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BlackBerry fans everywhere were astonished Thursday when an early version of the Android Player for the PlayBook leaked out and their little tablets suddenly became usable. Usable as in once you've got Android running on the PlayBook, you suddenly have an e-mail app. Craziness!

Pretty cool stuff, especially since it's running Android 2.3.3, and there's a good chance your phone doesn't even that yet. Glad we could help you out there, RIM.

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A video walkthrough of the unholy marriage of BlackBerry and Android


I thought it was geeky wierd for people to post "first comment" with no content. But having the opportunity I am taking it. Don't worry, won't do it again.

*slow golf clap* Nice try troll. But next time at least try for an insut that has some validity to it. Like fragmentation. 100 apps....really? LOL. *pats him on the head...good effort though* Dats cute.

"Now Android just needs a iOS app emulator so its tablet is actually useful and has more then 100 apps."

That would never work for games. iOS apps are written for slow hardware. Put them on an Android tablet and everything would run too fast, like trying to run a DOS game circa 1990 on a modern PC.

i know im a little late to comment but seeing as i have both and ipad and a xoom. one being mine and the other my wife's. i would have to say that the ipad is definitly the more useless of the two. even in my workplace i see people jumping ship from the ipad faster then people did on the titanic. once they see how much better my xoom is they kick themself in the butts.

Blackberry playbook so its web os android i say web os because of the swipe away feature. makes me want one now but ill wait in till its like 300 shouldn't take long

Ok, so now (as a former BB user) I just have to ask... Why would someone want to get a blackberry tablet, that needs to run the Android OS? Why wouldn't they just switch (like I did almost 2 years ago) and get an Android tablet and/or phone? I think it is REALLY saying something that RIM needs to use it's competition's OS in order to be functional. Call it, RIM time of death: 448pm 7/22.

Except that they don't NEED to use the Android OS - they're adding it in as an OPTION and even this wasn't suppose to be out, it's a LEAK. I concur, email/calendar shouldn't need a leaked Android vm, but I don't think it's time to call death of RIM yet.

Remember when people were saying the same thing about Apple in 2002/2003?

If it weren't for Miscrosoft Apple would not be here today. People seem to forget MS bailed Apple out....

I have the PlayBook and I got it because it's the best tablet out there. It's easy to use, the perfect size, has better hardware than most of the Android tablets released at the same time and has great apps. The added bonus of being able to run Android apps just makes it even better.

I just switched to the Incredible 2 phone from the BlackBerry Storm, but it is lacking in several things that the BlackBerry phone did (especially in the calendar). RIM's problem is with their current phone hardware. They have fantastic abilities, but run out of memory too easily. They know what the problem is so once they catch up there, their phones will be very competitive again.

"RIM's problem is with their current phone hardware. They have fantastic abilities, but run out of memory too easily. They know what the problem is so once they catch up there, their phones will be very competitive again."
....This so sounds like me 2 years ago right before I switched from BB to Android. Problem is, RIM is aiming at a moving target. By the time they make something decent for TODAY, TOMORROW has already come, and Android (and Apple for that matter) have already leaped ahead again. RIM in not innovating...they're playing an eternal game of catch-up.

It needen't spell death for RIM. Just for native QNS (or whatever the Blackberry OS is) apps. Which begs the question, why doesn't RIM ditch their own OS an start building Android hardware with the Blackberry service on top. If most of the Blackberry apps are coming from RIM anyway, why not spend their resources building great apps and a great experience on top of Android? Unless you count gmail as a competitor, RIM has no conflict with Google; so the combination could be a real winner.

This is just such an insult to the BlackBerry community. The fact they feel they need to have Android compatibility somewhat destroys the credibility for getting their product in the first place, since the rest of the environment doesn't really bring anything of great value.

This isn't going to save BlackBerry/RIM...

Curious. I was a BlackBerry user on both T-Mobile and Sprint before selling my soul to the Gods of Android and picking up my shiny new HTC EVO 4G. I have never wanted to look back. While the BB interface was nice at the time and they have what I still consider to be one of the finest physical keyboards available on smartphones I would have to say that they should just give up and start using Android OS on their devices; with some killer BB apps, of course. Just imagine the home run that would be a stylish BB device running the latest Android OS and delivering the best of both worlds.

To many people in the comments here are missing the main point. BlackBerry Tablet os is so powerful that it can treat Android 2.3.3 like its a fart app. It launches and runs Android like its nothing. Lets see Android launch BlackBerry Tablet os in a sandbox while Android continues to run. It can't be done.

Google really should have bought QNX. It is capable of so much more than Android is. I own an Android and I love it but it is bad when Android apps are running better on my PlayBook than they will on my og droid.

Maybe Google will buy RIM and replace Android with Tablet os. That would be the ideal situation cause as it stands now RIM has the newst, most powerful mobile os out there and after comparing the Xoom to the PlayBook it shows.

Actually, Android does not need to emulate Tablet OS or any other OS, that's the point. And why compare your much more powerful Playbook to the outdated Droid hardware? Of course your playbook will run Android apps faster. Compare it to a phone with comparable hardware and it's a different story. I've played with an LG Revolution as an example, and it blows through Android apps like they're nothing.

