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New plan offers 13GB of 4G LTE data per month, at a price

Vodafone has today announced a new XXL addition to its Red 4G LTE plans, with the new chart topper offering 13GB of data per month. That's going to be more than enough for most of the people, most of the time, but it does still fall behind some of its competitors.

It comes at a price. Quickly checking on the Vodafone store, picking up a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or Sony Xperia Z1 with no money down would cost a whopping £57 a month. The HTC One Max or Sony Xperia Z Ultra goes up to £62 a month, which is an awful lot of money to be paying for two full years.

So, thanks to Vodafone for offering an option for the more data hungry. But, make sure you seriously run the numbers before jumping in with both feet.

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Vodafone supersizing 4G plans with Red XXL


"Red XXL"

Where do they come up with these names from?

Might as well bump it up to 15GB just to make it sound better.

Or GiffGaff with unlimited data for £10 a month? I know you don't get a phone at that price, but even with the cost of a sim free phone it's way, way cheaper.

Unlimited 4g on Three for £12.90. Why do people pay these crazy prices for capped tarrifs

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What about tethering on that plan? When I was looking for info on Three's site I couldn't find any mention of whether it was allowed or not. I don't tether a lot, but I want the option.

As it stands I've currently got a 5GB data plan (which so far has been way more than I need) from Three in my Nexus 5 for £8.27, and I'm still using my old phone with a PAYG SIM in it for phone calls.

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You can't tether on the £12.90 plan on three, I tried it and it was blocked. But still Three offers the cheapest unlimited 4G plans

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I don't really need unlimited anything, and £20 is a lot more than I'm currently paying per month. But thanks for the info anyway.

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You can tether up to 1GB on the Three One Plan or on that 12.90GBP plan if you have the 5GBP a month rolling bundle for tethring. It used to be unlimited, but they've limited it to 1GB since the 1st of March for any new customers joining.