Verizon Galaxy Nexus Exclusive

So right about now everybody's freaking out over what so many feared -- and what many of us have been saying for quite a while. There's a distinct possibility that Verizon will have some sort of exclusivity on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

First off, it ain't entirely true. There are caveats involved here, folks. But you knew that, because you're smart and you listen to the Greatest Android Pocast in the World and have heard us say this numerous times now and don't freak out when the rest of the world does. Let's break down what a Verizon-exclusive Galaxy Nexus means, in handy list form.

Carriers, like far too many blogs these days, love to use the world "exclusive" as often as possible. It sure is a special sounding word, and it makes you feel special when you have something someone else doesn't. But here's the thing:

  1. If Verizon indeed does have exclusivity on the Galaxy Nexus, it's only in the United States. The rest of the world (mostly) uses GSM-type phones, with different radio frequencies than Verizon. That goes for its 2G, 3G and 4G LTE radios. It's ridiciulous to think the Galaxy Nexus will only be released in the United States, and only on Verizon. It just ain't gonna happen.
  2. We know there are non-Verizon versions -- ie GSM -- of the Galaxy Nexus out there. It's what Google and Samsung demoed in Hong Kong last week. It's what's in every early hands-on you've seen.  Those are not Verizon exclusives. And European carriers have announced they're carrying the Galaxy Nexus. So, yeah. We're not talking a global exclusivity here. Simmer down.
  3. Even if Verizon does have an initial U.S. exclusivity on the Galaxy Nexus, that doesn't mean you can't get one that will work on AT&T or T-Mobile. The radio bands listed in the official specs sheet include 850/900/1900/1700/2100 MHz for 3G data. That covers models that will work on AT&T or T-Mobile.
  4. Now does that mean we'll see "official" releases here in the States? Not necessarily. But it's easy enough to import them, though that does mean you won't get any carrier subsidies. Full price it is.
  5. If history repeats itself, we'll see specific versions for other U.S. carriers at some point. Probably not as soon as we'd like -- and a Sprint version gets a little more interesting when you consider its upcoming switch to LTE -- but at some point we'll likely see more. So maybe Verizon has an "exclusive" -- but for how long? We just don't know.
  6. It's entirely possible this is one big misunderstanding, and it's just Verizon being Verizon and saying that any phone on Verizon is exclusively on Verizon. We're not going to bet the farm on it, but stranger things have happened. Repeatedly.

The point is this: Yeah, Verizon might well have an initial exclusivity here in the United States. And that sucks. We've said before that it very much goes against what we believe (or believed, anyway) the Nexus philosophy to be. But perhaps that died along with the Google Phone Store and paved the way for the likes of the Nexus S 4G (and its own Google Wallet exclusivity).

Trade-offs, we suppose, though it does arguably turn the Nexus line into just another phone, albeit one with far less carrier meddling than anything else you'll find. Us? We're holding out hope, and saving our pennies for some possible likely import action.

Oh, and one more thing on "exclusivity."

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Yadao says:

No complaints here. *is obviously on Verizon*

DWR_31 says:

It's time to become an International Man of Mystery.
I really like all those different radios.

Okay, $300 on 2-year contract with Verizon or $600 free and clear?

Fry's started selling unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II’s in July, 3 months after the GSM version launched internationally. So that might be December + 3.

Also T-Mobile got an exclusive on the Nexus S last December for 4 months until Sprint got it in March. That again points to March.

Samsung has stated that the Galaxy S II’s will get Ice Cream Sandwich within months of release. The ICS ROMs will be out for most phones this year.

Samsung has said over and over again that they want to release the same phone on all US carriers at the same time. But the US carriers demand exclusives or they will not market a phone.

Robbzilla says:

March dovetails nicely in with Sprint's LTE rollout, so I can wait. If this is still the best phone on the market when it comes to Sprint, cool. If not, We'll see. (I have an upgrade in Dec, but used another line to get an Epic Touch, so I'm pretty well set until LTE. My next phone will be LTE.)

mallengi says:

If there is a $300 difference between being on contract and being off of a contract, then don't sign the contract.

