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Verizon Wireless's Q1 2014 results see $21 billion in revenue and 539,000 postpaid subscribers

Verizon's first quarter results are in, and mirroring rival AT&T, they saw some rather impressive growth. Verizon as a whole saw $30 billion in revenue, but even with their substantial non-cellular businesses, Verizon Wireless accounted for a whopping $20.9 billion of that income. That's an...
Kyocera Brigadier

Rugged (and ugly) Kyocera Brigadier tipped for Verizon release

Verizon always seems to have a wide range of phones available for customers of all types, and that means having at least one good rugged and waterproof phone on the roster. The latest rumored to be coming to the carrier is the Kyocera Brigadier, a device that looks like its ready for whatever you...

FCC to limit Verizon and AT&T participation in upcoming low-band spectrum auction

AT&T threatens to not participate in the auction if rumored restrictions are put in place An upcoming spectrum auction that will offer up airwaves previously reserved for broadcasters could actually give the most benefit to smaller mobile network providers. The auction, which will have...
Verizon's HTC One M8 getting a software update with new features, fixes

Verizon's HTC One M8 getting a software update with new features, fixes

For those of you rocking a Verizon edition of the HTC One M8, it's software update time! We've been expecting one, as the U.S. models have lagged behind their more worldly counterparts in regards to some last-minute fixes and feature additions that we saw at launch time. Here's what's new in...

Verizon to give discounts to customers with off-contract phones

Verizon is finally going to give you a discount for off-contract phones. Starting April 17th, customers of Big Red are going to be able to bring their own off-contract devices onto shared MORE Everything plans at a discount. No longer will they have to pay a subsidy fee for a subsidy they're not...
Verizon Droid Maxx

Verizon releases Droid Maxx in two new color options, quietly cuts storage to 16GB

$99 on-contract gets you a couple cool color options for a great phone on Verizon. The Motorola Droid Maxx is getting slightly old at this point, and in order to freshen things up a bit Verizon is releasing two new color options of the device. Alongside the previous black model, you'll now have...
HTC M8 on Verizon

New HTC One packaging, specs revealed as Verizon model apparently sold on eBay

Buyer seemingly nabs 32GB M8 for $499.99, specs on box confirm earlier rumors Just a day after a purported set of new HTC One (M8) specs emerged online, we have further evidence of the phone's high-end internals, along with a cheeky look at its retail packaging. The device pictured above —...
Samsung Galaxy S5

Verizon Galaxy S5 price: $199.99 on contract, $599.99 outright

Shipping for April 11 global launch Last but by no means least when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S5, Verizon has put its pre-order page live at last. It will ship by the global launch date of April 11, and to pick one up you'll need to part with $199.99 – via a $50 mail in rebate – on a two-...
Verizon LG G Pad

Verizon giving 1GB of free data along with new tablet activations

Turns out T-Mobile isn't the only carrier with some tablet data incentives this week, as Verizon has just posted its own promotion for some "free" data. While it doesn't approach T-Mobile's offering of a completely free 200MB for the lifetime of your device, Verizon is giving customers who...
Verizon Wireless buying spectrum and assets from Cincinnati Bell for $210 million

Verizon Wireless buying spectrum and assets from Cincinnati Bell for $210 million

Cincinnati Bell Wireless has entered into an agreement to sell its spectrum holdings and wireless infrastructure to Verizon Wireless. The deal, valued at $210 million will see Cincinnati Bell's customers transferred to Verizon "or other wireless providers" over the next 8-12 months, during which...

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*Spoiler alert* The Google and Verizon joint press conference scheduled for this morning was made to announce a new partnership between the two companies that'll soon pave way for Android devices on Verizon. Yep, it's finally official. Big Red is going to finally carry Android and it's going to show in a big way. To quote:

Verizon Wireless and Google plan to co-develop several Android-based devices that will be pre-loaded with innovative applications from both parties as well as third-party developers. The family of Android phones on the Verizon Wireless network will come from leading handset manufacturers.

How soon will we see Android devices on Verizon? According to the press release, "The agreement will come to fruition within the next few weeks as Verizon Wireless introduces Android-based handsets". So after a year of existence, it looks like Android is hitting the big time. Motorola Droid aka Tao aka Sholes, we can't wait to see you.

Now what about AT&T..

What do you guys think?

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Verizon and Google just announced that they'll be holding a joint press conference this morning (10am Eastern, 7am Pacific)  to discuss, well, no one really knows exactly. Obviously, when Google and Verizon get together, our minds get spinning for a Motorola Droid aka Tao aka Sholes announcement. Could this be it?

The MOTODEV Summit is kicking off the same day as this Google/Verizon conference and well, if the stars are aligning like we see it, a new Android device just might be shown off. At the very least, we expect Verizon and Google to detail their Android plans--how can they not? Both Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam are slated to speak so this is as big as it gets.

What do you guys think?

