This time of year plenty of people are away from home, visiting family or friends for their respective year-end holidays. We understand travel around these parts, because so many of us do it so often. We also know that having the right device and the right apps make it a much better experience. The right apps for navigation, making your way through the airport, or finding the right place to stop and eat or stretch your legs help make a trip easier and more fun.

What about you guys and gals? Hitting the road (or the rails, or the airways) this year? We've set up a poll to find out. You'll find it in the sidebar to the right, or you can click past the break for it. Let your voice be heard, and fill the comments with ideas and suggestions about apps to make it better!

Before we go, a look at last week's poll.

Are you gifting an Android device to someone this holiday season?

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It looks like a good many people will be getting a new Android device this year for the holidays! That's news we love to hear.


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This week's sidebar poll: Are you traveling with your Android device this holiday season?


I'm going to Phoenix AZ. I was originally going to see Louis C.K., but the show got rescheduled to February, and my travel tickets for this weekend are nonrefundable or transferable, so I'm spending 3 days there! I'm bringing my phone, but am still deciding between the Nexus 10 or Nexus 7. I figured the 10 would be good for down time and flight entertainment, while the 7 would be nice to bring places while like the mall and science center while tethered to my phone. Any suggestions?

I made the decision for the Nexus 7 just recently. Actually had a 10 inch tablet and sold it. Found it to be too cumbersome, I think the 7 was the best choice for everyday use and travel.

I spent most of October traveling, and am looking forward to staying home with all my devices close at hand by a warm fire and a cold beverage. I learned long ago never to travel over the holidays if you can possibly avoid it.

I also found out just how much EDGE there still is in this country.

I am, although not out of state. I am driving from Connecticut down to Virginia Beach to spend time with my family.

Actually this is going to be a big part in me picking my next phone. I am a big HTC (sprint) fan but these "flagship" phones have not been world phones. So every time I travel outside the states, I'm left phone less. I really hope the M7 is a world phone, if not then I have my eye in the note 2.

And to answer the question next month I will be leaving Miami to Detroit with my Evo LTE and my heavy but I still love it Evo view 4g

The Verizon Galaxy S3 just became a world phone with the Jelly Bean update. Not sure about the Sprint version though.

Moving across country :( with my galaxy nexus :) i love this new android 4.2 keyboard by the way. It's just so fun to type on. Words just ignore this it's a tray to see how fast i can type this is pretty quick. But tray should have been test and i wish I'd used swype before. I did enjoy messagease though. Paranoid android! Woo.... The life of pi is a good book by the way. If your still reading this, then congratulations you've passed the test of stuff. So let leave with this important message to everyone. Joyous Kwanzaa! Just kidding. Merry Christmas! Happy chanukah! And a happy Chinese new year!

Recently took a vacation to Rhode Island from SoCal..... Brought my Nexus 7 Tablet which was an awesome decision.. Also took along my HTC Evo 4 g which was replaced on black Friday with a Galaxy S III... I now have what I consider to be 2 of the most awesome Android Devices presently on the market, at least for me !

Taking my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 with me. They're the two companions I take when I travel out of state. I can't wait to see all the Google Now cards that will pop up along the way.

We took a shedload of mkv films & divx TV programs on my Nexus 7 when we went on holiday to Mallorca in September. A bottle of wine and a film is a great way to unwind after a tough day on the beach :-)

My friend and I will both be heading to Japan for 3 weeks. This will be our first vacation to Asia. We will be equipped with our weapons of choice; two Nexus 7's, Galaxy S3 and his Galaxy S2.

Thus far we have a few apps ready in the chamber to help us on our adventure:

Google Maps
Goggle Translate
Beautiful Widgets
Currency Converter
Google Now (Not sure if it works there)
Japan Train schedule

With Android we should be able to navigate the beauty of Japan with ease.

I traveled to central Mexico at the end of October with my VZW Galaxy S3 AND an unlocked ATT Galaxy S Captivate. How I wish the S3's global capabilities would have been unlocked back then like they are now. Looking forward to my next trip abroad with my S3.