RaiderWill says:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS ARTICLE! Of Course Its Exclusive At Verizon.. Why Do You Think They Were The Only Carrier To Pass On The Samsung Galaxy SII !!! They Knew EXACTLY What Was Coming 60 Days Later...

Dave4321 says:

You also might see a Galaxy S3 with identical specs and touchwiz on other carriers.

Noble.Four says:

Wait, didn't Verizon let out a press release last week saying they were getting the Nexus?

wookiewombat says:

Yeah..Verizon officially announced last Friday that they were getting the Galaxy Nexus with a release date set to "later this year".

Whoops. See how tired I am of repeating myself? Forgot about that already. :p

chumin says:

Google can't make the same mistake twice, like they did with the Nexus One selling it just on the Google web store, and now this awesome phone on Verizon.

JtothaR says:

With over 100 Million subscribers, its hardly a mistake, not to mention that the original Nexus was tied to T-mobile when it debuted. This is so far away from the scenario you're describing.

chumin says:

Google can't make the same mistake twice, like they did with the Nexus One selling it just on the Google web store, and now this awesome phone on Verizon.

chumin says:

Google can't make the same mistake twice, like they did with the Nexus One selling it just on the Google web store, and now this awesome phone on Verizon.

icebike says:

Google can't make the same mistake twice

Unlike your post where you made the same post three times.

Vanilla Ice says:

Exclusive as in *LTE* for Verizon..... T-Mobile and AT&T will get one. The big question is When?... oh and as for Sprint. Im not too sure if they will even get one.

cloud36426 says:

Didn't see your post but we are on the same page.

trenen says:

Well...technically...until it's released to another carrier - it's exclusive.

Not really. If its only announced on one carrier and that carrier isn't holding anyone contractually to not launch the phone, then its not an 'exclusive' deal. It just means the other carriers haven't come to agreements on how to launch the phone yet.

fizymike says:

You're thinking logically. Stop that!

carriers dont care "If its only announced on one carrier and that carrier isn't holding anyone contractually to not launch the phone, then its not an 'exclusive' deal" in their mind "Exclusive" means no one else has it... no matter how long it lasts.

and if you think about it... Verizon's GX2 is "Exclusive" to them, but everyone else got one almost just like it.
maybe the sprint model will be called the Google/Samsung Ice Cream Sandwich, Sprint Nexus Prime? (that would explain some of the name rumors)

I can see Sprint getting one before T-Mobile just because of the renewed relationship between Sprint and Google as opposed to the uncertainty of T-Mobile merger with AT&T. An unlock version that can work on T-Mobile from overseas is an more likely scenario, but to completely dismiss Sprint from the picture would be unwise. Especially with all the improvements Sprint made over the last few years compare to the steady decline of T-Mobile into irrelevancy.

Wicell says:

I've been watching this supposed merger and I can honestly say it seems very unlikely. The DoJ is relentless on being pro-competition and I think AT&T is going to shoot itself in the foot trying to prove this merger will improve competition.

I can see T-mo and AT&T getting it before anyone because it'll be sold unlocked....

Floss82 says:

Well i personally would love for T-Mobile to sell it from their retail stores directly and right away but like all the other Nexus phones they will most likely sell them unlock and all we have to do is put our sim card in them so its all good i just want my Galaxy Nexus in my hand now!!! LOl

Hand_O_Death says:

Verizon will get it and then a month later other carriers will get it under a different name. Like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4g Super Phone with that extra bag of Chips. (or the SGN4SPWTEBoC for short)

VDub2174 says:

I would be highly upset if it was named the SGN4SPWTEBoC.

