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We're eight days away from seeing the new Nexus 4 go on sale at Google Play, and there's a lot of buzz about the value aspect of using it with inexpensive prepaid cellular service. We've already talked about how you can save money if it works for you, and there's plenty of talk going on in the forums, so it's time to find out who is considering it.

At this point, we don't blame anybody currently happy with their provider if they sit and wait a bit. Remember, the Galaxy Nexus was GSM/HSPA+ only for the first few months it was available. While Verizon (for example) hasn't stood up and announced their intentions to carry a Nexus 4, that doesn't mean it's not happening. This is one of the few times I'll go on record and recommend you wait and see what the holiday season has to offer before you decide what to buy. Jumping off your carrier, paying any ETF, and possibly losing a cherished unlimited data plan would really hurt if you find out your carrier has plans for the Nexus 4.

Having said that, there's plenty of us here that aren't concerned with the carrier option, and like the idea of a pure GSM phone that can be used anywhere on the planet. We're the ones interested in buying this Nexus 4 direct from Google, and we have a decision to make -- stick with what we're doing now, or jump ship and go prepaid. 

For me, I use both postpaid T-Mobile (I can't abandon the unlimited plan I have), and use Straight Talk's AT&T network. I need coverage from both carriers to do my job here at AC, and AT&T showed me nothing worth signing a new contract. I'll put my T-Mobile SIM card in my Nexus 4 (sweet, sweet HSPA+42) and if the camera is good enough, put my Straight Talk SIM into my Galaxy Nexus. If the Nexus 4 camera doesn't work out for me, I'll stick the Straight Talk SIM back into my HTC One X. I need a good camera in my pocket. 

What about you guys? Tell us in the poll you see to the right in the sidebar, or embedded after the break.

Before we go, let's see last week's poll results:

Are you buying a new Nexus device?

  • Yes, a Nexus 4 -- 40.47-percent
  • Yes, a Nexus 10 -- 17.68-percent
  • Yes, a Nexus 7 -- 15.64-percent
  • No, but I wish I was -- 14.36-percent
  • No, they just don't measure up -- 11.85-percent

Based on our unscientific poll, it looks like Google had better have plenty of stock on hand. Hurry, Nov 13!


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This week's sidebar poll: Are you going prepaid with your Nexus 4?


Then stick with a carrier locked device that languishes with old software while the Nexus toting rest of us enjoy the newest updates. Except for the Razr Maxx HD (which I currently have) other handsets still don't have enough battery built in to make LTE and all day use a pleasant enough experience, in IMHO, of course.

Funny, considering the CDMA/LTE GNex's got JB officially before any other phone besides the GSM variants, and the root crowd had it within days of release in the summer.

And how much are you stuck paying monthly and for how long? I pay $45 a month for unlimited hspa+ speeds, texts and talk. Not to mention I can change phones every 6 months just by selling my old phone(in this case it will be my white tmo s2) and swapping to a new one for $20-$30 extra...Oh and I have no contract. If you go outside of a big city the LTE is moot, say NO to koolaid!!

My LTE nexus with standard battery gets 11 hours. I just turn off LTE when not browsing the internet or watching videos, which is all lte is good for.

Losing the over 90+ million at verizon is a lot, considering the millions of Nexus phones they've sold. The Galaxy Nexus was the Largest selling Nexus phone to date.

Why? CDMA is plain stupid for a device that's supposed to work everywhere and not locked to a carrier. And LTE sucks battery like a vampire. I am currently happily on 384kbps 3G and several to ten Mbs of HSPA+ are sufficient for daily browsing and watching videos. You don't watch 1080p videos on your phone anyway, you have your computer for that.

