When a new phone is released without NFC, there's a lot of wailing and teeth-gnashing on the Internet about how horrible it is that manufacturer X is silly for not including it. Some folks seem to be die-hard fans of the tech, while others just don't seem to care. The best way to settle that sort of argument is a steel-cage deathmatch a poll, so that's what we're asking this week.

NFC is useful for much more than payments. I use it, and I can honestly say that I rarely use Google Wallet -- even when shopping in a store that supports it. It;s more natural for me to reach into my pocket and grab a few bucks that it is to use my phone. I like the automation ability that NFC adds, and have a tag in the cup holder of my car that changes a few things like turning off Wifi and starting up Google Maps. I also have one on my nightstand that puts the phone into desk clock mode. Nerdy, but that's how I roll.

What about you guys? Answer the poll (you'll find it in the sidebar as well as after the break) and tell us in the comments how you're using NFC.

Before we go, here's last week's results:

Do you use the Amazon appstore?

  • Nope. I keep away. -- 48.86-percent
  • Yes, on my regular Android devices. -- 47.56-percent
  • Yes, but only on the Kindle Fire. -- 3.58-percent

Just about fifty-fifty here. We're just glad that Google gives that 47.56-percent of us the choice to use whatever appstore we want.


Reader comments

This week's sidebar poll: Do you use NFC often?


+1. I might start using it if I had anything else with NFC.

I know a couple people with Galaxy Nexi and plenty more with Galaxy S III's or other HTC ICS phones like my EVO LTE, but we never really need to use Android Beam. If Google made it easy to exchange phone numbers thru NFC or Facebook used it to add friends, the chip in my phone might see some use. And I'm assuming you have to have BT enabled, don't you?

No, I can't say that I do. I'd like to try beam, but out of the people I know who rock an Android... My Gnex is the most current. And since Google hasn't opened up Wallet for use (officially) in Canada, that is the only other way I'd use it. I'm sure once I started using it, I'd find it pretty handy. However I'm fine without it.

I use it several times every day. Mostly for when in the car. I keep an NFC tag on my car dock. I swipe it when I get in and it: 1. Turns off Wifi, 2. Turns on Bluetooth, 3. Turns on auto-rotate 4. Launches eCID to read text messages and email 5. turns screen brightness to maximum. 6. Puts phone in Car Mode and launches a Car Dock.

Then when I'm done driving I swipe it again and it undoes all of that. Real time saver rather than have to sit there and do all that manually every time you get in/out of the car.

Occasionally use Google Wallet when I can but places that accept it are limited.

That's awesome. I don't really use it because I don't fully know how it works =( Not sure how these "tags" work...

Exactly how I use them now, dss2000. Though I have one near my front door that turns on wifi, auto brightness, etc.
I used to do this stuff with Tasker, I like options!

NFC will kick in when it will be used more in publicp laces, stickers will be more widely avaible and... when iPhone gonna get it, which not implement it to iPhone 5 is wasting potential of that ticket app they made. Good thing that Wii U will have NFC, at least it might expend in gameing world soon.

Not often here, altough I did my first Android Beam today from my JB GNex to a GSIII. Sadly no picture sharing, but still something I could see myself using again.

Not often here, altough I did my first Android Beam today from my JB GNex to a GSIII. Sadly no picture sharing, but still something I could see myself using again.

I have tags to change settings in my home, car, and at my desk at work. So, everyday. It really makes it easy on me to remember to change my ringer volume in the office when I see the sticker to bump my phone.

Also, making my own NFC enabled devices to interact with my phone, so I should be using it more and more often in the coming months.

i use it pretty often, its great for sharing pictures and files with my friends and showing off to other people.. .

But Google Wallet is my primary usage.. i think its pretty cool how you can pay with your phone rather than carrying around 5 different credit cards/debit cards in a wallet.. but it sucks how not so many businesses uses PayPass .. but thats only a problem when dealing with local businesses , if you go to like 7/11 or McDonalds, QuickCheck etc etc gas stations its well known.

Plus in areas like New Jersey and New York some businesses are starting to post these "Check-in" tags so you can just tap your phone and it will check you in on foursquare, twitter, facebook g+ etc

No , My Atrix doesn't have nfc
Frankly , It doesn't effect me that much , All I needed was an app with a "Do Not Disturb Mode" to mute the phone at night ... This is where ZDBox come in handy ... This App is a Life Saver !!! It have all kinds of tricks & features (i.e Data counter , Do Not Disturb , RAM Monitor , Locker ....)

also , I don't like handing my phone to other people :)
plus , everybody I know with an nfc enabled phone (Bold 9900 , SGS III) never ever used it before ... like ever

Why, did I make U Mad Bro ?

