Apple TV, Fire TV and Chromecast. Three solid solutions for adding more functionality to the television. But what about the times when you're sat in front of the big screen and wish to mirror what's displayed on the phone to the TV itself? While all three products can achieve this, Koushik Dutta took a quick look at testing each offering to figure out which came out on top.

The new winner? According to Koush, it's Fire TV.

Apple Fire TV

Conclusion leads to Fire TV coming out tops with great sound and video quality, while the Chromecast, which is selling like hotcakes for the time being, has decent video quality after some time, but awful audio quality. Here's hoping things improve as time passes by for Chromecast owners. Have you attempted mirroring your Android handset? Let us know your findings in the comments.

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Koush shows AllCast mirroring to Amazon Fire TV


I got a Netgear PTV-3000 and this baby: (Price varies)

The Netgear is more stable and has the best video quality, but has more delay.

The Mocreo/Rockchip-based unit has very little delay but sometime shows lots of artefacts when there's too much hapenning on screen. BUT it also has a VERY USEFULL DLNA/Airplay mode that is perfect to stream videos and stuff with AllCast / BubbleUPnP
(ALL Rockchip-based Miracast sticks have the same internals and share the SAME FIRMWARE, so it really doesnt make a difference which one you get)

my Chromecast audio sounds clear as my cable...

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You can mirror using ChromeCast?? If so how? Can anyone help explain this to me

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I am not concerned about mirroring audio quality at the moment. Chromecast audio quality while streaming is perfectly fonebfor me. Haven't found the need to mirror anything yet.

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Can't you use the allcast app the article is referring to? The app supports Chromecast.

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With recent updates to my nexus five, the chomecast, and my chromecast app, I now have "cast screen" options that work great. No root.

The allcast app works ok. It doesn't stream videos from my sd card. I ended doing it the old fashioned way, plugging it into a mhl adapter to hdmi.

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Yes agree with h this comment. Localcast even supports network file sharing casting which is awesome! Plus its completely free!

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Isn't localcast limited only to chromecast?
I do like Allcast and it streams well to my Apple TVs. I would like to try others out.

I have my chromecast plugged into my pioneer a/v receiver and then in to my TV from there. So the audio is played directly in to my stereo/surround sound. My audio is great with the chromecast.

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So far using Koush's mirror app on my chromecast, i've only managed to get rather crappy video mirroring.

I highly doubt that Crybaby Koush is going to say anything nice about Chromecast due to his past incidents with his app and Google blocking it off for a while. His thoughts on this subject are more than likely biased...