Verizon Droid Incredible pre-order

Not to be outdone by Best Buy, Verizon's in the middle of sending out e-mails announcing that it'll start taking online pre-orders for the HTC Droid Incredible starting Sunday which is just a matter of hours away. You're still not going to get it any sooner, but you can rest easy in the knowledge that you pre-ordered as early as you could, for what that's worth.

Also, the e-mail clears up the matter of the internal memory, noting that the listed 8 gigabytes of storage is less, confirming other reports. Thanks, Will!


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Verizon taking online Droid Incredible pre-orders starting Sunday


"Actual formatted capacity is less". That sounds and awful lot like a pre-installed micro SD card. Yet from the reports we've heard so far, it really IS onboard memory. Very strange.

Also, I wonder if this memory will be able to store apps too, or just music, pics, & vids.

Or it could be that half-a-gig of that is used up by Sense and Android, and that's what they're referring to.

Still, considering the average size of any android app, 8 gigs is overkill! 2 would give you alot of breathing room for app storage, easily.

This is gonna be tough.

Get the Incredible now or wait 2 more months for the Evo. What's a consumer supposed to do with these choices???

I wonder how many people will buy this phone over waiting for the EVO 4G? This phone does look awesome but I'm with Sprint til I die. Well, unless they become like Verizon and ATT and raise their prices that high. Sprint's coverage is a lot better then what people think. It's better then ATT and way better then T-mobile. Obviously Verizon has the most coverage but Sprint roams off Verizon and there is no extra charge to the consumer for that. Anyway, Android FTW.

The Verizon Incredible site still says pre-ordering begins April 19th... just sayin'.

Not sure why people are having an issue deciding between the Evo and this. Seems pretty simple to me. This phone is on Verizon, and is NOT the Evo. So if you want to be on Sprint and want the Evo, wait it out! I want neither... I got lured into waiting for the Nexus 1 on Verizon, and now that this is here, I have no doubts that I will buy this instead.

Yea, I think that 18th screenshot was caught a couple days ago (as seen on AndroidForums) and was up for a hot second, but then switched back to the 19th.
If you go on Verizon's website right now, it's still the 19th. The pre-order for VZW hasn't changed; it's still Monday, the 19th.
Sorry Phil, but this is bad info!

So then is this considered a Pre-pre-order? I can't friggin wait to get this phone and beat the $h*t out of my BB Storm with a hammer!

I've signed up twice for pre-order info. The first time is when the unofficial site was up for a couple of hours and then when the (now) official site was launched. Still no email...about a pre-order on 4/18.

Can someone post the link? Can't wait to dump (I mean sell) my Storm2.

Here's something interesting about pre-ordering from Best Buy; no mail in rebate necessary (from TFTS website) :

"Best Buy will sell you the same Verizon HTC Droid Incredible Android handset so you’ll end up paying the same $199 for it and you will have to choose a new two-year contract also. But Best Buy is ready to spare you the whole mail-in rebate hassle as instant savings will be applied and you’ll only have to pay $199 for the device.

How does it all work? You’ll simply have to fill out a form, pay Best Buy $50 on Sunday and get a $50 gift card which you will require for picking up the phone once it becomes available in stores. It’s that easy so you’d be a lot better off getting your Droid Incredible by HTC from Best Buy this week."

i believe the 8gb is a memory card.. just like the moto droid came with 16gb but it was preinstalled memory card.. if so y only a 8gb card and not 16gb card?

Then why do the specs Verizon gave us say "expandable to 24GB"? There's no 24GB micro SD cards that I know of. But 16 + 8 = 24. Obviously, big red forgot that there will be 32GB micro SD cards coming out soon, but still...

