Virgin Mobile LogoVirgin Mobile is all about deals for service and handsets, and it's adding some limited-time special deals for the holidays. The Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) has been $70 off since Monday, now just $299 off contract, and will stay that way through next Monday. The venerable HTC EVO 4G will be on sale for $199 and the Samsung Galaxy Reverb just $99 through Monday also, both $100 off.

You'll see the EVO 4G go on sale starting Friday, and the Galaxy Reverb starting Thursday. Virgin offers all of these devices off-contract, with monthly plans starting at just $35.

Source: Virgin Mobile


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Virgin Mobile offering holiday discounts on handsets


It's actually a typo. Virgin has what they've named the Evo V 4G, which is actually just a rebranded Evo 3D

That S2 for $300 is very tempting. To bad VM cutoff their OG $25 plans last year without an, "upgrade your phone and keep the same plan option", last year.