There were some beautiful shots entered last week in our photo contest, and picking just three was hard. We eventually whittled things down a little bit, and it's time to announce the winners. Here they are in no particular order:

Be sure to keep an eye on your email inbox, because we need to know where to send the Spheros that you each won! You can find the full size winning entries after the break.

We're putting the photo contest on hold this week, because we have something pretty big in store instead. Keep your eyes open, we'll have it up and ready very shortly.

aaronbuescher's winning photo

aaronbuescher's winning photo

evoANDY's winning photo

evoANDY's winning photo

Y2Dre's winning photo

Y2Dre's winning photo

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Weekly photo contest winners: Low light

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Thanks again to the whole AC staff for the honor. Also, congratulations to the other winners. For those who are interested, I used my HTC One in Night Mode when I took my shot. No further enhancements were done.

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Thank you Android Central and everyone! There were many great shots, I was greatly surprised when I saw Jerry's name in my email haha. Congrats to Y2Dre and aaronbuescher as well :)

Still haven't figured out how to attach a photo when posting from a smartphone.

Helpful suggestion please.

Sorry to sound ignorant but how do I enter the next contest?? I have the s4 and I think it's underrated in low light shots.

Thanks for the honor! I always enter these contests but never actually win, but that frog was just too damn photogenic to pass up. Btw I used the low light setting on the GN2 stock camera app

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The second one, of the city, is one of lockets lock screen pics

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