AT&T had the iPhone exclusively too, until Verizon got it as well.

nickmiller71 says: 4 years

Not even close to the same situation.

hmmm says:

Now that sprint spent the family fortune on the iPhone i am guessing they won't give a damn about Android for a few years.

briankurtz79 says:

I dont see any ithingys with lte or wimax. Sprint knows theyre money is with the little green guy.

Nexus doesnt have wimax and sprint LTE is a long way off.

xorg says:

Samsung made a WiMAX version of Galaxy SII for Sprint. No reason they couldn't do that for Nexus too if it's as easy as dropping in a chipset.

Except they've only announced LTE and HSPA+ versions of the device. And by the time they re-engineer the GN to put WiMax in it and strike a deal with Sprint, they'll be killing off their WiMax devices to get ready to move to LTE.

DaEXfactoR says:

I was thinking the same thing. Question is who do I blame, Google or Sprint? I need someone to scream at.


descendency says:


cloud36426 says:

They could mean exclusive for an LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus. Which would be truth.

Wicell says:

Rogers will most likely get an LTE version too

Blah says:

He obviously means US LTE exclusive.

Who cares let's just get this over with.. I want my nexus

qst4 says:

I'm glad "exclusivity" is not a big deal for you all. I see it as a huge failure. How long did it take AT&T to get its version of the N1 or Sprint to get its 4G version of the S. I think it took almost 6 months and by the time those phones arrived on other carriers it was old news for most reviewers and customers. And I don't trust the idea of "importing" as I think some of the European versions came equipped with a less than stellar screen. I understand its about gaining subscribers, but it really puts consumers in a difficult situation i.e. I need to sign a 1-2 year contract to get the phone, but do I want to sign with a new carrier to enjoy the full life of its technology. I love the Nexus line, but I'm getting tired of chasing it from carrier to carrier. Google can and should do better.

nickmiller71 says:

Completely agreed. I was really hoping to see this on T-Mobile right away, though I knew it wouldn't happen. It could come at some point, but like you said, much later at the point when it's old news. Not that old news is necessarily a bad thing (i.e. the Nexus One...)

There won't be any importing. You will be able to buy it directly from Google unlocked just like the Nexus One and Nexus S. Not to mention they'll probably be launching at Best Buy.

You've never had to chase the Nexus from carrier to carrier. I don't know where you're getting your ideas but the Nexus One and Nexus S were both regularly available unlocked for use on AT&T and T-mobile. So if you had the Nexus One on a GSM carrier, you could have easily had the S and you can no have the Galaxy Nexus...

Good in theory, but you do have some customers on CDMA carriers as well. If that's the case, he shouldn't have to feel like he has to go to AT&T or T-Mobile just to get a phone that he like if he's currently happy with his service provided by Verizon or Sprint. I think that where he was getting the "chasing the carrier" statement at.

Well right now it'll be launching on Verizon in LTE form, and it'll be unlocked to be used on AT&T or T-mobile in HSPA+ form. So the only reason why he can't get one is if he's on Sprint. And if he's on Sprint then he never got the Nexus One, and he couldn't have the Nexus S for about 6 months. So his point really still doesn't make sense.

messiah143 says:

+1 Excellent comment.

bumpandrun says:

I won't chase it. That's the great thing with Android. I have a choice and the choice won't be Google if they do exclusive with a carrier. That goes completely against what Google claims to be about.

Mac58 says:

Exactly! If you don't like it, get another android phone on any other carrier you like. I for one will be getting galaxy nexus on Verizon :-)

JtothaR says:

Will you get an iPhone then?

But the unlocked HSPA+ version will work on T-mobile and AT&T. How is Google at all doing anything wrong here?

Bishounen says:

Agreed. I hate exclusivity. Stunts competition between the carriers by introducing an artificial difference, and frustrates consumers. As a Sprint customer I am dissapointed.

However, it DOES mean that I can stop waiting for it, and just go get a GS2 and have done with it. So that's good. I guess I'll be getting my new GS2 this weekend.

