Word emerging from down under is that Australians can look forward to getting the HTC One X on the Virgin Mobile network. Rival network Optus are also carrying the device, but the latest addition to the Virgin stable will be a welcome one for Australian Android fans. 

No word yet on release date, only that interested customers should check back early April for updates. Pricing is available though, and it can be had free of charge on a two-year contract at $59 per month. The One X is set to be one of the devices of 2012, so seeing it begin to appear in the global markets is good news. 

via Ausdroid


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Virgin Mobile Australia announce the HTC One X


Wow, I think that U.S. carriers need to take note of this. I'd be more likely to win the lottery than see a U.S. carrier announce that they were getting a new phone less than a month after the phone itself was announced, plus being open enough to say when to check back for some details.

EDIT: The MegaMillions jackpot in the U.S. is up to $200 million dollars, let's see if I can put my theory to the test... :-)

It's not a good as it seems. Their network tops out at a crappy 14.4Mbps and it's likely that you'll only get 1-2Mb of data at that price. Some of their $49 plans only have 500Mb of data! So yes, you might get a shiny new phone but it will be on a crap network with very little data.

Don't get me wrong, the "HTC One X" is one awesome phone: Tegra 3, better audio "beats"" but better then the regular on-board audio-ships that come on most android phones,and ex ex. But is it bad that I want this out, so I can buy a Galaxy Nexus when everyone tries to sell there phone for this one? lol

This phone wont be very useful because Virgin Mobile has throttled data, and theres 3G is very slow. Honestly Boost Mobile has better 3G, and better phones.