RIM is in the position they're in simply because they dragged their feet for too long. I saw this happening years ago. And it doesn't look like QNX will bring them back to what they were. They are not going to die but will sit at the back of the class for a while. Better hardware and software will only go so far with a broken strategy.

None of that changes the fact that RIM by far has a more powerful os. Android is great and the mascot is cute. But the os can't do what the QNX based BlackBerry os will do. What is it going to be like once that amazing os is on phones?

Forget the UI or the piggy backing off of Android, just think about what Google could have doone with QNX instead of Android. If you watch that video and still think Android is anything special than your just not seeing the bigger picture. RIM really leap frogged everyone with their purchase of QNX. Its just a shame people are not buying the PB. Hopefully someone buys RIM and takes that os and continues to develop it, because its honestly the most capable os out there and I really don't want to see it die. You shouldn't either. RIM seems to be wasting the potential they have with it, Maybe when the QNX phones come out people will buy them and they can continue to unlock the power of QNX.

Your post was filled with a whole bunch of words, but you didn't actually say anything. "QNX is awesome. QNX is the best. Android sucks." You didn't even use any points to back up your love.

"To many people in the comments here are missing the main point. BlackBerry Tablet os is so powerful that it can treat Android 2.3.3 like its a fart app. It launches and runs Android like its nothing. Lets see Android launch BlackBerry Tablet os in a sandbox while Android continues to run. It can't be done."

I'm don't know anything about qnx, but i think your logic may be flawed. It seems to me that the reason android is so easily "sandboxed" is b/c it's so light weight and efficient. And when it comes to sandboxing, I don't think it matters how "powerful" the host os is, but how powerful the hardware is. Now u could claim that qnx is very "lightweight and efficient" and the Playbook's hardware is so powerful that is why it can run along side android easily, but that's not what u said.

QNX = around 106,000 lines of code
Android = around 12,000,000 lines of code

Which one is efficient?

Android is monolithic, while QNX is a micro kernel based real time OS that can fully take advantage of multi thread processing. If Android itself can't do what QNX by itself will do then how could Android emulate QNX and all of a sudden allow it to do those things?

That would be like asking Windows 98 to run a Windows 7 virtual machine. It wouldn't work. You yourself said you don't think it matters how powerful the os is. Ok so build a super pc then put windows 98 on it. It still couldn't run a windows 7 VM. That's fact.

Android simply can't do what QNX does. They are completely different. Being a fan of Android don't mean you should refuse to accept reality. The reality is no matter what anyone thinks or believes QNX is a lot more capable than Android. Its not even a fair comparison. QNX is on mars right now. QNX systems have ran for 25 years non stop without a reboot, Even the OS can be update without the system needing a reboot. Look into QNX and learn about it and you will agree its not a fair comparison.

I'm not a RIM fan at all, I have a PB and I love it but my phone is Android and will probably always be Android. RIm could go out of business next week and I wouldn't care as long as someone else continued to work with QNX on mobile devices. Because it is really awesome.

All your points are fine and dandy. It still doesn't change the REALITY that RIM is the property owner of the QNX system and they are proving go be complete Jack holes... THEYRE IDIOTS and are continuing to be IDIOTS!

So RIM could not buy WebOS, so they "borrowed" the WebOS concept, and they have no apps so they are going to "borrow" Androids. Good for them I guess. But in my eyes its a BIG FAIL!

Why isn't Google suing RIM for this? Doesn't RIM need to have some sort of hardware approval at least to run Android?

Apple or MS would be freaking out and raising a legal storm if anyone else had an emulator for their software.

Android is open source. RIM has as much right to use it as anyone else does. The market is not open source. RIM doesn't and will not use that part of Android. But all of the parts of it that are open source they can use no problem. If I wanted to I could use Android. That's what open source is.

Everyone loves how Android is a open system. So everyone should love how RIM is able to slap it onto the PB.

Tablet os could easily do this with iOS, and webos and w7 also, but none of those are open source. So if they did they would get sued. Google can't sue RIM over this even if they wanted to.

This is one of the reasons why Honeycomb isn't open source I bet. As soon as it goes open source PB will get it.

I understand that, but IIRC, there are still certain hardware specifications for devices to be allowed to run Android. Clearly, the PB must meet these requirements.

One has to wonder whether allowing Android apps to run in a Blackberry device is a good long-term plan. In the Linux community, talks of integrating Windows emulators such as WINE into some distros have been met with stiff opposition, citing that allowing Windows apps to run inside a Linux machine will not encourage development on the platform.

Will this be the case here with Blackberry? Will devs stop developing for the platform because Android apps will run anyway?

well, that's....nice, i guess.

okay, i'll be brutally honest here, RIM, get your shit together, the Torch 9850, okay, you'd prooven to the world, you figured out capacitive touch screens. k? now, how about we run from there and put a bit of...i dunno flash?, you already got HD cameras on your phones, why not catch up from there? by the standard now you guys are only a few seconds off the pace (motor racing speak for, not that far behind just punch it) you can easily catch up.

Windows Phone 7 is ahead of you!, and they really don't havre any major development going for them at the moment (but probably will by the end of the year, i bet you 5 dollars the app arsenal for WP7 explodes by the middle of november, if not sooner)

i'm not a fanboy, i like all OS's, it's just some need to get some speed behind their development.