Anyone have any idea when ICS will be available to load via root onto the GS2?

nvelez says:

I fully intended to pay full price anyway so this really doesn't affect me. It just means I have to import the GSM model. I will agree that the Nexus "philosophy" is pretty much dead though.

There won't be any importing. There is no reason why Google won't be selling it unlocked from their site on day 1 just like the previous 2 models.

The Nexus philosophy isn't dead. Do you not understand that selling the GSM unlocked pentaband version completely mirrors the previous launches? There just happens to be an LTE version for use with Verizon in the USA...

DaEXfactoR says:

If it is in fact "exclusive" to Verizon, I'd be willing to bet Google won't be selling it unlocked on their site. They didn't on the Nexus S.

Sorry, but they did with the Nexus S. And they also sold unlocked at Best Buy as their retail partner.

Google will sell unlocked on their site. They have to serve the rest of the world too.

jimmycinla says:

If it is a Verizon US exclusive, Sprint should step up and finally allow it to be activated on Sprint, and burn Verizon a little. This would be a perfect easy phone to start this with, vanilla Android and no bloat.... even though it will be 3g only for Sprint. I would buy one and do it.

Its a CDMA phone made to be locked to VZW. It can't be "unlocked" and activated on Sprint. Doesn't work like that.

jamestbrewer says:

You can technically unlock it and activate it on another CDMA carrier, but there are 2 caveats. First, some of the features of the phone might now work (like data so theres no point) and second, Sprint doesn't activate non sprint branded phones on their network as a policy, not a technical limitation.

Wicell says:

A lot of Sprint reps I know will activate it though if you are polite about it.

But the device won't work....

DaEXfactoR says:

You must be the expert on all things Nexus. Relax dude...

Just setting things straight.

MedioGringo says:

Haha, Phil. Thanks for (once again) bringing some reason into the conversation.

Kudos for the apt Princess Bride clip.

MowDownJoe says:

I really need to watch that movie.

Jeremy626 says:

bottomline, US carriers suck........ a lot...... sigh...

bdfull3r says:

Galaxy Nexus Exclusive to Verizon, Nexus Prime to the rest of US carriers :)

koolbon says:

I have a feeling that other carriers will get the phone with a different names that include "nexus" in it, and maybe even a slightly different specs. With that in mind it might be a good thing if we have to wait a little bit for it to come around for other carriers.

mrbizzy72 says:

Well alrighty then.... I guess I'll be buying me a new Sprint Galaxy S2 4G Touch.

messiah143 says:

Patience is a virtue.

Tyndall says:

You will not be disappointed. Epic 4G Touch is a great phone.

turbofan says:

He will be disappointed once ICS comes out on that beautiful HD screen. I am currently using ICS on my Nexus S, and it's leaps and bounds above gingerbread in terms of polish and refinement.

jordo_99 says:

That name always gets me...Why don't they just call it the Galaxy S 2?

Prediction of the next phone name:

"Samsung Galaxy S 3 4G Touch Super AMOLED HD with Beats by Dre"

Only if Samsung licenses Beats by Dre from HTC :P

blaidrider2 says:

I had a idea, ok verizon is getting a exclusive on the Prime (I don't want to call it that stupid name) But in reality T-Mobile and AT&T never have carried a Nexus phone the only way to get a discount price is to get it at Best Buy and Best Buy does the discounting. So maybe it will be available from day one for Tmo and ATT just like the Nexus phones have always been threw Best Buy?

Who cares? As long as it comes to verizon in happy.

eric3316 says:

Whatever Sprint gets next as a high end ICS phone, I am sure it will destroy the this phone in Specs. Whether it be a Nexus phone or SGS3, it will be a pure powerhouse. We might just need to wait a little longer for it but when the time comes I am sure we will be happy.

