Looks like ESPN isn't the only company who won't be texting Sprint customers anymore.

Details are scarce, but as of today, Weather.com is suspending service to all Sprint/Nextel users.

We are no longer able to offer SMS messages on the Sprint/Nextel network and will suspend service on 4/12. For more mobile products and apps, go to weather.com

Pretty sure it has to do with the same fee structure ESPN decided not to deal with. Shame, really, but them's the breaks.


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Weather.com joins ESPN, isn't texting to Sprint

I know not everyone on Sprint uses a smartphone, but many do. Does this really hurt smartphone users? The answer, really, is no.

I don't use either of these features but don't like the direction this is going. I have a feeling, especially with the weather messages, that this will get people thinking twice about Sprint as their carrier. As the major underdog after the t-mo merger Sprint cannot be seen as the carrier with less features/options.

Seriously? Less features/options?

Let's see here...lowest price for the only carrier with unlimited plans or...spam text messages from websites that already have widgets or apps that do the same thing.

I can't see this as a real deal breaker for people who have Sprint service in their area. The only way I would leave with T-Mo on the way out is if I suddenly lost service. Since I live in a very populated area, I have my choice of carriers and Sprint is by far the best bang for the buck if you are a data-centric user.

Most apps use underlying "invisible" SMS messages to give the user notifications. You don't see them as SMS, but there are counted as SMS on your bill.

So with this change, notifications for these apps will cease.

Really wow I must not be being blocked then...cause I use both of these apps and my mom uses weather.com who also refuses to use texts, and guess what her count was last month...zero!

I agree that most ppl don't use text notifications anymore but for those who do still they will suffer and be forced to switch a smartphone in the end.

Well, I'll tell you what. I know a couple of people on Sprint. Since the ESPN embargo neither of them are able to access the ESPN New York app. Both are receiving a location unable to be found message and this has been the case since ESPN pulled the plug on texts. Now I'm not drawing any conclusions, but I will say that something is up.

I love how quickly people forget about the masses and speak for themselves. Smartphone users is finally at or around 50% according to the latest polls. So as Fergie stated above "texts are so 2008" is obviously not the case.

A point that is not being discussed about all this is the fact that many companies that provide this service aren't as upset about the 1/2 cent increase they have to pay, but rather why social platforms like Facebook and Twitter are excluded from text notifications surcharges. Many might say that they don't subscribe to such features like ESPN or Weather.com, many feature phone users do use the text features. Which again is roughly 1 outta every 2 people. But it is pretty safe to say that all the ESPN or Weather.com notifications can't even touch the amount of Facebook text alerts that happen in any given minute or second. I even know some people that use text notifications still on there android phone because of the poor notifications on the app.

This whole thing is not about just Sprint and its increase, but rather Sprint choosing who they charge for the increase.

I still use the texts on my Android phone from Weather.com for the severe weather alerts. They work better than the app, especially at waking me up in the middle of the night when a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning is being issued, and I don't want to have the temperature constantly on the left of my task bar; I've HTC Sense to show me the temperature.

I'm looking for a free replacement service but haven't found one yet. I guess I'll have to try the app, which I do have installed but mainly use it for the radar, and see if it do better than I think it can.

We just had a perfect example of why we need the text alerts. We had a line of severe storms come through our area and the alert for the weather.com app never updated even with the severe thunderstorm warning and my wife's weatherbug hadn't updated at all since 6. The text alerts the weather channel sends out are blasted out as soon as the national weather service issues the alert. Living on the edge of tornado alley, minutes can mean the difference between life and death, especially in the middle of the nifht when you are asleep.

Just out of curiosity I signed up for ESPN alerts and of course I didn't get the SMS confirmation on my EVO. So I tried my Google Voice number and didn't get that either. Then I used my T-Mobile work number and got that one right away. I don't know if it's because GV forwards to my Sprint phone or because the coming Google/Sprint integration, but it sucks that I can't get alerts at all. Oh well.

There's a simple workaround for this. They also send email alerts, so just set it up with your email address as your phone number @messaging.sprintpcs.com.

So if your phone number was (999) 555-1234, the email address would be 9995551234@messaging.sprintpcs.com. This wil come through on your phone as a text message.