If your on TMOBILE be extremely happy that tmobile is the place GOOGLE decided to bring the Lg Nexus 4 it's the best place for it. Thank Verizon and it's VERY POOR abilities to do simple updates on a stock device as to why NO Lg Nexus 4 exsist on that network. LTE is not needed for this device tmobile and it's HSPA PLUS 42MPBS network works perfectly fine matter of fact better than any LTE network. Don't be fooled by all the people crying NO LTE Google knew exactly what and why they did what they did. They are sending a clear message to Verizon that it's network isn't all it's cracked up to be and google doesn't need them for anything. Verizon has gotten to big for it's britches and they think they are bigger than Google. Well I say to that PISS ON VERIZON and it's battery draining LTE network. Tmobile is who launched android they are the ones's who took a chance when everybody else didn't want to or couldn't afford to take a chance on android back in it's early days. I applaud Tmobile and it's network it's very consistent and it simply just works reception/signal strength is wonderful and battery life is excellent on all it's current hspa plus devices something that will NEVER BE SEEN ON VERIZON....

Depending on when your Verizon contract is up, you might want to jump off contract early. For me, right now, I pay $80 a month on contract and it ends next May. If I bail off contract now, I'll get charged $100 early termination fee. But after switching to $50 a month on a Prepaid plan, at the end of the day, I'll actually save close to $100.

Hmm, doesn't sound too bad. My contract ends in March, so it may be worthwhile. I do want to see what folks who get the phone have to say, though. Nothing like real-world use. :)

+9000 to this. My contract ends February 2014. My ETF is currently $270. If I eat the ETF and switch to T-Mobile's $30 plan, I would save $60 a month. I'll miss my Unlimited Data plan, but I would break even in 5 months. I do wish the Nexus 4 had CDMA radios in it. I can live without LTE, but if it at least had CDMA radios, I could go to Pageplus and use Verizon's 3G network. But, I'm more than thrilled to try out a GSM phone for the first time.

after your recent post about pre-paid Jerry absolutely, it actually started to get me into looking at options and though maybe not pre-paid I am seriously looking T-Mobile off contract to save the wife and I a large chunk of change over the year vs Verizon. I'll miss LTE BUT I am usually on Wifi cause LTE is weak to non existent at home and work but works GREAT everywhere else also I know HSPA+ isn't slow.

Been on Straight Talk with an ATT sim since March with a gsm Razr and a Captivate. No complaints from me, the Razr was getting between 8-12 mb/s. Just ordered a T-Mo sim for when I get the Nexus and see what T-Mo's data is all about.

T-Mobile data is fast when you can get it. Out in the country, obviously, it's non-existent. I personally recommend T-Mobile over AT&T when it comes to HSPA+, unless you need more coverage.

Do the math. It might be cheaper in the end to early terminate your contract and switch to Prepaid. It was for me :)

Thinking about doing this. Had my Galaxy S Fascinate for the longest time. My contract is up for VZW sincce August and this looks good.

I'm going Prepaid with the Nexus 4 the day one! Its looking like I can sell my mint GSM Galaxy Nexus (plus extras) on Ebay for just over $300, so the upgrade is a no brainer.

Plus, I've got HSPA+42 in my area, so yes, this is my dream phone!

My wife's plan with Verizon ends next week. We may just go with T-Mobile's $30 plan. It all comes down to the quality of T-Mobile's service in our area.

If you go for that plan, which I am, there's an app called Groove IP, which after you set up a Google Voice account, allows you to make calls over data without using any minutes on your plan. Really cool. I think its just over 1mb of data usage per minute of talk. So with 5gbs of data, you "should" have plenty of space on your data plan to cover the Talk.

Just make sure you place those calls on GrooveIP in STRONG signal areas. Otherwise you'll get delays, static, and choppiness.

I had that plan earlier this year. It's not a good plan if you actually use more than a hundred minutes a month.(On the 5 months I was on the plan, I went over on minutes on 4.)

Before you switch, look at your call timers on your current phones and divide the amount of minutes by the number of months you've had it and you'll get a rough estimate of usage.

Similar to Jerry. I'm keeping my TMo plan and my GS3 but changing to the $30 plan. I ordered a Strait Talk ATT sim for the Nexus 4. I'll be paying the same $75 per month I was already paying. This way I'll have 2 networks for coverage and backup.

I've been with Verizon forever and love their coverage. But hate them for not allowing me to keep my unlimited data and upgrade to a newer phone. So I'm really considering going prepaid. Can someone tell me about a good prepaid plan, with good coverage in Texas(Waco). Unlimited data would be a great plus.

