Android Central & Android Fan Store giveaway.

Sometime early last week I decided it was time to add a bit of Android flare to my car.  After a quick bit of Googling, I came across Android Fan Store.  In search of a vinyl Android bumper sticker, I began browsing their inventory, looked at some buyer feedback, and within minutes had placed an order for this guy here, in the 6.5" x 5.55" flavor.  Five days and $6.32 later, it arrived in my mailbox (along with a couple free stickers, one of which being a four-inch CyanogenMod logo).  I (carefully) tore into the envelope like a kid on Christmas, and shortly after, had its contents stuck to the rear window of my car.

Android window sticker.

I was so impressed by the quality of the decals, added freebies, low cost, and speedy free shipping, that I simply had to share these stickers with our awesome readers.  So that's what we're going to do.

Android Fan Store and Android Central have teamed up to give away some assorted Android stickers and decals to three lucky forum members.  Not only that, but one of the three winners will also receive an Android t-shirt!  They may even surprise the winners with some extra goodies as well, so don't drag your feet!  

How to enter?

All you've gotta do is head over to the forums, reply to this thread, and tell us where you'd place your Android stickers.  They come in varying sizes and colors, so let's see what you've got.  Good luck! Contest ends at 11:59 p.m. EST Saturday, Nov. 20

There are 34 comments

One on the window and one on my lady lol

PJ33 says:

I'm gonna put it in my car window. I think i might have it peeing on the Apple logo. Go ANDROID!!!!!!!

Jperez 85 says:

well since i got pulled over and ticketed for my window tint being too dark =(, i will now put a big ol' android on my back window to help block the sun.

gac#AC says:

On the car and over the logo of my computer.

raykay81 says:

I'll be putting them on my car, my macbook, my front door, my rucksack, my tent, my bedroom window, my mom.......Love Android!!!!

RoyHobbs says:

Where else?................on the toilet seat cover!

on my car, on my macbook and my door of my bed room , my office and everywhere. i love android very much

jyoung says:

I could place one over my Blackberry sticker!

chrisjdroidx says:

on my window, my textbook, trailer, truck!!

kiwiruss says:

Reply from the Kiwiruss

evoss05 says:

One for the back window of my wife suv. One for the front on mine and one for the work's locker.

I own a restaurant/Deli in Upstate New York with 2 big picture windows, 3 doors with Windows, and regular windows. I would put one on every window. My deli name is Faldonis. I won't give website or my message won't go up but you can Google it. I've turned 3 of my chefs and employees on to Droids. Go AC!

keviny11 says:

Hey, let me replace my old apple sticker on my car rear window to the nice adroid.
Please make more to share with every one !

I would put one on my truck,Exmark Mower,backpack,and Biblecase,oh yeah on the back of my htc evo>Go ANDROID!

Lyanheart says:

I can't wait to see if I win a sticker... I'm going to buy one right now for the rear window of my truck!

IrishGeek says:

I would love to have one for the back of my Protege 5, I have yet to see an Android sticker on my stretch of I-75, so I would be the first.

1updroid says:

Rear window, though I'd have to modify the decal so it would be giving 'ol Jobs a kick in the eclair...

tkullgren says:

Car windows for sure

chaloney says:

On the computer monitors of my iphone-loving coworkers

camika says:

I love to put one on the back window of my truck and also on my laptop :)

embloch says:

On the back window of my car...I love Android!

CaliberSRT4 says:

ill place it on my car so every one can see it on the freeway

credo says:

On my car window. My work computer. I may even use one combined w/ other stickers so it looks like it is shitting on an Apple.

ARich91 says:

You all know that you have to post in the thread, right?

xarophti says:

@PJ33, he has one of the Android peeing on an Apple. I emailed him and told him it's been overdone (after I'd ordered some other stickers - have some on my flip case for my MyTouch to dress it up). I suggested he make an Android EATING an Apple, and he made it. Ordered that one, too. On the back of my car, just where Apple-heads put their fruit...

SphincterBoy says:

How about making one of our beloved Lloyd? The Android with attitude!

SphincterBoy says:

Interesting, it's now $7.10 plus $4.00 for shipping.

Well obviously a sticker in the bathroom and back of my android phone :-)

wutang01 says:

On the rear of my iPhone 4 (contract plan, please don't judge me) covering the Apple icon. Makes me feel better, since I was forced to leave my Nexus One.

Hoping for Nexus S now ...

androidevo says:

I'll put mine on my daily driver, race car (civic on boost) and also my work car (taxi cab) :) Android ftw!!

corwin#AC says:

On my car and on my toolbox at work. Hmm, I should look into an Android with a wrench

Aaron Kasten says:

You should check out as well, MUCH more android goodies to chose from, international shipping, free shipping to the US, Canada, and Mexico. Every order comes with Bonus SWAG as well! And it is the only place to find the AndroidBeanies and Android Plushies.

Not trying to spam just thought you should know.

ellegood says:

I would love me some stickers please. I'd put em on my crane cab 100 ft above the steel mill at work. Great place to play around with my Android. Thanks!

Incredible on Uncommon Sense ROM

fosoriojr says:

Oh please, please, please I would love to have some. I would paste them on my car, my wife's car, my bike, my PC at work, my laptop, my dog, my... Oh, im getting carried away.