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Here's video of Google's Andy Rubin showing off that Tegra 2 Motorola tablet prototype running Android 3.0 Honeycomb and the all-new Google Maps. In a word: WANT! [All Things D] Thanks, Kevin!


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Video: Andy Rubin with the Motorola tablet and Honeycomb


This looks incredible. I may actually get a tablet when this thing drops. Unbelievable. Simply awesome!

Wow, this is the first time I've genuinely wanted a tablet. Really cool stuff, especially when he swiped down with two fingers on Google Maps and shifted the view. I need at least Gingerbread on my phone now, I'm still stuck with Eclair on my Fascinate because of Samsung and Verizon! >:(

no offense to walt mossberg, but we need some younger hosts for All Things D. That lady does NOT belong there

not only younger hosts, but a bit more non-bias as well. Walt has his head so far up Steve J's butt, it's terrible. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate Apple and their products (especially their computers) but...

I didn't realise that apple invented the tablet and email clients with both inbox and message frames all in early 2010. Amazing!

I don't think it's a matter of age, but they both don't seem like they are very experienced in their fields. I never liked these 2 hosts ever and don't think they should be doing interviews anymore.

also, yes they seem to be defending Apple.

I can't stand when everyone compares every product to an Apple product.

Lady - "Oh well the iPad only has 1 button." Good for them.

I also can't believe how that lady was just grabbing for the tablet! Seriously?! I tried to slap her hand out of the way, but I couldn't reach from the couch...

one day soon, maybe with "ice cream" android will become a full blown computer operating system that will compete with windows & macs.

I don't think that's where this is headed. Google has touchscreen android, and keyboard/mouse chrome OS. Chrome will try to compete on the netbook market, and android on the tablet market. On the power desktop/laptop? Not likely. Especially since android only goes to 1.6 on x86. No 64bit versions either. If that is the direction they want to go, it will take a lot longer than 2 iterations (which is what, 1 year maybe?)

That comment was the main thing I picked up on. You can believe Apples lawyers are filing away footage of all of these public appearances for future lawsuits. So deniability is key!

"I'm not sure what API's they use in that (ipad) device"

C'mon, you know EXACTLY whats in that machine!

That lady is a douche lol..she insists on getting her hands on the tablet but Andy wouldn't let her lol lol. Amazing like always, I cant wait to get my hands on the Honey!

I want the mototab! 10" version please! I'll impatiently wait until Februaryish I suppose...

When the iPad came out, I really thought it was a useless piece of hardware that had no purpose. I never intended to get a tablet of any type. However, after seeing the brief demo of the prototype Motorola tablet, my thoughts have changed. It's partially due to Honeycomb, but more to do with the overall aesthetics of the device. A device that is orientation independent with some powerful internals definitely piqued my interest. You can bet that I will be lining up to buy this device on launch day...whenever that may be.

Count me as another one who was pretty 'meh' about tablets but that one? I WANT.

Also, 'OMG UR DOING IT LEIK APPLE!' of course the APIs have to change moron, that's not an Apple thing that's good design sense.

Can't wait for the new Google maps either, looking awesome!

Nice but don't think the moto tab tops the notion ink adam. I like physical buttons personally. Well one or two anyway lol. The notion ink has a mechanical/industrial class to it. But I do love to see Honey comb breathing.

Motorola's tab looks enormous, the iPad is too big to be mobile so the Galaxy tab and the Playbook are a perfect size for being both portable and mobile whereas the iPad is just portable.

Hardware buttons give a device a default orientation so I can see why they're moving away from those. Andy was sharp in his answers and their Apple bias is easy to see, too bad all we have for now is prototype wares but at least they've surfaced.

someone should check the back of their necks for a damn apple logo. Bet they got apples "processor" rammed in their butt. How annoying to hear "apple" so many times from them. You could tell Andy was losing his patience especially when she tried to finger his moto toy lol.

haha, "The ipad only has one" ..... "yeah, you still get a little lost." that cracked me up. Just annoyed with that old lady.

I don't think she had any idea what was going on. He was there to show off 3.0, and she was acting like he was there to sell the Motopad.

Who wants to back-hand that those two?! Sheesh. Andy, you handled yourself well in spite of their bias.

To the poster that said "younger people at ATD", I agree. These robots are drinking from SJ's nectar. You can't be objective about Tech when you only worship one company/product/OS, etc.....

Jesus, that lady was so annoying, "What is this still waters run deep". I was screaming at the screen, "Shut the f*ck up!"

This lady is such a b.i.t.c.h... "Well the Ipad only has one button", "Is there going to be 175 versions of it?". WOW, she is riding Steve Job's man bone like there is no tomorrow.

Well one or two anyway lol. The notion ink has a mechanical/industrial class to it. But I do love to see Honey comb breathing.

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