4th option: Purchasing the phone outright ^_^

I'm on AT&T and still have my unlimited data plan (Thank Zeus). I'm just buying the phone outright. The lack of LTE isn't a deal breaker, to me. I realised that I rarely used it to be honest (WiFi at my house, parents house, friends house). At work, I couldn't catch a signal (Edge or otherwise) to save my life until I was about 50ft. away from the building. I've got a Galaxy Nexus now and love it, but the Nexus 4 is better...

Pre-paid in Canada is still pretty expensive beyond a few voice minutes and unlimited texting. And... I just signed one of those nasty 3yr contracts (Rogers) in April. So no, if I manage to score an N4 I'll just use it on my current contract

My family is on a Verizon family plan. So I won't be losing that anytime soon. I'm going to jump off I believe and try the Nexus 4 out with prepaid for a little while. I'm up for renewal on Verizon. Instead of renewing I'm just going to buy the Nexus 4 from Google and go with a prepaid plan. If it doesn't work out, I'll sell the phone and hop right back on with my family plan.

My contract with VZW ends Dec 3rd. I would love to go prepaid but there's poor AT&T coverage in my area and no T-Mobile service at all. This was suppose to be the year for me to get my first Nexus phone once Google made the announcement (which ended up being Nexus 4), but if one doesn't come to VZW, then I'll see what the HTC DXL (DNA) has to offer if it comes by the end of the year.

Everybody who wants an LTE Nexus 4, go read paragraph #2. Then re-read paragraph #2. I am serious. Go read it.

Jerry H knows something we don't.

I'm still torn. Might add a line to my current Sprint plan, give my GNEX line to my son so I can get the Note 2 or just get the nexus 4. However, if I do go the Nexus 4 route, I will definetely be doing the prepaid. I have been wanting to use the HSPA+ speeds anyway.

Well i'm in a bit of a quandary. I originally got a GSM Gnex from Amazon in February. I got a Tmo 30 prepaid plan and on the whole it's great. Even if I go through the allotment of minutes the .10 per min extra is still way less than what I was paying before on my Postpaid Sprint plan. The speeds have been fine but the radios on the Gnex have always been an issue (THANKS SAMSUNG!).

Now about the end of August I was having that USB charge draining issue. I called Samsung and was about to have it replaced. That is until they took the serial. Seems that I got an international Gnex from Amazon and that I had to call Samsung UK. Ok I did and was at the same point until they realized I was here in the US. In other words none of Samsung would repair their product. Thankfully Amazon did a solid for me and let me do a return on it. I then got one from the play store.

Now it's been 2+ months and the phone is a champ. The new Nexus4 is coming out. Pros are price and hardware. Just not sure I want to change my equipment so soon. I may have an out though. I have family that lost their first floor in Sandy. They lost the three C's, Cars, Computers and cell phones. I know that my cousin has a cell phone. Her daughter though lost her cell. If she hasn't replaced it I might just give her mine and get the N4. Oh the choices.:-)

BTW Jerry if you decide to keep the Gnex and N4. I'll gladly take the OneX off your hands.:-D

I have a T-Mo plan which has about 8 months left and I'm bored from my SG2 so I'm going to buy the Nexus 4 and use it with my plan. In that way I have plenty of 2013 and maybe wait until 2014 before renewing the contract and get a new device. Of course, SG2 goes ebay.

so straighttalk coverage is the same as AT&T coverage with the same HSPA+ speeds, just a hecka a lot lower price?

If I wasn't stuck for another year on ATT, I'd bounce. But, since I am, I might as well enjoy LTE for now (GS2 Skyrocket). I'm definitely looking to get more for my money when my contract ends, which if things keep up will likely be a Nexus on Straight Talk or T-mo.

Already made the jump to prepaid (currently with T-Mobile, but about to make the jump to Straight Talk because T-Mo's service stinks in my area), and will get the Nexus 4 when I can afford it.

