Walmart Pricing

You didn't really think that Walmart would come in with the same pricing as other places with the Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T did you? As suspected, Walmart has priced the device a little over $50 cheaper than AT&T's price of $199, and they are offering it for $148.88 on two year agreement, and only $520 versus AT&T's $549 off contract pricing. So, if you are looking to get yourself one, and want to save a little bit of cash, head over to your local Walmart and pick one up, and hop in the forums to let us know your thoughts.

Thanks, Sporky!


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Walmart prices the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II at $148.88


also it says "Up to 50% off"...I saved $35 bucks buy using this deal...good find but it's NOT 50% off

In my experience you are better off paying the extra money and getting it somewhere else. The salespeople generally do not know what they are doing and will screw your contract or something else up.

Having used Wal-Mart once before to purchase a phone, I was more than happy to spend the extra 50 bucks at an AT&T store — especially since the phone was not working properly. It was so easy to go back to the AT&T people, describe the problem, have them replicate it and walk out of the store with a new handset in under 15 minutes.

Why not go to Bestbuy and have them price match? That way you can get walmarts prices and Bestbuy's return policy. Just a thought.