Still on the fence about manually updating your Motorola Droid to Android 2.1? No need. We'll walk you though it.


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Video: How to apply the Droid 2.1 update


cant update or dl apps from market place using 3g data. How do i rectify that? However, can update and dl from market using wifi


after update, another reboot should fix market problems, so i have read. I didnt have any problems with the market after i updated.

It's not from 2.1. I tested this on a coworkers's phone who was still running 2.0.1 and he too was experiencing issues with the Market.

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This is something i have wondered for a while now.
What happens to programs that came in your old rom, google maps for example, that you have updated from the market place and now there is a newer version in your new rom?

Example, my rom ships with say google maps 3.1. I have since updated it to 4.0. Say the new rom has 4.0 or even 4.1 in it. What happens?

Does the update that i downloaded from the market place get removed/cleaned up? or do those files just hang around out there and waste space?

i did the manual update without a computer and worked great but as i was watching it load the there was a phase where it said "removing all unnecessary folders" or something along those lines. but im sure there is no duplicate files or folders. hope that helps.

Omg. Ok, I've been visiting this site at least once a day for the last, idk, 2 months. Love it! Anyways, been watching for the latest update on 2.1 for Droid. Noticed the over-the-air update popping up everywhere, but it would take a few days or so. I knew the official 2.1 would be captured, soon. Then I saw this video... I started to panic with the thoughts of "should I just wait it out?" and "It's RIGHT here in front of me, just do it!". Never rooted or messed with the phone in any such way. But I HAD to have it... Then I blacked out.

In all of 5 minutes. I had 2.1 on my phone, the world is bright and it was too easy. AWESOME! Thanks! :P

Does anyone know if doing this update manually will mess up any OTA updates? I know this is only the second update, so this question might be a bad one to ask. I'm just not sure if I want to manually update the phone each time (if this will mess OTA up).

Great video. Just did it took maybe 5 mins. Everything workin fine :D. Got one question will I still receive the ota update?

did anyone else have any problems with their home screen? mine initially showed up blank.

Any suggestions??

Ran the update, loaded after a few tries. System info says it is updated but no new features (Looks Exactly like 2.0.1) and now the Gallery app is no longer installed on the phone.

I have tried to download the update date but receive a message that says "Download Unsuccessful" - cannot download. The content is not supported on this phone.

Any thoughts? Why wouldn't my Droid support this content!??? UUGGHH!!

just did it!!! So easy and this is sweet!!! Does anyone know if i will still receive the OTA update??? Will this mess up with my phone??

Did the update..Works OK,but where is the Yahoo email?and has anyone noticed their phone is running a bit hot?mine is..any suggestions?I ran a virus scan and now it says"This phone has been rooted.."What is that all about?

Just updated and I'm loving the new features! One thing that I'm confused about, though -- shouldn't the app launcher be different? I've seen a bunch of videos showing a new look and feel, plus 5 home screens. Did I miss something?

how come i cant update it? when i did it on the computer it said it would not access it and when i tried it on my phone it says content not supported by phone

It was amazingly easy to do the manual update. Of note - seems like the animated wallpapers may tax the battery. Or it could just be that I was showing it off to every person with an iPhone all that stuff. They of course said, "Apple is supposed to have that soon." And then I showed them Google Translate for Animals!!!

I had the same problem last night..... however, I finally figured it out! Go to the App Market and download a free App called "Astro". This is a file manager. There is an option within that program that needs to be checked to allow download .zip extensions. I downloaded the Astro program and had no problem downloaded the official update.

Hope this helps.

I keep getting "Download Unsuccessful" and something about my phone not supporting the download. What gives?

I ran the update. The phone says its running 2.1, however Im not seeing any of the new options like the 5 homescreens. It still looks the same. can anyone help?

The 5 homescreens are from 2.2 from my understanding. The Nexus One was 2.1 with some 2.2 features like the 5 screens.

Just did everything, booted up fine, but now it's saying I don't have the Gallery installed...any way to fix that? Since it was supposed to be one of the shiny new features and all that.

I had the same issue. The old shortcut icon won't work anymore. Drag it to trash and add an application shortcut for the new and improved gallery in its place.

I think I"m screwed... after the reboot, all I keep seeing are DROID and the Magic Eye... it's been at least 5 min... How long should the reboot take?

OK Now im officially SCARED!! What happened? Anyone have any tips or help? I updated just as the instructions say, Now it is in a continuous reboot Loop! Is there a way to UNINSTALL the update? PLEASE HELP!!!!

this seems to be a place where you ONLY POST PROBLEMS, or that it worked...... Havent seen a thread yet that has helped anyone..... Thanks for NOTHING!

OK well I fixed it myself.
Holding X and Power to turn on, it gives an option to reset factory settings. DO THIS, it doesnt erase anything you have saved, just need to put items back on the Wallpaper. And after it reboots, set everything back up (gmail, etc.) and You will have the update.

GLAD I had to fix it myself. thanks for the HELP. Hope this Helps others though.

Im attempting to do this but it keeps telling me "Download Unsuccessful that it does not support this phone? Please help ASAP

I've downloaded Astro & when I click on download, it just says "update" & I'm feeling kind of stupid! Also, I did NOT see the file name anywhere. Any help is MUCH appreciated.

From the South end of Lake Erie.

Also, after I click on "download" it says "update" & once I click on that, it says "Directory is empty" I guess I must be from a different planet! And yes, I have downloaded the update!

got the update notice for my droid early this morning.. clicked update and fell back asleep.. now the phone is stuck in the reboot loop.. i took the battery out and restarted the phone and its still stuck in the reboot loop... wtf???

I downloaded the update a few days ago and its working fine. The new features have to be put on by going to the menus for wallpapers and the photos u have to remove the short cut and put it up again for that one. The video was very helpful and made easy to install.

I am officially on Android 2.1 (EU) and I have up to 9 homescreens. Whats wrong with those guys only having the old 3-screen-version?

I downloaded the Astro app n was able to download the official update, but I'm having issues moving the file to root folder. I get the option to move it, but don't have the option to paste in the root folder. Can someone help me pls.

Problem!: None of the links will download to my droid. It keeps saying content is not supported on this phone.....What do I do?

I have a problem with the X and the power button. It only starts normal all the time without going to the triangle screen??
Help anyone?