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Verizon's Galaxy Nexus sign-up page is live


i prefer HSPA+ for now... since the battery life will be mediocre and the LTE version will be thicker... just my opinion...

I sure hope tmo sing up page is coming soon too, and yes HSPA has better battery life and I'm happy with speed tmo offer.

Since my Xoom is on Verizon and my phone is on T-mobile I'm just waiting to see which carrier gives me the option first. Overall I generally prefer 4G LTE (my Xoom download and upload speeds are very fast compared to T-mobile) while I prefer a thinner phone with better battery life, which is what I would likely get from T-mobile.

So I'm just waiting to see who makes me an offer first. I suspect it will be Verizon.

the update for my thunderbolt today really really improved my battery life on lte. i was actively streaming music and surfing the web for a good two hours while in the car on a trip. usually my battery would be drained by then, but today it was down to 75% - if you know lte, then you know that that is really good.

Really? You can say this with a straight face after the unveiling of the Droid RAZR? I didn't know 12.5 hr battery life and a 7mm thin body was a bad thing for LTE.

If you still are rocking an OG, like me, you're probably still good for your last new every two discount. Should know 30-50 more off...

I'm always a bit skeptical about these sign ups. They say they don't sell your info but have any of you out there who have signed up for one of these received any type of spam?

I have signed up for one of these before and didn't get any Spam because of it, or at least that I know of.

LOL .. VZW Galaxy Nexus sign up page ... I'm still waiting on info from Verizon on the Droid Bionic.... Don't hold your breath waiting on them, that's for sure.

And, yes, now that its been mentioned, I have been getting weird e-mails the past few weeks. The latest was from I have NO IDEA who they are .... I wouldn't put is past VZW one bit.

Geez, every time I hear or read Skyrim, I get images in my mind about doing dirty things while sky diving ... LOL ... I'm turning into a dirty old man and I haven't hit 40 yet! :-O

Exactly the 2 things I'm excited about! About had a freakin' orgasm just reading your post. Gonna have ta take a vacation day on 11.11.11

I'm mostly excited for ICS on my NS4G, but where are the other carrier announcements? No phone you can invent will ever get me to change carriers. Let's see this really compete with the iPhone. Bring it for everyone!!! Sprint, T-Mo, Verizon and even evil AT&T.

Totally agree - I wish they wouldn't pull this carrier specific crap. The SGS2 is selling extremely well because of it.

I agree as well. Google is really shooting themselves in the foot with this move. I'm not leaving sprint but want this phone badly.

How so? Verizon has a massive install base that is only a small amount less than AT&T (unless that has changed again?). How is the Galaxy Nexus being released only to Verizon any different than when the other Nexus devices were originally only available to 1 or 2 carriers that, combined, was about the same install base of Verizon at the time? I think this is more about people being butt hurt that AT&T is not the special carrier for once, rather than Google "shooting themselves in the foot".

Umm... Verizon, you sell mobile phones. Maybe you should consider optimizing your sign up page for mobile? Just a thought...

I'm not a verizon fan but today I got the email about the new motorola coming out. So if you enter the email you will get the notification not like sprint (the company I'm using) Apple,Verizon & Samsung they do send the email

I hope their information is incorrect. I won't be waiting almost a year. I'll move on to something else before I wait that long.

Because its very very wrong. It is coming this year. More than likely next month in November.

What do I actually stand to gain by signing up for this? Obviously I can just get the info from androidcentral just as fast. Are they going to save one for me? Guessing not and waste of time.

Is anyone worried about app compatibility with ICS and overall stability? It might actually be better to get an HTC Rezound or Moto Razr, looks like both may have better specs, and the wait for the update will give others the opportunity to do live testing with ICS and apps time to catch up... Also as far as getting future updates, Nexus One is NOT getting ICS, and it's not even 2 years old yet. So even the Nexus line doesn't provide updates that far out... All that said, I'll take a look at the Galaxy Nexus and watch reviews, but I may end up with a Rezound (unless its too big, and battery life is horrible).

The Nexus One was the 1st phone already on the market to receive the Gingerbread update, and it got it within a few months of being released by Google. In addition the almost 2 year old Nexus One has continued to received updates to Gingerbread while newer high end phones were still waitng for the first update to Gingerbread.

In about a year or 2, while the Galaxy Nexus is still receiving updates, how do you think the Rezound will be doing with regular and timely updates?

That's probably because the Nexus One is almost 2 years old and this new ICS software requires more power. Makes sense, right?

I was completely sold on HTC phones and wanted the Rezound sooo badly but after seeing ICS and the GNex I am blown away. I can't wait to get this phone and I cannot wait to get ICS!!!

Let the Guinea pigs (early adapters)get it and work out the bugs and in a month or two the price will drop...anyway pass.

These sign-up pages are useless. I signed up for information on the Bionic over the summer; I'm still waiting - and I've had the phone since launch day.

I signed up for information on the Droid Razr....I received an email last night (the night before pre-orders started). It was a waste of time, because all the information was already out there. If you pay attention to tech sites, you'll know more about the phone then the email will tell you.