Slayers says:

I will be the first to say it but if this is true and I have to pay over 600 to have this phone I will be totally turned off from android I will wait for something else to come out that does not play this game

Tyndall says:

Ultimatums? Seriously I do not think Google nor Samsung is beholden to provide a device on every single carrier world-wide. Expecting that the Nexus would be available on all carriers at launch is unrealistic, since that has NEVER happened in the past with the Nexus line. It may very well be that for this device Verizon will have it "exclusive" for 6 months, with phones coming to other carriers thereafter. Sprint may never get it, just like they never got the Nexus 1. Also, you aren't going to HAVE to pay full retail, that would be your choice. Early adopters always pay full cost or even a premium, it's been that way forever. I paid $200 subsidized on launch day for my Nexus S 4G. Two months later I bought three more for my wife and kids at $29 from Sprint. That's a pretty steep drop in a very short time, but I realized when I bought the phone back in May that I was going to pay full price. It's just the way these things go if you can't wait.

Plenty of folks went out and bought the "full price" European versions of the GS2 because they did not want to wait for release in US, yet the GS2s have now come to 3 of the 4 carriers....Verizon decided since it was going to get the Galaxy Nexus it would beg off the GS2 variant.

There's nothing new or revealing here. This is the way business in the cell phone business has been run since these companies were incorporated!

Slayers says:

until Google learns what Crapple learned and launches on as many carriers as they can at the same time its totally stupid on Google's part. The Icrap4s sold record numbers on launch day look at how many they sold over on sprint on the first day.

People don't want to wait and I will not pay 600+ for a phone either they get smart and give everyone this phone or they miss out on the numbers that they should be selling

Wicell says:

What I don't understand is why everyone is blaming Google. Yes I understand the Nexus is supposed to be a pure Android, pure Google phone, but Google is not the manufacturer.

They agreed to allow Samsung to produce the phone, with the software Google has provided.

If you are going to get mad get mad at Samsung, they were intrusted with producing, marketing, and maintaining the Nexus line for another year and as of now many people aren't happy with what is being done.

Mac58 says:

People can buy any other android device on another carrier they choose. The nexus is a developers phone. I dont know why people expect the nexus to be to Google what the iPhone is to apple. I will buy the nexus because I want to. Verizon's service reigns superb for me. What I also dont understand is everyone who is complaining, when tmobile and sprint BOTH got exclusitivity for nexus phones before and now that Verizon is getting it, its world war 3???

fizymike says:

Im on sprint... I dev... Id love to have the Google "Dev phone" but I dont have the money to blow on a phone JUST for developing.

developing is a hobby for me, I wont be chasing the nexus to another carrier.

jordo_99 says:

That's the way it's always been with Apple though...people all camp out because it's hip and trendy. Those numbers look awesome but I'll be you their numbers drop off dramatically, though will still be pretty solid.

What I'm getting at is that selling the most phones on day one doesn't mean they're selling the most phones total.

This is the way it's been done in the past and it's worked quite well for them.

Mac58 says:

People can buy any other android device on another carrier they choose. The nexus is a developers phone. I dont know why people expect the nexus to be to Google what the iPhone is to apple. I will buy the nexus because I want to. Verizon's service reigns superb for me. What I also dont understand is everyone who is complaining, when tmobile and sprint BOTH got exclusitivity for nexus phones before and now that Verizon is getting it, its world war 3???

Tom S. says:

The N1 wasn't available immediately on AT&T bands. You could use the T-Mobile version, but only with Edge speeds.

gogators1974 says:

What's the name of that movie? Isn't Andre the giant in that movie

Tyndall says:

The Princess Bride, great movie.

kankan3 says:

To my understanding other carriers will have the new nexus but the original name when the rumor started Nexus Prime, i really doubt that sprint won't have it reason being all the stuff google is using from them, google wallet exclusive and also sprint is letting google use there network to test google's own line. So lets wait see what happens the name galaxy nexus is dumb, galaxy was started as a line and nexus as a different line so why combine the names. galaxy should be one thing and nexus its own,

Tyndall says:

I like the name.

kankan3 says:

To my understanding other carriers will have the new nexus but the original name when the rumor started Nexus Prime, i really doubt that sprint won't have it reason being all the stuff google is using from them, google wallet exclusive and also sprint is letting google use there network to test google's own line. So lets wait see what happens the name galaxy nexus is dumb, galaxy was started as a line and nexus as a different line so why combine the names. galaxy should be one thing and nexus its own,

chumin says:

Well said.

