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Vodafone UK and Huawei have begun pushing out an update to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich for the budget-friendly Ascend G300. The update is available as an over-the-air download, but Voda advises G300 owners that the update will delete all person data on the device, and so the carrier's offering a step-by-step walkthrough on its forum.

Ascend G300 owners are told to first download an update to the older Gingerbread-based ROM, then use a "quick backup" utility to save all personal data to their SD card. Later, after the ICS update is done installing, this can be restored from an SD card. It's not the most elegant ICS update procedure we've seen, but there are many entry-level phones that aren't getting ICS at all, so we'll concede that a messy ICS update is better than no update at all.

Full instructions can be found over at the source link.

Source: Vodafone eForum


Reader comments

Vodafone Huawei Ascend G300 gets Ice Cream Sandwich update


Yeah and the update is bull$#@p.... it was better with Gingerbread. now voda has flooded the phone with it's own apps that eat like 60% of the memory and from 512mb of RAM you remain with 40-50mb... so thanks Vodafone....

Add to that, there are more than one problem: network reception is weak after update, The system ignores the external SD and you have no space for application except the internal memory, iplayer does not work properly. And most important problem is that the phone now is very sluggish and not as responsive any more. It sucks

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