HTC Thunderbolt

Verizon this morning on Twitter offered a little teaser as to when we might actually see the HTC Thunderbolt (see our hands-on) go on sale. No exact date, but we did get:

Many have waited for the Verizon #iPhone. Some looking for the #4G #LTE HTC #Thunderbolt. May be sooner than we expected!

That mean we'll see it before the expected Feb. 14 launch at Best Buy? Guess we'll find out in the coming days. [@verizonwireless] Thanks, Droid Hungry!

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nativi says:

i need it now

Wait.... no HDMi?

DolfanCole says:

No, but does have DLNA.

htowngator says:

Pricing please!

droidgurl11 says:

will an evo extended battery work with this phone, trying to get an answer?

Chrisy says:

Can't wait to get this phone!

bbdub says:

Yes! Can't wait to get the Thunderbolt. Hopefully today is the day to get official pricing and the date!

Droid hungry says:

Your welcome :D I too am excited for this phone.

DolfanCole says:

It was expected in March, so "earlier than expected" could be the Feb. 14th date that seems to be more and more popular.

reverepats says:

never thought of it that way.....I think you may be right

tim6253 says:

It was never expected in March. Verizon said back in December that their first 4G phone would be out in February. It was a few commenters claiming March 17.

DolfanCole says:

No. Verizon stated in their press release at CES that they expect the LTE phones that they introduced (TBolt, Bionic, Revolution, Samsung) "to be available by mid-2011, with some available as early as March 2011." See this link:

mpwt51 says:

I WANT NOW! why must Verizon play these games with us?

Gameboy70 says:

It's interesting the we're seeing more Android devices this year where the manufacturers seem to want to get them out ASAP. Last year, most of the phones announced between CES and CTIA were given broad windows like "Q2" or (a phrase I really dislike) "in the coming months". Manufacturers are now falling all over themselves to beat each other to the market.

embails says:

I hate to say it, but Apple is a marketing/hype juggernaut. This has become increasingly clear to me as a OG Palm Pre owner - who waited 6 months from announcement to release. Companies are getting it that there's SO much new stuff flooding the marketplace that they only have a limited window of mind-share before their product starts to fade into the crowd. Heck, Leo Apotheker of HP has just said that HP webOS products will launch within a month of announcement from now on.

Everyone's taking a page out of Apple's book, and I believe that it's in their best interest! The T-bolt (my personal fav) lost all sorts of cool points as soon as the Atrix was debuted. And now that 3D phones are starting to be teased, the poor AWESOME Atrix doesn't even seem as cool anymore.

Later to announce, and faster to release is the new business model. Get them excited, and get it in their hands while they're still excited.

WhitePhone says:


pearljam5000 says:

why are you so excited?
No dual core
No amoled
It sucks!

WhitePhone says:

Well for me, personally, I don't need dual-core (c'mon dude, it's a freaking phone I don't need dual-core!) And I am just excited enough to get off Sprint WiMAX to LTE. Also, its the only HTC phone that is LTE and I would most likely only buy a HTC and a lot of others prefer HTC too. Also, the thunderbolt is the only phone that will support not only 4G simultaneous voice and data but ALSO voice and data over 3G (a new technology called SVDO). Just because something else (the bionic) has higher specs doesn't mean its quality. Also, in regard to bionic vs thunderbolt, people are worried moto might lock the boot loader and a lot of people like sense better than moto blur.

I couldn't agree more, all this duel core talk is so stupid. It's a freaking phone people.

ruel24 says:

Though I agree on some of your points, HTC flat out makes lower spec phones. They cut corners in a lot of places that Motorola, for instance, doesn't. I understand for some of you that a locked bootloader is a big deal, but for me, it isn't. Motorola simply has the best combination of hardware specs and support going. Yeah, Blur does suck. Yeah, some people are upset about locked bootloaders. But for the rest of us, it's Motorola for the win.

WhitePhone says:

Fair enough. I know for me, those other specs don't matter as long as I get my LTE/Sense/SVDO goodness!

Impulses says:

The fact that we get a choice at all is part of what makes Android great. ;) Personally, I don't think we have anywhere near enough info on Android + dual core CPUs right now to make a judgment call on that... It might be a lot more efficient if the OS is optimized enough to push background tasks unto the 2nd core; but then, dual core optimizations are only available on HC no? so it'd have to be a kernel/manufacturer add-on... Who knows?!

However I'll take HTC's update support over Moto's slightly higher build quality and Samsung's screens any day of the week. SuperAMOLED might look pretty but the colors aren't accurate at all, and SuperLCD looks just fine (even regular old LCDs look fine if you aren't comparing them directly). All that being said, I'd still take Moto over Samsung's plastic overload and lack of updates any day of the week.

If LG makes a good enough impression w/their high end models, even they have a chance to pull ahead of Samsung amongst geeks and enthusiasts.

Dyster says:

Good points. I would like a better screen thou. The amoled on the INC was unreadable outdoors. Did I see somewhere this phone eat the lunch of the Bionic in quadrant and other tests? Nice!

tim6253 says:

I have a newer Dinc with SLCD, the same screen the ThunderBolt has. It's very crisp and easy to read outdoors.

zero neck says:

dual core won't be relevant for 6 months - a year.
no AMOLED screen is a bummer tho

tim6253 says:

FroYo nor Gingerbread support multi cores. Good luck waiting on a phone version of Honeycomb. These phones may not even get it. The Bolt has new gen Snapdragon. As far as screen, it has SLCD. It looks every bit as crisp as Amoled. I have a Dinc. It has SLCD, and looks very nice.

The release dates for these phones after CES are coming out really soon. Much sooner than the phones that came out last year.

ruel24 says:

No Tegra 2, typical crappy HTC thanks!

Treknologist says:

This phone has a Super LCD screen. What is so crappy and typical about it?

ruel24 says:

HTC uses S-LCD screens, which are the smaller form factor of the S-PVA screens. They are inferior to both IPS and AMOLED, which Motorola and Samsung use respectively, but the technology is superior to the typical TN screen you'll find on most low-end equipment. In short, they are cheaper screens than other manufacturers use.

Treknologist says:

I don't think it is so black and white as you make it seem.

HTC did start using AMOLED but Samsung could not deliver enough screens for HTC to make their phones, so they moved to Super LCD.

itch808 says:

Go look at Moto's QHD screen and say that again.

itch808 says:


Comineeyeaha says:

I'm returning my Fascinate on Thursday and waiting for this. I've had enough of Samsung support. Bring it on, HTC!

WhitePhone says:

Do it man! Good choice. And not just because its HTC but because its LTE

zandog says:

HTC ThunderBolt High Res. Enjoy.

squane123 says:

Finally I can get rid of my Black Berry; I have been out of contract since Oct. 3rd!!!!!! Woo Hoooooooo..... Eff RIM!!!!!!!

DroidnOk says:

<----Dies from anticipation!