Wicell says:

Perhaps this is the beginning of a comment I read a long time ago, it seemed eutopian at the time but all things are possible. Maybe this is the marking of a time when there will be more than one manufacturer of the nexus, and each of the Big Four - and possibly the little big hitter? - will make their own nexus for consumers to have more choice with the nexus line.

This year, please slap me for saying this, starts exclusively (ugh sorry) with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Next year it shall truly start with the launching of all five.

Coming in November 2012:

-The Samsung Galaxy Nexus2

-The Motorola Nexus DROID (I know HTC and Samsung have made droid phones but I feel like it's a moto thing since almost all of their android phones since the OG have been DROID branded on Verizon, and perhaps this [Damn, about to use that word again]. would be a Verizon exclusive for 6 months before they allow Moto to use the DROID name on other carriers, but for the Nexus only.)

-The HTC Nexus EVO (Again, I know EVO is HTC and Sprint *slap* "exclusive" [I'm actually beginning to hate this word!]. But perhaps they can come to an agreement to allow HTC to market the EVO line as a Nexus device on other carriers after a certain amount of time.)

-The LG Optimus Nexus

-Sony Xperia Nexus

This would be amazing, also to see the ideas each company comes up with for design and construction would be like tech-geek pr0n. Please let this happen before smartphones become equivelant to feature phones.

fizymike says:

Never going to happen. and if it does Ill eat... my words.

A google "flagship" phone is not a flagship phone unless it's released on all carriers. Come on google get this right. Apple finally figured this out, it's time for you to do the same.

Spoken from a sprint customer waiting for this phone to be released on sprint. Exclusivity blows

kriev#AC says:

Sprint has no GSM bands, only CDMA, Nexus is a GSM phone.

Google is releasing two versions of the phone HSPA+ and LTE. I have yet to find a spec sheet saying the Nexus supports Rev A.

Sprint't LTE won't be coming anytime soon so it's safe to say that Sprint isn't getting the Nexus.

Why would it not support Rev A if it's going to verizon? LTE is only in most major cities, which would exclude a large number of consumers. I would wager my lowly paycheck that the galaxy nexus still supports 3G (whether it's CDMA with EVDO Rev A or the GSM variants).

Wicell says:

It has to support EVDO Rev A, otherwise the phone would suck for moving around. And Verizon is trying to be a more expansive carrier so it needs 3G support in it's phone.

turbofan says:

It's not a flagship phone, it's a development phone/platform.

schrack3000 says:

The first 2 nexus phones never came to Verizon. So by your reasoning, there has never been a flagship google phone, since those weren't on all carriers. Maybe you should stop waiting for one.

No. A google "flagship" phone is not a flagship phone IF its launched on all carriers to be locked and subsidized.

Its sold UNLOCKED. You do with it what you want. And I can guarantee Google will sell it unlocked.

Step aside ladies and germs...let a marketing expert clarify this for you...I mean really, you're not qualified...

"Exclusive" isn't in the press release but if they did have it in there it would be something like "Exclusively on Verizon" right?

Well, that is where you all get it wrong. "Exclusively on Verizon" doesn't mean you can't get it somewhere ELSE you sillies, it means that on Verizon...its exclusive. As in there isn't another one on Verizon.

Trust me. I've spent YEARS doing the marketing thing. So I TOTALLY know what I'm talking about.

kagenish says:

Would i be able to flash the nexus into metro

Tyndall says:

Just buy a Titan....