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BGR just got a leaked Verizon Release Calendar that points the release date for the Motorola Droid aka Tao aka Sholes as October 30th. As in the end of this month. Whoa. To play it safe, the leaked Calendar suggests that October 30th is really the 'target' release date so we don't know how on track Verizon and Motorola currently are but a Verizon Android phone releasing between the Sprint HTC Hero and T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ is as competitive as it gets.

BGR has also received a slide showing that the Motorola Droid aka Tao aka Sholes is at least on track for release 'before the holidays' at Sam's Club. So even if it's not October 30th, it seems like the Verizon Motorola Android device shouldn't be too far off.

hit the jump to see the picture of the leaked slide!

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Okay, let's play a little bit of catch up. The device pictured above was first known as the Motorola Sholes, which for a little while turned into the Motorola Tao, and now looks to be named the Motorola Droid. Hmm. Tao is our personal favorite since we're not even sure what a 'Sholes' is and 'Droid' being too repetitive of Android. Regardless of name, it looks like the Motorola Droid/Tao/Sholes won't run MOTOBLUR, instead rocking a 'with Google' build of Android (which actually lends more credence to the 'Droid' name) that will include native Adobe Flash support.

The reported specs of the Motorola Droid/Tao/Sholes (via phonedog):

  • 3.7″ screen with 854×480 (16:9 widescreen) capacitive touchscreen
  • 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 Processor
  • Wi-Fi, EV-DO
  • 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash and video recording
  • QWERTY Slider, 13.7mm thick
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 16GB onboard storage with microSD expansion slot
  • Android 2.0 'Eclair'
  • Launches December 1st

Overall, everything looks fine--the additional screen real estate is a big plus but we were being greedy and hoping for a wee bit more CPU power. BGR also reports that there may be a keyboard-less version for 2010. TheStreet independently reports that Verizon and Motorola may announce the phone next week, which would be highly convenient timing considering rivals HTC and Sprint are launching the HTC Hero on October 11th. Talk about stealing the spotlight.

However, most rumors and reports suggest a later reveal date for the device but with CTIA being held next week, the stars might just be aligning for us. Who's excited for this device and be sure to tell us what's your favorite name--Droid, Tao, or Sholes--in the comments!

thanks Carlos for the tip!

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This may simply be coincidence but the other Verizon-bound Android device just cleared the FCC the same time the Motorola Sholes did. In this case, it's the HTC Desire, a device we saw leaked via a Verizon inventory document earlier in the month. Like we said before, a HTC-built, Android-powered, Verizon-networked phone? Yeah, we're interested.

The HTC Desire is also going to be rocking Wi-Fi, no small occurrence for Verizon phones. We're speculating here, but could Big Red be preparing to launch both Android devices at the same time? And since we know the Motorola Sholes is a QWERTY-slider device, maybe the HTC Desire will differentiate by offering a full touchscreen experience. Ah, this is just all food for thought. When pictures of the Desire leak, you know we'll have them!

What do you guys think?


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One of the most anticipated Android phones to date, the Motorola Sholes, just passed through the Notorious FCC. Sadly, the FCC didn't offer us any fresh pictures of the Verizon-bound Android device but knowing that the Sholes is inching closer to launch may placate the wild Big Red subscribers thirsting for Android.

The FCC lets us know that the Sholes will run EVDO Rev A / CDMA and more importantly that it'll be equipped with Wi-Fi. Yeah, we know that Wi-Fi on a mobile device isn't exactly breaking news in 2009 but so many Verizon devices are stripped of Wi-Fi that it's definitely noteworthy in the Sholes' case. Phonearena also suggests that the Motorola Sholes may actually be called the Motorola Tao when it's released (we never really understood the Sholes moniker anyway).

We know you guys are clamoring for this device, so let us know how this bit of news on the Motorola Sholes/Tao makes you feel in the comments!


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Are Verizon customers ready for an onslaught of Android phones? Because it looks like Big Red is receiving another Android device, this time by HTC. The HTC Desire 6200 was spotted in those infamous "inventory documents" and by the looks of it, 'ADR' and Google' both strongly hint at it being an Android-based device. The leaked Verizon inventory document hint at other documents but honestly, a HTC-built, Android-powered, Verizon-networked phone? Sign us up. We don't even need the details.

With the Motorola Sholes expected to hit Verizon and the HTC Desire heading in the same direction, it looks like Verizon customers might soon have as many Android phone options as Android early adopter T-Mobile. Who could have predicted that?


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BGR got his hands on some Verizon internal documents and it details estimated release dates and costs for upcoming Verizon handsets. There's Blackberry, Nokia, and other devices in there but we don't care about that. Not at all. We have our eyes locked on the Motorola Sholes Google Phone with an October launch date. Yep, Verizon users--you'll be getting your Android soon enough!

This confirms previous rumors pointing the Sholes in Verizon's direction but surprises us by launching a wee bit sooner than expected. October is going to be exciting times for Android. We can't wait to get our hands on all the new Android devices expected to hit by the end of the year!

No pricing information has been reported but we're sure it's all going to make sense come September 10th.

