HTC One series

Perhaps anticipating some big news from Samsung later in the week, Vodafone UK has lowered its on-contract prices for HTC's new One X and One S.

The flagship 4.7-inch One X is now available for free on 24-month plans starting at £36 per month -- that gets you  600 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB. Meanwhile the smaller, thinner One S can now be yours from £31 per month, which comes with 300 minutes, the same unlimited texts package and 500MB. Neither is a trivial amount of money, but it's not at all bad when you consider you're getting a £450+ smartphone for nothing along with it.

Vodafone says the new prices will remain in place for just under a couple of weeks, expiring on Monday, May 14, so there's plenty of time to get on board. And if you're on the fence, then why not check out our reviews of the international HTC One X and One S for more on both devices.

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Reader comments

Vodafone UK cuts HTC One X and One S prices for a limited time


Way to spit in the eye of anyone who just signed up for one. Didn't this phone just release a two weeks ago?

One can only assume Vodafone are finding it difficult to shift them at their original price.

Maybe buyers are waiting for the SGS3 before deciding what to go for ?

Interesting. Is it typical for UK carriers to charge different monthly fees based on what phone you have ... essentially financing the cost of the phone?

Carriers don't offer that in the US, but I think it's a model that could be successful.