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A result of Android's enormous popularity is the increase in books dedicated to the OS. Two that we want to highlight at the moment are The Complete Android Guide, by Kevin Purdy of Lifehacker and My Droid by CrackBerry's own Craig James Johnston. 

Purdy's book just went on sale and can be bought for $19.95 (paperback) or $9.95 (DRM-free E-book) [CompleteAndroidGuide] Purdy also created a Twitter handle called @completeandroid, which will provide tips periodically to its followers. 

Johnston's book is available for pre-order from Amazon for $16.49.[Amazon]


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Want to read about Android? Two book recommendations


Any recommendations for learning more advanced android/linus topics that would help me better understand how to manipulate the OS? I'm thankful for the android community for helping me root my Eris, but I'm inquisitive by nature, and would love to learn more about how people figure out how to do it in the first place. Any suggestions are appreciated.

At the pace Android OS is advancing physical books are almost obsolete by the time they're written. Online Forums and Sites are far more valuable.

Tell that to your mom.

The one constant question I hear from friends who get an Android phone is "How is anyone supposed to know all this stuff", spoken with relief (because I fixed something for them) and frustration (because it wasn't in the manual, or there was no manual.

Its pretty much the full thing, but the layout is a bit lamer on the web.

I bought the book for my wife. Its a pretty readable text.

See, now that's perfect.Very thorough and can still be updated easily.Most parents are fairly internet-capable(grandparents? maybe not so much).

I can definitely recommend this book for developers called:
[URL=""]Android : Application development[/URL] , it completely describes whole app development process with examples, completely the Spy app with GUI and also tricks & tips how to publish and monetize your application.

■ The Book cover these topics:
■ Developing native applications for Android step by step
■ Installing and configuring Eclipse development environment „
■ Connecting SQLite relational databases
■ Working with data files and widgets
■ Uploading your app to Google Play
■ Working with GPS and SMS concepts
■ Monetizing your applications using ad system