Wicell says:

Metro will most likely receive LTE

kagenish says:

Yeah that would be awesome, metro just needs to start stepping up their LTE game their only in second phase of LTE expansion

dongemus says:

Metro is one of the potential carriers to get the GN, just wait a few weeks.

n25philly says:

Just put out the Galaxy note here in the US

linzgeneral says:

Thank goodness that in three to four months there will be Much Better phones available. I don't see any difference with the Samsung Galaxy NEXUS and my Epic Touch except for the bigger and HD screen - which I really want. If Icecream Sandwich don't allow for the soft buttons to fade out, then effectively the NEXUS screen would be about the same size or possibly smaller than the Touch. I was actually sort of disappointed in the NEXUS specs. The fact that it don't even offer expandable memory is a definite buzzkill. I will reamin content to just sit back and be patient for a phone that is REALLY next generation.

TyGamer says:

"Yeah, Verizon might well have an initial exclusivity here in the United States. And that sucks." You know what else sucks? Waiting about 3 years for a nexus device on Verizon. Get over it people. Verizon customers have been waiting a lot longer than t-mobile and at&t customers will be.

lionsson says:

If you want the carrier to subsidies the Nexus just but a different phone (maybe an iPhone) and resell it, hell you might even make a few buck. Me personally I always buy my phones contact free.

angryGTS says:

Just means exclusive in Verizon stores and subsidized, more than likely we will see the GSMs at Best Buy again, just like the article says exclusive can mean a lot of things, Google isn't dumb enough to give the phone only to a CDMA provider.

JtothaR says:

Gone are the days of Verizon being a lowly "CDMA Provider" Verizon is the first, and currently, only true choice for LTE service. ATT & T-Mo are dragging their feet with HSPA, and Sprint has yet to roll anything out. Even their WIMAX is full of holes.

angryGTS says:

True for LTE but the standard is global standard is GSM and not to mention Verizon likes to lock everything down, but people will at least be able to get it in store and subsidized for $299(which I believe is the exclusive part after all Verizon is about just as good as advertising and wording etc as Apple) which is a bit crazy if someone really signs a contract for that price when for not much more(unless Verizon jacks up the non contract price to something outrageous)but GSM versions will be coming to Best Buy or other third party outlets.

Well for a lot of the country, VZW is still just a CDMA provider.

And HSPA+ is nothing to scoff at. There are real performance gains being had with HSPA+, and it doesn't effect battery life.

I'm guessing the Verizon version with Verizon branding will be exclusive to Verizon.

Timelessblur says:

I am hoping "Verizon Exclusive" means Verizon is the only carrier in the US that you can buy the Galaxy Nexus on contract with.
If you want to get an unlock Galaxy Nexus off contract there is no stopping you. It is just going to cost you full price and you are not going to get it subsidized.

angryGTS says:

And not to mention you have to be completely nuts to get a subsidized phone for $299 and a 2 year contract, when you can save money in the long run buy buying off contract for ~$300 more, unless Verizon prices full retail for a crazy amount.

Monkey Pi says:

The easiest explanation is simply that it IS exclusive to Verizon right up to the second it's not. My guess is that the pictures saying "Exclusively on" will be gone way before the phone appears elsewhere. It's just one ad campaign, and not even a particularly agressive one.

Monkey Pi says:


I didn't expect to be right so fast!

Sleeper2112 says:

Although this post seems to be aiming to allay people's fears about exclusivity, it turns into a "gone are good old days of an independent Nexus for all."

The Nexus has always been exclusive.

The Nexus One only worked on T Mobile. The Nexus S worked only on T Mobile for four months and then only added Sprint.

The Galaxy Nexus will be available to more people on the first day than either of the first two ever were (and much more if you factor in the import ability).

What I get by the end of the post is that Phil is a non-Verizon user upset that he can't buy the phone.

borgdog says:

I don't care, GIVE ME THE NOTE! oh, with ICS too :)

angryGTS says:

And just like that, the "Exclusively on Verizon" banner is gone!


Masheen says:

LOL @ the princess bride clip!