Im not pitching an app bro , I ain't got $#@% to do with it

a couple of guys mentioned it here before & spoke highly of it , so I gave it a shot!

This "Crappy App" Worked for me & Im sure some people will find it useful

Simple as that ... Bro

EDIT (to my previous comment, which I couldn't edit due to a reply) :

Don't get me wrong , I'm NOT anti-nfc guy , I just want the AutoMotive industry to care about nfc & start adding nfc connections to their infotainment systems !!! the bluetooth thing doesn't work every time

Cadillac is onto something with their Cadillac CUE (Cadillac User Experience) & I hope the next version of it include an nfc-enabled wireless charging pad behind that retractable A\C panel ! That would be awesome !!!!!!

Speaking of Wireless Charging , I gotta give it to Dodge for making a wireless charging pad an option in the new Dart (They need to build an SRT version ASAP)!!!

Nokia & Sony might mainstream nfc enough with their nfc-enabled accessorize , So Apple can be really interested & add it to the next iPhone ! I had hopes that Samsung might help mainstream it ... but No Dice :\
lets face it , an nfc-enabled iPhone will give it a huge push

I use it everyday to either pay for something via Wallet (in your face Verizon) or to beam stuff between my Gnex and my N7. Gonna purchase of NFC tags soon too.

I use Google wallet daily. I buy my coffee and smokes with it each morning despite vzw's continuous failed efforts to stop me. Bastards.

I just used Google Wallet today for the first time at Meijer's. It was really convenient. I'd use it more often if there were more places around town to use it besides McDonald's .....ugh.

I wish "Not available in my area" was an option. New technology like this takes a while to trickle down in certain parts of the world.

As long as you can get NFC tags shipped to you, you can use it daily!

I have one for when I get home, one in my bedroom, one in my car, and one on my keychain. I can't live without it now!

I turned it off day one. I have yet to use bluetooth on my Galaxy Nexus and I have had it since mid-December 2011.

Coming from an EVO 4G, I turn my radios off when not in use.

I use the NFC tags I have one in my car that switches on Bluetooth and one next to my bed that switches on silent mode. But the UK hardly has anywhere that excepts payment by NFC.

Plenty of places accept NFC, it just generally a specific type. The Oyster cards in London work okay. Most of my bank cards are NFC enabled, and I've used them. But I doubt many retailers would accept me tapping my Nexus 7 on their pay terminal. They'd more than likely think it was a fraudulent transaction.

when i had the t-mobile htc one s i couldnt because it doesnt have the nfc chip, which is a let down. but now that i got a gsm galaxy nexus (running on t-mobile) i use google wallet when i go eat at jack in the box or McDonalds. if it wasnt for google wallet, then i would never have any use for the nfc chip.

I use it really often. I use my phone to check the value in my Octopus card (you know, the RFID payment card in Hong Kong) every time before I buy a meal with it.
I love how advanced Hong Kong is in this regard.

There seems to be a lot of NFC debate. Its funny, because the people who have it, constantly need to justify it's existence, while people that don't have it always look for reasons why it's pointless.
I have a Galaxy Nexus, and I use NFC anytime the opportunity comes up, and it makes sense to do so. But..the way I see it, smartphones are filled with features we don't *need*, (there are obviously exceptions, as I can't determine the needs of all people) however, just b/c we don't need all of those features, doesn't mean that they don't make aspects of our lives much easier. That's what makes them such exciting products
So why all the NFC debate? Why is it any more debatable than the inclusion of front and back cameras?
Enjoy it if you have it.
Don't lose sleep over it if you don't.
When it becomes a standard--then we'll talk.

I use Google Wallet a lot with my Galaxy Nexus but since the last Wallet update I've noticed it's much slower to "initialize" which takes some of the "instant" out of it. It's also inconsistent: it never works at the McDonald's across the street from my office but works flawlessly at the one closer to my house. There's always a little trepidation on pulling the phone out to use wallet at a new place because you're never sure if its going to work - it really is quicker to just use a credit card (just not as fun or cool).

When I first started using Google Wallet I would just unlock my phone, tap it, and I was done (sometimes it would make me enter my pin but it was quick). Now it feels sluggish, I spend a lot of time waiting for the phone to react to the NFC tap and open Wallet, etc.