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It's hard to find cities that don't have Verizon LTE coverage at this point, but they're still rolling it out. Big red is taking its new high-speed network to several new cities and towns, all expecting to launch on December 20th:

  • Lamar And LaJunta, Colorado
  • Price And Richfield, Utah
  • Jackson Hole, Teton Village, Kemmerer And Pinedale, Wyoming
  • Port Angeles, Port Townsend And Sequim, Washington
  • Kennewick, Pasco And Richland, Washington
  • Klamath Falls And Roseburg, Oregon

Just one week away from seeing LTE go live in these places if you happen to live there. The few of you not yet covered by LTE should be seeing it soon at this rate.

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Jayshmay says:

And I continue to wonder why anyone would want to be with ATT when Verizon has most of the country covered in just over 2yrs.

btswein says:

Because A.)It's cheaper B.) AT&T's network(s) are faster C.) Verizon's LTE network is less than reliable D.) Verizon's 3G fallback is still slower than AT&T. Bigger isn't always better.

icebike says:


Plus someone should look a s map before rushing to echo every carrier press release.

These are tiny towns, places with no significant population. Why do they bother announcing such places?

Sequim can be covered by one cell antenna hung from the local church steeple.

TechAd says:

@btsweinol lol...a last place carrier...

3rd year in a row... :P

Very happy with Verizon's pricing, coverage and speed (12 - 45 Mbps down).

Their wireless competes with my 35 Mbps FiOS connection. :)

All joking aside, I am glad at&t works for you, but Verizon is a great network. Back up opinion with the facts, sir.

LordGenki says:

The problem is that "the facts" are different from location to location. I don't doubt that Verizon has the best coverage on average across the USA, but my time (and most people's time unless they travel for business a lot) is overwhelmingly spent in my home town, so the best coverage across the US doesn't mean much to me. Where I live now, Verizon has horrible service. My friends on Verizon drop calls all the time, where my service on AT&T is pretty solid. One city over, Verizon is much better though I hear.

And....what is Verizon going to say when the other carriers are covering the U S.??? Nothing.

Still nothing in southeast Missouri :(

Jayshmay says:

Cheaper? Aren't ATT & Verizon's rate plans identical?

Single line 450 or 900 minutes
Family line 700 or 1400

steve0617 says:

Not anymore for Verizon. No 'Family line' plans unless you're grandfathered. All unlimited minutes and text for $40 a line. You buy the data bucket to share.

mutigers2012 says:


LordGenki says:

I'm surprised that Verizon has expanded to a place like Price, UT when there are so many larger markets that still don't have LTE. Price is kind of out in the middle of nowhere.

Reven7 says:

Wow! Verizon is hitting some seriously obscure towns at this point! I'm pretty sure less than one or two hundred people live in Lamarr.

Jim Ahrman says:

It's all bull crap.. I'm 1 or 2 towers from LTE both verizon and at&t... can't get dsl or cable modem.. so.. all i say is bah humbug :-) call me fred flintsone

andrewc513 says:

I wish they'd fix spotty *existing* coverage. Starkville, MS is just a tiny 3 mile stretch of highway, yet LTE and EVDO coverage is spotty at best. Downtown is great, full bars and 20-30 Mbit. But if you leave that small area and go anywhere else in town, you're plagued with LTE drops and 2-6 Mbit bandwidth at best.

It happens consistently on my last Thunderbolt, current Galaxy Nexus, both of those with stock roms and custom roms did the same thing. A few friends and their phones see the same spotty coverage.

If you complain to corporate or local Verizon support, they blame your phone, ask you to factory reset and then shrug it off.

Mtn_Scott says:

Verizon adds Jackson Hole, Sprint and AT&T not even in Denver.

jayochs says:

that's awesome! i just sent my brother in Jackson Hole, Wyoming my old Rezound for xmas! his first 4G phone..perfect timing

Raztyre says:

Quit playing urinary olympics with the Carriers....Really? I've used ATT (Cingular), Verizon and Sprint and I will go to the carrier with the best signal where I am located. Currently, that is Verizon.

As long as my phone makes phone calls and connects to the intertubes on the occasion, I'm happy.

Stories like these help the folks who don't go and check their carriers web sites and dig through all the crap to figure this out.

AC, keep up the good work reporting this stuff.

scottcp36 says:

Hmm I'm less than an hour from New York City in Westchester County and still no Verizon 4G! They still definitely have a lot of area to cover.