Fascinate with Froyo

Not to get anybody's hopes up, but if this internal specs comparison is to believed, Verizon plans for Adobe Flash to be available on the Samsung Fascinate by the end of 2010. And to have Flash, you need Froyo, of course. So we've got a week to go. It's certainly possible, but we're not holding our breath just yet. And note that the Droid X is listed here as having Android 2.1 -- it was updated to Android 2.2 in late September -- so this could be out of date. But we'll keep our fingers crossed in the coming week, just in case.


Reader comments

Verizon still expecting to get Froyo on the Fascinate by 2011?


Wow... they have the Droid X as only having 256MB of RAM... whoever made this chart is an idiot and definitely didn't do the proper research.

Bty, thanks for all your tremendous due dilligence Phil!!
You and the AC staff are second to none and its my favorite site for android related news. Keep up the great work. Happy holidays and here's to my Verizon fascinate getting 2.2 soon