I happen to work for Verizon and from what has been passed down the Pre ordering will either begin this afternoon/evening. Also keep in mind that when you order your phones online through Verizon, you do not have to send in a mail in rebate. So whether you buy it from us or Best Buy, your paying the same cost. However consider this, you must wait until Best Buy "has" your device in stock before you can pick it up even though it's preordered. Our local Best Buy for the Droid did not receive their shipment until a WEEK after the Droid was already in Verizon stores. If you preorder through Verizon they simply ship you the phone directly and if you are in with your Fed-Ex guy, maybe leave him some cookies next time, you could even arrange a meet when he has your package like I have done in the past. Take this advice for what it's worth, I am a bit biased. Go BIG RED!

Actually, there is a BIG difference between pre-ordering online with VZW or at a BBMobile store. At BBMobile, you get a $50 gift card that can be used for the final purchase of the phone. Instead of paying $199 for 2-yr contract, your paying $149 :) Eh he..

So explain to me again why I would want to go through BB when I have my $100 New Every 2 Credit and only pay $100???? That's what i thought and even if I didn't have that credit why would I want to wait until BB gets my phone when I then have to go and pick it up or I can have it delivered to my home or work by again. I think its funny when Verizon customers don't even want to support their own carrier. Few people understand where the money goes that people pay towards their device and their accessories but we'll save that for another discussion. Watch out for this guys complaints....he's a bad seed. Maybe someday you'll appreciate the people who help bring you these "incredible" devices

WTF? Don't be going around saying "ignore this guys comments". I tell it like it is and am here to inform the user community just like you and everyone else here. I've NEVER steered anyone wrong, as anyone can take the advice/comments or just ignore.
Anyways "Mr. Knowitall", I never once said to NOT go to/support your Verizon carrier/store. Get your facts straight first ahole, before you call anyone out.
I simply said that YOU need to give the whole story and not say there is no difference between pre-ordering from VZW vs. BBMobile. I stated there is. And yes, IF you have any NE2 credit, that can certainly help you get it the same or cheaper from Verizon. Simple as that.
For those that don't and in this day and age, sorry "Mr. Verizon", but money talks, BS walks. If the phone is cheaper for someone at BBMobile, sorry your losing out. Period.
I have been, and still am, a 7+ year Verizon customer. I am going to get the Incredible because my POS BBPearl is dying and looking forward to it. I will most likely just walk into my local store on the 29th and buy it, so there. I'm supporting Verizon.
Hey everyone, take "Mr. Verizon Guys" comments with a grain of salt. He doesn't tell the whole truth.

Just as I suspected, immature individuals who when threatened because of their lack of knowledge and respect resort to ignorance and insults. I am here to inform the community to support your local VZW stores. The associates in these store are well better trained in our line up of phones than any associate at any reseller of our products. Unfortunately there are a few people in the world that would buy their VZW phones from Apple if they thought they were getting a better deal on them. GO BIG RED and I need not respond to this person's personal attacks as it clearly demonstrates their immaturity and ignorance.

still a bit confused on how the pre-ordering goes in contingent with my account. i have about a hundred dollars credit for my next vz phone purchase, but will i be able to use this $100 if i pre-order? either way, i'd much rather go through verizon- what's the benefit of pre-ordering (could be a dumb question). is my local vzw going to be out of stock the morning of the 29th?

Yes you can use your NE2 credit to get the phone for less, also when you preorder they will ship the phone directly to you so you don't have to go somewhere to pick it up or wait in line. It's refreshing to see someone who supports their carrier. GO BIG RED!!

I'm still seeing no 18th pre-order email. I called a Verizon Sales Rep and she had no idea what I was talking about. They are all still under the impression pre-orders don't start till the 19th?

Is there any more confirmation on this starting on the 18th?

9:20 CDT - still can't place pre-order. 11:30 CDT - the pre-order link for existing customers is available but takes me to the "Upgrade Your Phone or Add a Line" page doesn't work for upgrade. Lots of other stuff in MyVerizon doesn't work..says "The selection you made is unavailable at this time" Is this a server maintenance issue or is the server getting slammed with pre-orders?