Multitouch on Android isn't quite old hat yet, so let's take another look at it on the Verizon HTC Droid Incredible. All things being equal, it just feels better than on the Motorola Droid or Google Nexus One. And, more important, we're not seeing any of the issues experienced when testing on the Nexus One. Check it out.

Update: Buckaroo Banzai spells it out perfectly in the comments. Indeed, it's a different screen panel.

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tdawgui says:

Looks good! So its OK to cross streams now? haha...

th0r615 says:

I thought that the HTC Incredible / HTC Desire / Nexus one all used the same screen? So wouldn't this mean that it is a software issue in the Nexus One and that the rumor of HTC/Google working on a fix for it is at least more plausible now?

We just proved they don't. In other news, I can't believe I forgot to run this on the Legend. :/

slinky317 says:

Man, that red earpiece really hurts the look of the phone, in my opinion. It looks totally out of place and really makes the phone look funky.

John-Paul says:

From the pictures, it kind of reminds me of the grill on the KITT 2000, but I get what you are say.


iamrobk says:

This is awesome news! Any way you could check (look at test pattern pictures? or whatever) and see if it still has the same subpixel arrangement as the N1? I'm sure it does (unfortunately), but then I was also sure that it would still have the MT bug, so who knows...

Right at 1:35 the colors swap. Phil, did you accidentally lift a finger right then? Or is something else going on? Other than that, it definitely looks like it tracks your fingers better.

HTC is now using the Atmel mxt224 screen vs. the old Synaptics 2000. The Atmel is a known component of the upcoming HTC EVO 4G - I just didn't think they'd implement it this soon. Looks like they have. It's not merely a software enhancement on the Incredible over the N1; they are indeed using a new screen type. Very nice.

triggerman53 says:

I guess HTC didn't count on multitouch being enabled anytime soon on a android phone running stock android(Nexus one) and that's y they used a infurier screen when compared to the latest bach of HTC phones.

m3commish says:

Giving the Droid to the wife and picking this up on the 29th! Can't wait!! Love the Droid, but hate the slide out keyboard .. have since day 1. Other than that, it's a solid phone -- now looking foward to the DI. :)

gbhil#AC says:


That's smooth as butter.

cluckkillerb says:

Looks smooth as silk, can't wait to test the EVO multitouch from home =X As always, awesome demo Phil!

rew001 says:

Niceeeeeee :)

threepio says:

Looks great. cant wait to get my incredible!

rion_j says:

Wow, Wow, Wow! Honestly, what cant this phone do well? Thanks for the vid Phil, great stuff!

agarrett527 says:

I'm digging the commentary on these videos. And the crossing of the streams reference? Money.

Looks like I'm making a good decision.

Planet says:

Thank you for covering that (to me) important matter, while everyone else just shrugs and says: "yes, it does the pinch-zoom-thingy".

Please don't forget to repeat this test whenever a Galaxy S lands in your hands! :D

sjcea says:

My N1 has no such issues ? That test runs just fine on my phone ? also the N1 is just a smooth as the Incredible in every way , no such issues or lag noticed by me

megagamer44 says:

What is this app the multitouch app

iamrobk says:

Hey, according to these 2 articles:
The mxt224 supports input via stylus and gloves and etc. Care to test? Ya never know...

deis says:

The multitouch test app he is using, is I believe called "Multitouch Vis Test".

Also I would like to say that my Nexus One performs just as fast as that Incredible in the video. And even in use I have had zero problems with the multitouch on my Nexus One.

Soco_Jon says:

Are you guys REALLY gonna go thru ALL the submissions for Incredible giveaway!!?? Theres alot...aaaaaand mine...mine is pretty awesome.

d1puts says:

lol man..idc about the giveaway that much anymore..i just want one now

weehooherod says:

Multi-touch has never been a problem for pinch to zoom on the Nexus One for me, however it becomes a problem when gaming. Trying to use the D-Pad and the Buttons on the bottom with Gameboid is impossible on the N1 because the multi-touch problems make the game freak out.

HeadAcheJoe says:

Well, I bought the Droid, thinking the Incredible WOULD have the SAME SCREEN as the N1.

Darn it. Well, I love my Droid; it's been good to me. And, maybe I can win the give-away...