The Samsung Galaxy Tab (check out our hands-on video!), which was officially announced today, will be coming to Vodafone. It will go on sale in October in the majority of Vodafone's European markets with the hopes that more partner networks will carry the device by year's end. 

A quote from DJ Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of Sales and Marketing Team of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics:

“I am very excited to introduce Samsung GALAXY Tab with Vodafone. Thanks to Vodafone’s strong promotion and co-marketing with us, Samsung GALAXY Tab can be an outstanding smart media device to lead a new media revolution. With GALAXY Tab, users enjoy full web browsing with flash 10.1 support, reading eBooks, newspapers, or magazines, and watching HD videos on the large enough 7-inch display while on the move. Furthermore, it is still compact enough to carry everywhere.”

No word yet on pricing, but add Vodafone to the official Galaxy Tab partner list. [Vodafone via Coolsmartphone]


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Vodafone to carry the Samsung Galaxy Tab in October


Can I atleast GET SOME US RELEASE NEWS! . . . IM annoyed. I can't really care that much if I don't get atleast a TIME FRAME for a US release

Has there been any talk of these being available sim free unlocked and carrier unbranded? After getting my unlocked Desire when it was launched and getting updated quickly I'm not sure I want to go back to locked devices.
Though that was HTC and we are yet to see how Samsung handle this.