Canceling my contract with Verizon a year early (selling my Vzn Gnex to make it up), can't wait to jump on prepaid with the Nexus 4

Doing the EXACT same thing! My VZW isn't up til next november so see ya later! Ordering the Nex 4 and hopping on Solavei

I'm jumping ship to AT&T, but on a month-to-month postpaid plan. Only because my company won't reimburse prepaid plans for some reason.

Already on a T-Mo postpaid family plan, I'll keep this for a while since I'm in contract. $45 ish for truly unlimited is the better idea anyway. But someday I might go back to ST.

No Nexus 4 for me. I want my phone to also be an mp3 player and the small non expandable storage is a deal breaker.

Nexus 7 is a different story though. With no need to put a lot of music on it, 32GB is fine. I debated getting the mobile N7 on Tmo, but in the end was too impatient to wait for it to come out and just got the wifi version instead.

See your point bos1, I just see it a little differently...

Even though the Nexus 4 only has either 8 or 16gb I am finding that to be fine since I can simply download certain playlists/albums/songs i want for the time being and the rest can be streamed through cloud with google music... and the times no service allows me my full library, I have the downloaded music that I want that will be more than okay...

As well... I have a Nexus 7 with 16gb an can now concentrate on ultilizing this device for video and not take up space with music, and vice versa for the nexus 4...

Just my outlook on the situation!

Regardless... This is a happy time, so thanks google for saying fuck u carriers (more so VZW)

Can you comment on the coverage maps on the Straight Talk website? There is one map with almost full US coverage and another labeled "Android Phones" with a lot less coverage. If it's an unlocked phone can't you just put in whatever sim you want? And do you know which coverage map is which?

im embarrassed to say this but I'm gonna wait until after Christmas. My reasons are the following:
1. I'd like to see if they release a white one.
2. If sprint is gonna get it I think they will have it by Christmas.
3. I wanna see if they come out with a 32 or 64gb model.
4. I'm not 100% against straight talk but I'm also not 100% for them as I heard they will cancel your line if you use more than 100mb in one day. Thats like 20 minutes of netflix... and if they cancel you you may lose your phone number.

My hope is sprint gets LTE in my area by Christmas and gets a white Nexus 4 LTE 32gb of storage by then too. If not, I will probably just switch to AT&T since T-Mobile service in my area is terrible.

I've never run into any limits, heck I used 250mb the other night downloading CM10. I hotspot to my laptop and tablet a crapload too. Although I work offshore so I'll go three weeks sometimes without using a thing, so they might average it out for the month. Who knows, but I'm nothing but pleased with Straight Talk.

Two things. Not sure why you'd think Sprint would get the Nexus 4 by Christmas. The last two Nexus devices didn't land on Sprint until the Spring. Secondly, if you're gonna be doing card swapping, you're better off porting your number to Google Voice anyway. That way it doesn't matter what number Straight Talk or any other GSM carrier gives you, you just forward it to your Google Voice number.

We've always (I mean Always) had verizon because of their great network. Where I live now (charlotte) the reception plain stinks.


My wife will certainly be getting the Nexus 4 and going pre-paid (soon!). We don't know whether to go with T-mob or ATT towers right now. We might need to do some experiments. For her the decision is a no-brainer (she does not have an unlimited plan).

For me, I do have on-going unlimited data on Verizon. The only way I would stay on Verizon if I can buy a Nexus 4 (out of contract, with an easily unlockable bootloader)to keep the unlimited plan. I would pay extra to hang on to the unlimited plan, just in case. But I have zero hope there is going to be out of contract nexus 4 for verizon's network. Zero hope.

So, I'm probably going to dump my unlimited plan too (Feb 2013). I'll pick up my own Nexus 4 from the play store then.

I can get all the data service I need and save save $20-30/month from what I'm paying on Verizon (I'm paying about $70/month). And I never will have anyone tell me what software I can and cannot run on MY phone again. Yay!

Did I mention I'm gonna save money and have exactly the software that I want... on top shelf hardware?

Hey, verizon you can take my old unlimited plan and shove it up...

