Angry Birds Star Wars

What's a guy got to do to fling some birds in high-definition on the Verizon Droid DNA? As has been the case since its release on Nov. 16, Angry Birds Star Wars HD (see our review) continues to crash and burn on the DNA. No option to report an error, no asking if we'd like to wait or force close the app. Just tap the first level, and the whole game disappears quicker than you can say "Hey, wasn't Alderaan around here somewhere?" 

User reviews are echoing what we've seen. Crashes on the first level on the Droid DNA. We've reached out to the developer through its support channels and will update if we ever hear back.

Help us, Rovio. You're our only hope.

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Tsudeily says:

That sucks about the issues Phil, but the title of this and how you wrote it has me cracking up so hard. I love it.

Also watching Empire Strikes Back on TV at the moment which only adds to the humor. xD

cjbrigol says:

Don't worry, the games not that fun. You're not missing much...


mwara244 says:

I'd prefer Lucas Arts taking all their old games from the 80's, 90's early 200's and port them to android. A ton of games, like trench run, and they are already built, just port over and make money.

mwara244 says:

I'd prefer Lucas Arts taking all their old games from the 80's, 90's early 2000's, from arcade hits and from all the platforms and consoles, and port them to android. A ton of games, like trench run, and they are already built, just port over and make money.

Tinostre says:

I can't even download it from the Google play store. Its says my DNA is not compatible.

I disagree with above, I was over Angry Birds, but the Star Wars Edition has shown me the way. It's the best one thus far IMO and I feel for the DNA users who are missing out. Plays/looks beautiful on my GNote2.

JobiWan144 says:

Look, sir, droids!

Maybe they think that a 720p screen is "an elegant weapon from a more civilized age."

"HTC has designed you well...but you are not fully compatible yet."

I second that opinion about the Gn2. The play is absolutely fantastic. Hoping for an update soon for the DNA users. I would be pissed of it were me.

dswatson83 says:

You are mad at the wrong person. This goes to show how difficult it probably is for developers on Android. An app that works perfectly on almost every device does not even play on another. What could HTC have done to the code to mess this up to where the app crashes? This is not the first 1080p android device out there and it is a shame the developer is the one told to fix this. When you have an app that works perfectly on a Nexus device, it should be the manufacture that gets yelled at for a fix, not the app developer.

happasaiyan says:

dude, what are you talking about?

dswatson83 says:

"Help us, Rovio. You're our only hope."

I'm just saying that it is a shame that HTC has made so many software changes that an app doesn't even run on that phone. It is unfortunate that Rovio is getting heat to make changes when the app works fine for every other phone.

codiusprime says:

It's more than likely not any software changes HTC has made, you obviously have no clue what you are talking about. If Rovio wants people with the DNA to download and play their game then they will make the appropriate changes, that's how this works.

happasaiyan says:

its not HTC. it IS rovio.

Gearu says:

May the force close be wi- oh never mind.

No problem, all Rovio has to do is to read the AC article earlier today about "fragmentation" and ABSW will be good to go.

happasaiyan says:


tbmccann says:

I've been having many issues with this game on my Samsung Galaxy S3. Have emailed support and have not heard anything from them!

polaarbear says:

I emailed them about this exact issue with the game not working on the DNA. I received a response almost two weeks after my initial email. They said that "I am correct in assuming that this game should work properly on my device. They are currently investigating issues with many hardware variations. There is currently no ETA for the fix, but they are actively working to get it working on as many devices as possible." Kind of a canned response, but glad they responded at all. At least I know somebody read my complaint and that they are working on things even if the progress is slow.

Kevin Strong says:

With the lastest update by Verizon, Angry Birds Star Wars suddenly started playing on my Droid DNA.