On-demand highlights and news available even without cable subscription

What some would call a long-overdue update to the WatchESPN app has finally arrived, and it seems to have been worth the wait. While the previous version was certainly functional, it was far from attractive or a joy to use. The new version takes things to the next level, with a completely redesigned interface. You now have a new main interface with simple lists and sliding tabs to choose between live TV and other on-demand programming, as well as a new slide-in drawer.

You'll use that left drawer to switch between content on specific sports or channels, separated first by "featured" and then alphabetically and by channel. Streaming seems to kick in faster in our experience, and the app even properly hides all navigation elements to put the video in completely full screen on the Nexus 5 — a nice touch.

A little bonus for anyone who doesn't have a cable subscription (or a supported provider) is that news and on-demand highlights are now available for anyone without signing in now. The app also includes a fix to show Monday Night Football on tablets. Sadly there's still no Chromecast option (the redesign had our hopes up), but this update has a whole lot going for it already.


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WatchESPN receives dramatic update with new interface and features


Got it 3 days ago and first,now how you like them!!!

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ESPN needs to do this with all their apps. I have been desperately waiting for their new fantasy football app that is currently available on Apple products.

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amen to that. their fantasy football app needs more than a coat of paint but it would certainly be welcome. Yahoo added drafting from mobiles this year which worked great but everything else about their fantasy experience is piss poor. hopefully ESPN can update the look when they add mobile drafting *fingers crossed*.

as a side note, would love an android fantasy basketball app as well.

Finally tablet viewing of MNF! Now I won't have to grab the windows 8 tablet to avoid fighting with the girlfriend for what is on TV. Before anyone else says it, I know, FWP.

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The update broke my authorization with TWC on my Transformer Prime and now it locks up when it attempts to take me to the TWC login screen.

Keeps crashing and won't even open on my Nexus 7, but works great on my Galaxy S4. Oh, and Chromecast support needs to happen ASAP!

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