purchasing on in Amazon.

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Sometimes. Only Amazon and that's about 25% of the time.

via my LG Optimus G Pro. Still rocking Jelly Bean(s) like President Ronald Reagan used to :-)

Add another one to the Yes, column.

I really like the Amazon app, I also sometimes order from Dominos, Wingstop, Five Guys, Eat24.. Very convenient!

Yup, from my N5 & N7, and Amazon is my sole retailer. I love their service and convenience and now they offer Sunday delivery in Dallas, I will be doing even more shopping from them.

I review and search products with my phone.

Then buy on PC to get free shipping and free other stuff, I don't see using my phone.

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Too long to boot? Why is it shutdown? And you really need to get an SSD. Windows 7 takes 30 seconds to boot. Windows 8 takes even less. And those 30 seconds are more than made up with improved productivity with a bigger screen and keyboard.

I'm on Amazon all the time, rockin' the Prime free shipping. But I think I've used the app like two times in my whole life. I don't know why.

Wow! I'm sure surprised by how many people use their mobile devices for shopping! I can't even imagine using a tablet for shopping when I can use a 27 inch monitor with multiple tabs and my IBM Model M keyboard and mouse. Especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas where you want the speed and real estate for comparison shopping and looking at specs. But even otherwise, about the only time I use the phone is when I'm neither at home or work.

For me shopping is a hands-on task and ironically I can't see how you can get to grips with sorting through piles of listings and comparing them from a phone.
Using a phone to buy a specific thing that you know exists and x store has it etc is different and makes sense (same as ordering pizza).
Roaming and perusing ebay on a phone however is a futile task so #neveragain.

I just used the Amazon App about 2 weeks ago to make my first online purchase via my phone. Was pretty simple and will probably do it more often now.

If you know what you're buying then purchasing it from your phone is fine but if you have to do your research like I mostly do, then PC/laptop is the BEST way to really do that.