+9000 I can tell you that Verizon's LTE is really fast. But, lately I have been using 3G and Wifi to see if I could live without it. On 3G, web browsing is just as fast. And when downloading big files, Wifi is great. I'm sure using Wifi on the Nexus 4 is going to be a very pleasurable experience since it uses MIMO. If Google continues the trend of releasing great Nexus phones every year at an affordable price, then you could upgrade every year if you wanted to; and without paying absurd full retail prices to keep Unlimited Data. There's only benefits to be had from this. We won't regret this decision, I'm sure of it.

You have fast 3g speed on Verizon. In phoenix I can tell you the 3g speed is horrible. Not sprint horrible. But unacceptable. I am quite happy with the tmobile speeds I get with my prepaid tmobile after I switched from the tbolt and verizon. It's not LTE but frankly that was overkill most of the time. I ll be switching from a sensation that I purchased for 150 bucks on craigslist to the nexus 4. Will enjoy the screen, quad 4 , and the extra speed of 42 mps 4g. I don't think you need lte when you have that option. But 3g speed from verizon in my area is awful and one of the reasons I left verizon (even with my 3 spare batteries I needed to toggle to 3g half the time because my tbolt ate through my battery just sitting there on 4g. The sensation has impressed me getting better speeds than 3g but even better battery life. can't wait for the nexus. I expect even better. Though I would have loved to see a replaceable battery. ( i bought two for the sensation and never need them, so I will risk the nexus )

So what happens when my prepaid sim is not getting service when I take a load into Canada? I have to have the same phone number in the USA and Canada and I must be able to get service everywhere I go. You can't get either with prepaid. Prepaid only works with the prepaid carrier your with, fall off their network and no signal. Business is tough when a broker can't get a hold of me. I'm keeping my lte gnex on Verizon running cm10 m-series till it breaks. Then I'll replace it with a gs3.

I'm canceling my contract with At&t when I port my number to a t-mobile post-paid plan. With the money I made from selling my Iphone 5 I can pay off the early termination and still buy a Nexus 4. I get a great deal through my company that will save me $22.00 a month and I will have unlimited 4G(HSPA+ 42).

Pretty sure it will be the best phone to get unless you prefer the skins that manufacturers put on top of stock Android but then you risk horrible updates being pushed out way late that are full of crapware and are most likely locked down by carrier or manufacturer.

Loyalty means too much to me. There use to be time where people use to stick next to a company/restaurant not because they were the best at everything, but because they treated you right for a long time. They truly respected you when it came to solving issues or disputes. They may not have been perfect but they always corrected their mistakes and apologized. And because you were with them for such a long time, they treated you more friendly and understandingly. I guess that old timely America is gone. This is one of the reasons i still respect Sprint and T-Mobile. Because with them, they still remember the company is the customers, at least from experience.

Im going to Straight Talk with my Nexus 4! Im currently on Sprint and the service here is not good. I have great att service here and have a friend already using ST with a Galaxy Nexus and it works great!

As long as I can simply continue to pay my share of my parents plan with my parents, I will stay on Verizon. The only way I stay with Verizon is if I can sell my GS3 for a couple hundred in a year or so, and buy a slightly outdated quality phone for a reasonable price to keep the unlimited data.

If that doesn't work out, the combination of a Nexus and a pre-paid plan seems very reasonable. I bet a used Nexus can be bought for as little as $250 in a couple months.

I am not going prepaid yet. Still on a two year contract with T-Mobile but at least I can swap out phones. After the two years is up, I will start looking into getting something pre-paid as long as it is as good as I want it. If it can compete with the service that I have now while on a contract, then most likely I will.

As much as I would love to switch my thing is At&t and T-mobile suck were I live and most of my drive to work, also we travel in the northern part of Michigan ALOT and Verizon just can't be beat for coverage. And I'm not talking about just data I mean talk coverage.

It's a micro-SIM. I'm thinking about moving from the Galaxy Exhibit to the Nexus 4 eventually, and when I do, I'll have to buy a new micro SIM, as the Exhibit takes the larger mini-SIM.

I'm trying to convince my friend of this phone, and also very curious about switching from one phone to another. He has an iPHone 5, nano SIM. Would it fit in this phone and work? I know it's a micro SIM, but will it fit in the slot anyways? THe prepaid is very intriguing and it's sooo much less expensive...