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If you were disappointed with the Motorola Morrison, you weren’t alone. We thought that Motorola’s purported first Android effort was targeted more for the messaging heavy customer base (read: teenage girls) than the traditional smartphone user (read: us). And coming from a company like Motorola, whose hardware design is typically top-notch, we couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed. Luckily, that’s not Motorola’s only Android device. Meet the Motorola Sholes.

According to multiple reports, the Motorola Sholes has a 3.7” (480 x 854) touchscreen, 512 MB storage, 256 MB RAM, microSD/SDHC support up to 16 gig (with 8gb sd card shipping with the phone), 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, GPS, WiFi, and support for CDMA and EVDO Rev A. Oh yeah, it runs Android and is supposed to launch in October of this year.

The product photos point towards the Motorola Sholes being a Verizon phone but it’s still fairly early in the game to confirm. The design can definitely be likened to the Morrison but it looks loads more polished and light years more ‘grown up’. Though we’re good with the design, we’re a little confused about the Bottom Edge of the phone which feels incomplete, the slider front doesn’t cover the end—weird.

What do you guys think? 


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Verizon has a great network in the United States. However, Verizon also has perhaps the weakest product line among all US carriers. This combination often leads Verizon customers to clamor for the next big phone launch, hoping & wishing that it'll be for Big Red. And though they're usually disappointed, it looks like the future is much, much brighter.

According to Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam:

“Over the next six months or so,” he said, “you will see devices like the Palm Pre and the Cousin on our network from Palm. You will see a second-generation [BlackBerry] Storm. You will see a new device we call the Tour from BlackBerry as well. That is an upscale of any other QWERTY-based devices that we have from BlackBerry today.”

He continued, “You’ll see Motorola back into our portfolio. We feel very good about the progress that the Motorola team has made. And, yes, you’re going to see Android devices as well.”

So how about that? Big Red and Android happy and together! We had previously reported that Verizon's first Android device would be the Motorola Calgary. We think that still stands. What do you guys think?


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We know a lot of you guys wanted it, we know a lot of you guys have been waiting for it, and the time has finally come: Android is coming to Verizon. Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam announced that yes, Verizon aka Big Red will be carrying Android Devices, possibly as soon as the end of 2009. We don't know what phone manufacturer will offer up the Android goods for Verizon but initial signs are pointing to Motorola.

With Big Red in tow, it looks like all the national US carriers will have a horse in the Android race. This is quickly shaping up to be a fantastic year for Android. We can't wait to see what's next.

How excited are you guys to get a Verizon Android Phone?


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We've been interested in a Motorola Android Device here at Android Central since Android was announced--the combination of high-end Motorola hardware plus capable Android software seemed to be a match made in heaven. That dream is finally looking to come true because according to some reports, Motorola is planning to release the Android-powered Calgary which is an uber-sexy, QWERTY slider-type device.

If the reports are to be believed, the Calgary will launch on Verizon, who wouldn't mind a good phone or three of their own. Can you imagine that? Android, Motorola, and Verizon sitting in a tree. Hopefully the picture above captures what Motorola wants to do design-wise with the Calgary--we truly believe that Moto can re-define the smartphone landscape with a game-changing Android device.

[via bgr

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We can't let our sister-site TiPb have all the Verizon fun, now can we? Though Verizon has long stayed far away from Android the stars are beginning to align because according to a job posting listed on Verizon's Careers site, Big Red is looking for an Android Devices Expert that can:

It will be responsible for end to end delivery of innovative java based mobile applications on existing or pre-commercial handsets with an initial focus on voicemail applications. It is also expected to drive application development; conduct required testing and provides production support.

Are they looking to make Verizon-branded apps for Android to run on Verizon-branded devices? Does Verizon already have a team of Android specialists hammering away at the kinks? Is this amazing news or what!

We know a lot of people have and love Verizon but so far Verizon devices have been underwhelming at best. To see an Android-based Verizon device would be HUGE. Let's see if Android can beat the iPhone to America's largest network.

What do you guys think about a Verizon Android Device?

[via modmygphone]

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The 1 million sales mark is a pretty good barometer in determining early success, popularity, and consumer interest in a particular smartphone model. Obviously it has its pitfalls in that gauging such short term success ignores longevity and overall success but it does serve us pretty well when the G1 is such a solid performer.

Taking a look at the chart (via Engadget) it looks like the T-Mobile G1 comes in at a solid 3rd place--which is already a magnificent feat. But upon closer inspection we must realize the odds stacked against our most loved device. The iPhone 3G sold a million units in 3 days because it released in 21 countries simultaneously. Likewise, the Nokia 5800 is certain to have similar massive worldwide appeal. Our G1 numbers come strictly from the United States. No foreign help necessary.

Combine the fact that AT&T and Verizon, which are exclusive carriers to the iPhone 3G and Blackberry Storm respectively, are the MOST POPULAR carriers in the US while T-Mobile is a distant 4th--the sales numbers of the G1 become even more incredible.

This is almost writing itself into an underdog story. The G1 has been an unequivocal success for T-Mobile--it didn't launch in multiple countries nor is part of a larger network yet it still manages to perform pretty favorably. Good job G1!

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